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➟ Pokémon General Rules

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Pokémon General Rules

Welcome to Pokémon General! Here, you can casually talk about Pokémon that do not fit in any section, such as a new unannounced game or your favourite type. Let's get to some ground rules, shall we?

This forum is for the general discussion of Pokémon that don't belong elsewhere.
  • If you wish to discuss a certain game, post in the respective forum. For example: "Favorite Gym Leader" is fine here, "Favorite Kalos Gym Leader" would belong in 3DS Pokémon Games.
Competitive discussion doesn't belong here.
  • If you want to talk about Pokémon in a competitive perspective, then we have a forum for that. Make sure you read the rules before posting over there!
Do not post trades.
  • We have trading forums located over here.
Feel free to post about the Pokémon anime and manga here!
  • You can post about the Pokémon anime and manga here. Feel free to start your own discussions!
  • NOTE: Remember, don't link/give directions to any Pokémon anime episodes or manga chapters uploaded by any source that does not have any rights from/are not made by the official uploader. (The official Pokémon site is fine, for example, but Youtube is not.)
With that said, go out there and have fun!
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