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Official AMA Rules
Welcome to the Ask Me Anything forum! Here, you can ask your fellow forum members questions you've always wanted them to answer. Or, you can create your own thread and answer questions yourself! It's a fun way to get to know other people. To keep everything running smoothly, there's a few rules we ask you to remember when posting here. As a reminder, all Marriland Forum Rules still apply on this forum.

Respect Everyone's Thread
Anyone is free to enforce certain guidlines in their own AMA regarding questions they'd prefer not to answer. Please respect everyone's choices within their own threads when asking them questions. Anyone is free to decline any questions they are asked, and if your question is declined, do not pressure someone to answer.

Ask Appropriately
Do not ask questions with the intention of flaming, insulting, or causing drama with anyone on the forum. You also may not ask questions that are overtly inappropriate, or asks others to reveal personal information about themselves such as their address or full name. Also remember to keep your questions real, and avoid spamming "joke" questions with the intent of annoying others.

This thread follows the same 24-hour bumping rules as the rest of the forum. You may bump threads if nobody has posted after you for 24 hours. If you decide to remake your AMA into a new thread, please be sure to lock your old one.

That's all! Have fun asking and answering questions.
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