Monotype Memories of a Gold Johto Water Monotype


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Jun 12, 2019
So hey there, you probably already know that I'm pretty new here... Anyway, about a month ago I decided I wanted to beat Gold using only Gen 2 Water types. It went pretty well, but all I have from the playthrough are some screenshots.. I suppose they'll do. For now, I'll post the info on the first four Johto gyms. I apologise if the formatting or grammar is bad, as I'm uploading this from my phone.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-1.png

Here's a picture of my starter when I began the game. He doesn't have a nickname because I am really, really terrible with names, and even if I thought of a good one I would think it's bad anyways.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-3.png

Soon after soloing the first part of the game and the first gym with Totodile, I went south to the next route and found a Wooper. I added this guy to my team as well. I would train at Sprout Tower soon, but not before catching my third member...
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-6.png

Qwilfish! I really underestimated this guy, he was pretty instrumental to defeating Grass types and the like.
Anyway, this team beat Sprout Tower, and I went back South and beat Union Cave, Slowpoke Well and the like.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-9.png

Here's a pic of me teaching Mud Slap to Wooper. I think I took this soon after beating Sprout Tower? Anyway, moving on...
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-15.png

Here's me getting really unlucky against Whitney's Clefairy. Out of all the moves it could have used... I think Quagsire survived this anyway, but I'm not sure.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-16.png

Luckily, this was made up for by a lucky freeze on Miltank! I dealt with it with ease using Dig, which I had taught to Quagsire, for a somewhat easy victory!
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-19.png

After looking around Mt. Mortar for a while at 16x speed (i have gold on vc too so it's legal i swear) I found a Marill! This guy(or girl) wouldn't be all that helpful, but I'll take what I can get.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-28.png

After that, I went to Olivine to get a Good Rod so I could catch a Chinchou and a Corsola! Chinchou would be a great team member, but Corsola...
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-29.png

Hahahahaha no. I think I ended up using them later as an HM slave though, so there's that.
Marill evolved into Azumarill, and I took a screenshot, but it's really not that significant.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-36.png

Here was my team before Morty. I was pretty hopeful that this fight would be easy, as Croconaw had Bite at this point...
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-33.png

But then, Gengar managed to use Hypnosis hax on literally all my team members. Azumarill was the only one left, and I stood almost no hope of winning. But then, a miracle happened.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-34.png

Hypnosis missed FOUR TIMES IN A ROW, and Azumarill clutched the victory against Gengar! Morty's last Haunter wasn't much of a problem, either.

Okay, that's all for now. Tomorrow I'll post the other four gyms, the E4 and Lance, and you all can guess who my last party member will be. Until then, have an analysis of my members at this point.

Croconaw: He was probably the MVP of this section (and the whole game really) but at this point he was kinda lackluster. I taught everyone Surf after getting the HM, and that helped demolish a lot of the game..

Quagsire: She was a bit mediocre, but was also my only counter to Whitney because of the pure virtue of being female. Dig did good damage, too.

Qwilfish: He was lowkey hype. Before Headbutt I was stuck with poisoning things with Poison Sting, but after getting the TM he was really good. As the fastest member of my team he got the most flinches out of everyone with his good Attack.

Azumarill: She wasn't all that good, being stuck with trying to Defense Curl + Rollout, but she did come in clutch during Morty.

Chinchou: Chinchou was decent at this point, but didn't have Spark yet so they weren't that good. Thunder Wave and Supersonic were really fun to annoy people with, though...

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Looking forward to see how this run will end for you!

To make spoilers, use the three dots in the top bar. You can choose spoiler there and it will even prompt for a spoiler name so people know what's hidden in the spoiler

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Jun 12, 2019
Alright, sorry I'm a bit late but it's time for the next update, this time starring gyms 5 through 8, all the team rocket stuff and the Pokemon League! Hopefully I'll be able to use spoilers properly this time!


After getting Surf, I was training against some trainers when Chinchou finally learned her first and only STAB move! She'll be stuck with Spark for the rest of the game, but 65 power isn't all that awful by gen 2 standards.


I also found my last team member! Mantine doesn't have the best moves, and lack of physical special split doesn't help him either. Still, his good special bulk and eventual access to Confuse Ray should help.


Unfortunately, I didn't take many pictures of all that happened around here. Chinchou evolved into Lanturn, which is cool.


After taking care of the Rocket Hideout, I was able to get the TM for Sludge Bomb, which I taught to Qwilfish immediately. He did a lot of damage with it, sometimes OHKOing all his foes.


I'm not sure when exactly this happened, but Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr. He would quickly become the MVP of the team.


I took on Clair a bit underleveled, and was too lazy to leave the gym to heal my mons. One was still paralyzed...


This is about what my team looked like by the end. Dragon Breath just kept on paralyzing, and it was really annoying and tedious to deal with.

I took some pics of my team at this point, here they are to avoid clutter.





Well, on to the Pokemon League!


Lanturn just barely clutched out a victory against ???'s pokemon. He wasn't that tough, just annoying.


Before I would take on the League, I decided I needed to train a lot. I was very underleveled, after all.


Here's my team, all trained up and ready to take on the League!
I didn't take too many screenshots of the league, as it was pretty easy for the most part. It was fun though, having it not be too much of a challenge.


Notably, Qwilfish literally soloed Bruno by setting up with Harden and then spamming Headbutt and Sludge Bomb. I'd say he was one of the best team members.


Lance, the final fight of Johto. I felt ready, but wasn't entirely sure..


In the good news, Feraligatr got a lucky freeze on one of the Dragonites with Ice Punch! After that, he easily dispatched of all the Dragonites.


And with that, the Johto section of this Gold Water Monotype was over.

Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-64.png

Feraligatr was probably my team MVP. Did huge damage with Surf, Ice Punch and Slash, and overall was a really great mon. Nothing too special about him, he just did damage really well.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-65.png

Quagsire was decent, but not great. Notably, she helped against ???'s Magneton and Whitney because of being female, and was overall decent, just not spectacular. Good enough.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-68.png

Qwilfish was very surprising. When I first caught him I thought he'd be useless, and he kinda was at first, but after he got Headbutt he got way better. I think he was the fastest team member, which is a shock to say the least.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-67.png

Azumarill wasn't too good. She just didn't have the attacking stats to do much. She still did somewhat decent damage with Surf, Ice Punch and Rollout, though.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-69.png

Oh, I loved Lanturn! She was great with parafusion hax, did good damage, and had a lot of HP too. Overall a really, really good addition to my team.
Pokemon - Gold Version (UE) [C][!]-66.png

Mantine was... meh. He did decent damage with Surf, could confuse, had Wing Attack as an emergency tool, and I got Blizzard from the game corner for him, but even then he was just kinda there. His good special bulk came in handy, though.

See you all next time for Kanto and Red! It'll be a short update since I didn't take that many screenshots, but it'll be a fun one!