Out of Breath of the Wild: Speedrun Showdown!


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Welcome to the Breath of the Wild Speedrun Showdown!

Your Goal: Complete the Great Plateau section of the game, and receive the Paraglider.

How you go about doing that is up to you.

1. The attempt must be started from a fresh save file. If you are on Switch, this means either rewriting your save data or creating a new profile. Similarly, if you own the Wii U version you can either create a new Mii profile or rewrite your save.
  1. This can be done either on standard mode or Master Mode, I really don't care which. All DLC is allowed.
  2. Any and all glitches and tricks are allowed, provided they don't get you off the Great Plateau early. Clips, Stasis Jumps, Shield Jumping, Whistle Running and any others are all eligible.
  3. Both the Switch version and Wii U version are allowed here. Additionally, if you want to emulate, that's your choice as long as the game is forced to only run at 100% game speeds. We will not help you or provide any such links, that is up to you.
  4. No amiibo. While they are rare these days, some can be exploited to make things go dummy fast. So no.

The three things we'll be looking for in your submission are the following.

  1. A picture of your save at the beginning of the run. It sucks we have to ask for this, but we have to make it foolproof. You should be able to see the auto-save you start with.
  2. A picture of your save showing you have obtained the Paraglider. You should be able to see the Paraglider in the save image itself.
  3. Both of your pictures MUST include a paper with your username + cabin number on it.
Here is an example of a proper submission:

All submissions should be PM'd to me (Flo) and results will be announced on Friday. Any additional questions can be asked here. You can send as many submissions as you like, but I will only count each person's most recent submission.

Best of luck!


1st Place: 100 Points
2nd Place: 50 Points
3rd Place: 25 Points
All Submissions get 20 Points
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1st is Wheegalure with 28 minutes.
2nd is Rydia with 33 minutes.
3rd is Rex with 45 minutes.

thank to everyone else who submitted too!!!
points have been added for winners and participants​