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Jan 20, 2019

♥ MarriProm: Signups and Information ♥

Dazzling music, matching themes, movies, and fun games oh my! For the month of February, the forums will light up with soft lights and lovely music. Welcome to the Marriland Prom! Two weeks of fun, a celebration of friendship, and just a trifle of romance to top it off. After last year's great success we're happy to announce that we're back and ready for a great time, with even more events than before!

For those of you who aren't sure what the Marriland Prom is, it's a big forum event made up of a bunch of smaller activities- all themed around "prom", a kind of fancy school dance. While it won't officially start until February 1st, signups are open now! Grab a special someone or a friend and get ready to have a blast!

What events will there be?

♥ A variant of Coconut Beach called "Prom Dinner"
♥ Everyone is Mafia
♥ A couples style art contest
♥ Mad libs
♥ A song guessing game
♥ A Jeopardy! style game show
♥ An only-pink Pokemon tournament on Pokemon Showdown

You can also expect the following:

♥ A movie showing
♥ Prom Royalty and Awards
♥ The "dance" itself, which will be a music party on the Prom Discord server

All the activities will be happening in this subforum to make it easy to keep up with everything. All the threads will be posted by February 1st, and a few will be up sooner to allow for early sign-ups.

Do I need to get a date to participate?

We'd definitely recommend you pair up with someone to join in the fun, but having a date is not required to participate. That being said, some events will be require two people, so if you want to be a part of those you'll need to find someone to team up with.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for MarriProm, both you and your date need to fill out the form and post it in the thread. We'd also encourage everyone to join the Discord server we have set up for the event by clicking here. The server will be used for casual chatting, giving announcements, and the dance itself will be held on the server. The Prom Awards will also be revealed in the server before they're posted on the forums.

The signup form:
Date’s username (if applicable):
Do you prefer chicken or pasta?:
Other information:
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♥ Event Details ♥
♥ Prom Dinner
hosted by @Thundawave
February 8th - 14th

Prom Dinner is a Coconut Beach variant in which prom attendants get served a course when one of their numbers is picked. The goal is to not get served everything last, but it’s all a matter of luck!

♥ Everyone is Mafia Duos V2
hosted by @Bossvelt
February 1st - 14th

For those of you unfamiliar with this game, think of it as "a more strategic Gun Show with roles and alliances and betrayal mixed in. The premise is simple, though. Join and kill people ayayayay." The best way to get an understanding for the game is probably to check out the previous version yourself.

♥ Tournament of Hearts
hosted by @Typhlosion
February 1st - 14th

A Showdown-based casual battling event featuring select Pokémon from the pink color group! Though you are encouraged to enter the competition with your date, the event is open to any pairs who would like to participate, and to single entrants if they desire. Oh, and did we mention there's a small twist...?

♥ MarriProm Art Contest
hosted by @Azuviin
February 1st - 14th

An art contest designed specifically for couples! Participants will be assigned different roles to contribute to the final artwork, one literary and the other artistic. The endry phase will end on the 10th and voting will be finalised on the 14th. Many awards for the various winners will be given out at the end! Voting will begin on the 10th.

♥ MarriProm Jeopardy!
hosted by @Resolute
February 1st - 14th

In this event, you and your prom buddy will be tested in a variety of Pokémon and forum-related trivia, all in a nifty Jeopardy-style game show! Are you ready to show the forums your supercomputer-level trivia skills? Or are you going to break down and combust like a Samsung phone battery?

♥ Prom Mad Libs
hosted by @theDINOsaurus
February 5th - 10th


♥ School Dance Song Guessing Game
hosted by @Bossvelt and @Lazuli
February 1st - 14th

Similar to the song guessing game from Smash Camp and the Anime OP guessing game that was on Azurilland a while ago, this game will feature clips of various songs spliced into one track. Couples will spend multiple rounds trying to decide what song each clip is from, and will send their answers into the hosts.

♥ MarriProm Movie: TBD
hosted by @Solar

Come snuggle up with your date and join us for a showing of a special movie! More information will be announced as MarriProm gets closer.

♥ MarriProm Dance
hosted on the MarriProm Discord
February 14th
Discord Invite

The dance itself will be on the MarriProm Discord server, where we'll be music playing and have a place for everyone to hang out with each other. The prom awards will also be announced live in the sever, so make sure to be there!

♥ MarriProm Awards
hosted by @Lazuli

What would a prom be without a Prom Court? Come along and join us in voting for our Prom Royalty! Voting will begin during MarriProm, and the winners will be announced at the dance on February 14th.
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