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    Hello fellow Marrilanders! We have reached a point for our staff team where recruiting new members is necessary — so we are opening up applications!
    If you are interested, you can find more information in this thread.

Moderator Applications Are Open!


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Oct 23, 2018
Hello fellow Marrilanders! We have reached a point for our staff team where recruiting new members is necessary — so we are opening up applications! Alongside recent events, community discussions, and feedback, what we are looking for in potential candidates is a little different from before.

We are not looking for specialized assistance in any section in particular, though a fair amount of knowledge on our forums as a whole is needed. We are looking for those with presence, with passion, with open minds. Since our Discord has become such a big part of our community and is connected to our forums, and we have existing staff with full time positions or school elsewhere that are unable to dedicate their hours to it every day, we are also looking for candidates that have a presence there and are interested in keeping an eye on it alongside their forum duties. This is by no means a requirement for all candidates, however, so don't worry if you're not a Discord fan.

So what's expected of Moderators these days?
Aside from the capability and tenacity to handle reports and general moderation, we also look for Moderators to have their own voices in discussions, to not be afraid to speak in favor of keeping healthy communications active amongst the team, and to always keep an open mind in discussions — be it to team members or forum members. It is very important to be able to walk into a conversation or argument and see both sides of the issue at hand, think all the way around it, and formulate your own response.

Aside from this, we hold general standards for activity, posting, and passion as before.

Interested in applying?
Great! Moderating experience elsewhere isn't mandatory — we can always teach you and help you along.

Please fill in this application however you'd like and send it to myself, Thundawave, and seaturtle in one PM.
What is your past moderating experience, if any?:
Focuses you are interested in?:
Why those focuses? What are your ideas to improve those areas and the forums at large?:
Why else are you suited for the role?:
We do not have a deadline set for when applications end, but we're looking at probably around a month. This topic will be open if you wish to ask questions! Remember, do not post your applications in here or share your application details with others. Also refrain from posting or publicly messaging about whom you think should be a mod.

Thank you for your interest! :happy:
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Nov 1, 2018
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Interesting choice to hold open applications over the normal internal picking with how much smaller the community is, but I think its better this way so we can get some fresh faces around. Chances are I'm not going to apply unless I have some life changing epiphany in the next month or something, so good luck to all those who do decide to apply!