Nuzlocke Mystical Plays: Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke!

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Nov 2, 2018
Mystical Plays:

Pokémon Blue


Here's the deal. I decided to play some of the gens and try a different challenge with each. Since this is the first one, I decided to go with the basic Nuzlocke rules.​

-If your Pokemon faints, it's dead and can no longer be used. You must either box it or release it.
I'm going to release it unless I'm using it as an HM slave if no other Pokémon can learn the HM move, but won't use it in battle.

-You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in an area.
Bodies of water or other features count as the same route they are in. I won't trade Pokémon, but I will accept gift Pokémon if I haven't met my first encounter yet. AKA they don't replace an already captured Pokémon in that area. Encounters will only count once I receive my Pokéballs.

-You must nickname every Pokémon. Yep! My theme will be precious stones or rocks.

---Dupes clause! The only exception to dupes clause will be if one Pokémon dies and I encounter the evolved form of the Pokémon who died, but only if there are no other possible new encounters. This is in case there's not enough variety to always get a new encounter.

---If your game freezes, what do you do? Restart from my last save and continue like this was my first time. But it goes both ways: if a Pokémon dies that didn't before, it's dead. Either way, I hope my game just doesn't freeze.

---Extra clause: level limit. I won't have a super strict level limit, at least not during the actual game. My Pokémon can go two levels over the Gym Leader's ace's level, but if they are the same level or over, I can't grind anymore. If for some reason they overlevel past two levels beyond, then I can't use that Pokémon for that battle.
"Bzzt! bzzt!

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock. Rubbing my eyes I look at my calendar, and notice the red circle I've marked.

"Today's the day!" I exclaim. After getting dressed, I run downstairs.

"Professor Oak is looking for you." My mom says as she notices me. "I assume that's why you're up so early, GREEN?" I hear the laughter in her voice and I grin at her.

"Haha yeah, you know me, mom. I'm excited to see the surprise Oak told me and BLUE about!" After giving her a hug, I ran out the door. Outside, my eyes trail towards the grass that marks the limits of our town, curiosity filling inside me. A little peek won't hurt anyone, will it? It's not like I'm leaving town! I head towards it. Just a peak...


"Hey, don't go over there! Wild Pokémon live in the tall grass!" I groan and turn around. It's Professor Oak. He and mom are always so protective.

"Sorry." I look at the ground.

"That's quite fine, GREEN! I know you like Pokémon, but you need your own for your own protection!" I sigh. I know that. "I know just what you need. Come with me!" O...kay? What was the surprise he mentioned about, anyway? Shrugging, I follow him to his lab. I've been here a few times before, but I notice a table ahead, with three Pokéballs resting on its surface. That wasn't there before? Blue is there, too.

"Hey, GREEN." He waves. "OK, gramps! GREEN is here now. What did you call us for?"

"BLUE! Patience is a virtue, you know, but as both of you are so excited, I'll tell you. I have been sent a new batch of starter Pokémon, which means they can accompany you on your journey! Provided you collect data for me, of course."

"Wait, what?" My mouth wants to drop in surprise. "I thought I wasn't allowed on a journey!" The thing is, there was this law or something by the government. Something about only the firstborn being allowed to go on a Pokémon journey. I had kind of resigned myself, which is why these news came as such a surprise.

"Rules have changed. Everyone between ages of eleven fourteen can now go on a journey." Oak smiles.

"Yay!" I exclaim.

"Cheers, GREEN!" BLUE smiles. It will be sweet to have you as my rival!"

"Speaking of. Would you like to meet your new partner?" the Professor motions to the Pokéballs on the table.
-Started the game.
-Named my character GREEN and my rival BLUE.
-Stepped into the grass.
-Psychic Professor Oak stopped me and took me to his lab.
-BLUE showed impatience as always.
I know this seems rushed, but I want to write it short like this so I don't get bored or the writing becomes more important than the challenge. Things will become clearer as I move forward, though. My only question now is, do I go for the easy route and choose Bulbasaur? Medium route and choose Squirtle? Or hard and choose Charmander?
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I’m excited for you to do this challenge! Even simple Nuzlockes can be really interesting. (I say, doing several really complicated challenges....)

Anyway, I think that while it’s cheesy, since you’re calling yourself Green in the game, and the title screen picture you used features Bulbasaur, you should go for Bulbasaur! Grass types need more love anyway.

Good luck, Mystical!


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Nov 2, 2018
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Pokémon Blue

Episode 1 - Of battles and new friends!
The profesor tells me to pick first, and BLUE is upset, but his eyes then light up. I sigh. Whatever scheme he comes up with I'll just have to deal with. Oak then instructs to open all three balls to choose what I want, but I already know. I pick the third ball. Balbasaur, the grass starter. To match my name. I press the button on the middle of the ball, and a flash of light appears on the floor where I aim, materializing into Bulbasaur, a blue-green reptile with a green bulb on its back. The green creature looks happy and I smile at it. There's no way to tell their gender unless you want to get cut, or burned, or tackled, or otherwise maimed by their attacks, so most Pokémon get stuck with a neutral name and pronoun. But, for some reason, I have the feeling that my Bulbasaur is female. Either way, I decide to use the female pronoun for her, and call her ANYOLITE, after a very pretty stone amalgamation.

"Your name is ANYOLITE. Do you like it?"

She tilts her head a little and then nods.

"Congratulations, GREEN! Your first Pokémon!" Oak smiles.

"Hmph." That's BLUE. He's picking his own Pokémon, now. "Then this is mine." He chooses the first one on the left. He smiles approvingly as a red lizard with a flame on its tail appears in front of him.

I chuckle. "Hope you didn't pick Charmander just for his type advantage."

"Pshh you wish. Charmander is just very cool. Heya, let's have a battle!"

Bulbasaur and Charmander seem to understand as the face each other. The battle is simple. Charmander seems to hit hard and resist ANYOLITE's tackles, but I packed a potion before leaving the house, an advice from my mom, and I now give it to ANYOLITE. A few tackles more end the battle.

BLUE huffs. "Cheater."

Oak shakes his head. "Not really. You could've given Charmander a potion too, if you had one, but Charmander battled well."

BLUE shrugs. "Eh, I'll make my Pokémon stronger and become the champion. You'll see. See you around, GREEN!" With that, he turns and leaves. I turn to leave as well.

"Wait, GREEN, there's something else I haven't told you."

Oak explaines that I have more restrictions than most because I'm not the firstborn, so I play by different rules. I can only attempt to catch one Pokémon per area, and if they faint, I have to release them as I wasn't fit enough to be their trainer.

I continue onwards to route 1 and then to Viridian City, where I buy a few Pokéballs before heading back to route 1 for my new encounter. I catch a level 2 Pidgey and name it (him? Her?) TOPAZ. Then, back to Viridian City and then north to route 2. My second encounter is a level 3 Rattata which I name PERIDOT. At this point I'm not really sure about their genders, but maybe it doesn't really matter.

I'm now on the entrance of Viridian Forest after having trained them a little, and both TOPAZ and PERIDOT seem to be enjoying themselves, along with ANYOLITE and I. We're ready for this next step.
-Picked Bulbasaur and named it ANYOLITE
-I lost a couple of times to Charmander before remembering the potion at the character's PC at home, so I had to restart twice more because I forgot to save before closing, but I finally beat BLUE properly.
-Went to Viridian City, where the clerk asked me to take the parcel back to Oak, which is more time-consuming than anything, but that's how it goes.
-I got the Pokédex which I'm not going to use, and the Town Map from BLUE's sister.
-Bought ten Pokéballs on Viridian City.
-Went back to Route 1 and encountered a level 2 Pidgey which I caught after a Tackle. Named him TOPAZ.
-Headed to Route 2 and encountered a level 3 Rattata. Used TOPAZ, hit him twice with Gust and then switched to ANYOLITE. It took two Pokéballs to catch him. Named him PERIDOT.
-Leveled them up a bit.
:bulbasaur: ANYOLITE - Level 7 - Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed
:pidgey: TOPAZ - Level 3 - Gust
:rattata: PERIDOT - Level 4 - Tackle, Tail Whip
PALLET TOWN: :bulbasaur: Level 5
ROUTE 1: :pidgey: Level 2
ROUTE 2: :rattata: Level 3

Thanks, Vivid! Yeah, it's a nice idea. :)

I was originally going to use RNG to decide which Pokémon to use, but both Vivid and another friend picked Bulbasaur for me, so why not. Also, I'll try not to have too much dialogue on the story. As for the challenge itself, I didn't restrict myself on items, so I am allowed to use them as much as I want.

Another thing I didn't state before was about what to do in case of a wipe-out. I decided that if I wipe out (if my whole party faints) and I still have Pokémon on the PC I can use them. The exception is the Elite 4 and Champion. If I wipe out there, it's game-over even if I do have more Pokémon on the PC. Hopefully it won't come to that, though.

Also, here are the rocks I took the names from:
Anyolite. The colors reminded me of Bulbasaur's green body and the pink flower from Venusaur.
Topaz. It also comes in blue, but this particular color reminded me of Pidgey's. Plus I thought it being transparent could repreent Pidgey's flying type.
Peridot. I didn't choose one because of the color, it was mostly because it said it was a common yet beautiful stone. Or something like that. It's not like I'm really researching. :P
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