Natures and their meanings


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I've been kind of curious about the reasons natures are named as such. Brave and Timid are opposite natures, and it's pretty easy to understand why. A Timid pokemon might be jittery, which would thus increase their Speed. They would also probably want to avoid conflict, thus lowering their Attack.

Quiet and Jolly are also opposites. Whether a pokemon is more Quiet or Jolly probably depends on how emotionally expressive or open they are. A Quiet pokemon would not make their presence known by moving around a lot, and they also tend to be more thoughtful and analyze their surroundings.

Lonely and Bold are also opposites. Based on the names alone, I'd guess they would be a scale of extraverted vs introverted, but I don't know how the stat changes would reflect this. I would think Lonely pokemon would put up mental defenses to keep themselves from social interactions, thus raising their Special Defense. Bold pokemon would have no guard, and thus not be a defensive nature.


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Wrote out all the opposites.
Lonely (+Attack / -Defense) and Bold (+Defense / -Attack)
Brave (+Attack / -Speed) and Timid (+Speed / -Attack)
Adamant (+Attack / -Special Attack) and Modest (+Special Attack / -Attack)
Naughty (+Attack / -Special Defense) and Calm (+Special Defense / -Attack)
Relaxed (+Defense / -Speed) and Hasty (+Speed / -Defense)
Impish (+Defense / -Special Attack) and Mild (+Special Attack / -Defense)
Lax (+Defense / -Special Defense) and Gentle (+Special Defense / -Defense)
Jolly (+Speed / -Special Attack) and Quiet (+Special Attack / -Speed)
Naive (+Speed / -Special Attack) and Sassy (+Special Defense / -Speed)
Rash (+Special Attack / -Special Defense) and Careful (+Special Defense / -Special Attack)
Neutral: Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky

Alternatively, by stat.
+Attack: Lonely, Brave, Adamant, Naughty
-Attack: Timid, Modest, Bold, Calm
+Defense: Bold, Relaxed, Impish, Lax
-Defense: Lonely, Hasty, Mild, Gentle
+Special Attack: Modest, Mild, Quiet, Rash
-Special Attack: Adamant, Impish, Jolly, Careful
+Special Defense: Calm, Gentle, Sassy, Careful
-Special Defense: Naive, Rash, Lax, Naughty
+Speed: Timid, Hasty, Jolly, Naive
-Speed: Brave, Relaxed, Quiet, Sassy

Interprets it as:
Attack: Boisterousness
Special Attack: Reservation
Speed: Energy
Defense: ...Shrugs. Presence? Might have taken a backseat.
Special Defense: Caution

Does not fit all cases, however. Points to Sassy as one such nature.

Agrees on Bold being strange. May have meant "vivid" rather than "risk-taking". As in, a bold flavor.

Questions Naughty (+Attack / -Special Defense) and Impish (+Defense / -Special Attack) the most. Describes similar behavior. Affects completely different stats. Suspects names came first. Assigned them to stats second.