Pokemon Shield Nuzlocke & the story of Bagu (Third Nuzlocke ever attempted)


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Nov 29, 2019
I've decided to jump in with another Nuzlocke. The first one (Diamond) went badly and I wiped before reaching Vealestone City.
The second was in X and Y. I got to Korrina's gym before she and her trainers wiped out four of my pokemon. Yikes! I eventually lost all my pokemon around Ramos's gym.
So this is my third Nuzlocke! I decided to do sheild as it was easy to make a new profile for it. So here is the story of Bagu's journey through Pokemon Shield!
But first, the rules:

  1. "No more life points and it's bye bye!"
  2. You must catch the first pokemon that is closest to you in every route
2A. Doupes clause is in effect and has no restrictions
2B. Only one wild area pokemon per gym badge including one for the travel to Motostoke
  1. All pokemon must be nicknamed (I'm going with an insect theme if you couldn't tell.)
  2. Battle style is on set.
  3. Box storage is automatic and I cannot use the box link
  4. You can only dynamax pokemon in a raid or on the turn that a trainer is going to dynamax. (I call this M.A.D. clause, Mutually assured dynamaxing.)
  5. Exp candies will only be used if I wipe and need to train a team.
  6. While I can camp as much as I please, I can only cok once per gym badge. Including the travel to Motostoke.
8A. If I wipe once I am no loger allowed to cook curry and must rely on traditional healing methods, but that's ONLY if I wipe.

I'm Bagu, and I'm aiming to be the very best! Or....at least I was... Ya see abut two years ago I set off with one of the three Budew that were out front to become a great trainer.
The plan was to become a great pokemon trainer and get an endorsement from the chairman. (It's not too much of a stretch, I did meet him while on holiday in Hulburry, and he did give me this nice pendant) However... something happened when I battled my friend Hop. His wooloo did a great deal of damage to my Budew and knocked it out! I thought it was ok, all I had to do was rest and heal it back up but when I checked to see if it was okay it was dead!
This was a huge thing that made headlines. At first I thought it was sick but after checking with the professor I realized that it was some strange aura I had that drained the energy of fainted pokemon. Naturally this scared me away from battling, that is until I turned on the tele and saw this. A tense pokemon battle between a giant charizard and a metal looking dragon thing. It made me want to get back out there and try again! But I was nervous. What if what happened before happens again? That is when Hop barged in and told me "Lee would be in town with some gifts for us." I decided to at least fallow him out to his house where we went to find Leon in front of the train station at Wedgehurst. We ere able to tear him away from his adoring fans and head back to their place where Leon revealed that my suspicion was true. We were getting pokemon, not just any pokemon but the three starters of legend that spread around Postwick and Wedgehurst like a leak on the internet. And I already knew which one I wanted if I got the chance. I wasn't about to let Hop steal another grass type from me. I picked grooky. His name... Spider:

Grooky : Spider
Level 5
Nature: Hardy

I had hoped that by giving my pokemon bug themed nickname they would show the same strength that bugs in large colonies often do.
I also thought it was a fitting name to describe the cruel curse that almost seemed like a bug or glitch in nature itself. And plus, I always liked bugs so maybe It can help me get attached to my pokemon. With a little luck, this could go well! We stayed at Hop's place for the night and it was only after I woke up the next morning
that I realized my chance at revenge.
Even if I couldn't kill his pokemon, I could at least show him a humiliating defeat.
The battle began. "Okay" I thought "Two verses one, better than 5 or 6" It was time to battle and wooloo was going down.
I chuckled when wooloo got a critical hit and only did about a fifth of my health at most. "I got this." I confidently told myself.
A few more scratches and down it went!

[Spider grew to level 6!]
[Spider learned Branch Poke.]

I shouted to Hop to make sure that his wooloo was okay. It was


It was starter vs. starter at 15/23 HP and a fresh Sobble in his corner. I'm prepared to make it sob some more with the new move I learned.

[Spider used Branch Poke]
[Sobble used Pound]

75% damage from Spider's branch poke and like 2 damage from Sobble's pound.
Another Branch Poke and the fight was over with Leon going on about getting stronger and whatnot.

CRASH The wooloo I had seen bashing it's head broke through the fence!
What will become of the wooloo that wandered off into the Slumbering Wield?

To Be Continued


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Nov 29, 2019
The Wooloo! Hop exclaimed as it crashed through the fence.
"We have to go save it right Bagu?"
Oh yeah... the woolo er uhh woloo!
"You're hoping to find a cure aren't you."
Yeah I am, I couldn't care less about that horrible thing!
"Let's go Bagu! Last one there is a dead Budew!"
....... "What?" Too soon?"
"Whatever! I'm going on ahead."

Author's Note: My encounter in the Slumbering Wield is when we next visit here and when stronger pokemon start appearing.

I walked into the thick foggy forest and out came a Skwovet. I had no pokeballs to catch it with so I just poked it with a stick.
I continued on to cross a bridge and into another grass patch to find a Rookidee. A scratch should do just fine.
Going on ahead I heard a strange pokemon cry I hadn't heard before. Could it be a legendary pokemon here to heal me of my curse!
I blindly rushed into the fog, hoping for the best. The fog was so thick neither of us could see our own hands.
A pokemon that I hadn't seen before appeared. Suddenly I began to worry about Spider. This thing looked ultra-powerful!

[Spider used Branch Poke]
[The move had no effect?!]

It was all the sudden that the fog got thicker. WAY thicker. I shouted for spider who responded with a fearful call. That was when the fog swept us away. We were both passed out on the ground when I awoke to see Leon running towards us. Long story short the darn thing is fine and I'm off to the professor's house on Route 2. I stepped into Route 1 and the first thing that showed up was Skwovet. I caught it and named it Midge because that's an insect apparently. I went to see my mum so I could rest up and heal Midge. (Also Spider learned taunt.)

Skwovet : Midge
Level 6
Nature: Brave
Tail Whip

I went on ahead to Wedgehurst and tried to go to Route 2 but apparently somebody wiped and are taking time to process their loss.
sigh... So off to Sonia's then.

Author's Note: Oh my god I HATE the roadblocking this game does.
So gosh darn irritating when I just wanna see my next encounter!

After a conversation between Leon and Sonia I have a Pokedex and am ready to move on to Route 2.
(After a lot of patronizing tutorials or course.)

Author's Note: Pokemon that appear but despawn due to a cutscene DO NOT COUNT.

Nickit is my encounter for Route 2. Rat Flea is his name.

Nickit : Rat Flea
Level 5
Nature: Mild
Quick Attack
Tail Whip
Beat Up

Now it's time for my first trainer Battle
It started with Midge vs. a random Skwovet with a series of bites and tackles. When he used Tail Whip I knew things could go bad.
but Spider went out and took care of it ending the battle.

[Spider grew to Level 9.]

Next trainer and it's another Bite/Tackle war but with a Chewtle instead of a Skwovet.
Both Midge and Rat Flea leveled up to 7 and 6 respectively. Another trainer, this time with a Blipbug, went down even faster than the other two.
After a chat with the professor it's time to do battle with Hop once again
It's 3 vs. 3 this time so we're evenly matched Wooloo's out first and though he outspeeds me I do more damage than him so Midge will have no problem as usual
Or not! It did a bit more damage than expected and scared the bajeebies outta me! Midge is okay but it startled me!
Nice! A crit from Midge makes this silence of the lambs. Sobble comes out and so too comes spider. Sobble goes down with a couple Branch Pokes.
Now is a worrying connundrum. I'm afraid Rookidee will be too much for Midge to handle. Even if it did level up from defeating woolo.
It's at 15/29 Hp and I'm afraid a peck might knock it out. But there's no way Rat Flea could handle that thing even at level 7.
I have to believe in Midge and Potion him up after the first peck. Ohhhh heeerrree we gooo....... Oh. What was I worried about? It did like 2 damage with peck. Yeah I got this. Hop goes down and we get our endorsements. The gym challenge?! Can I really do this? Especially knowing what will happen if I mess up. But I've gotta go for it. Maybe it will lead me to the reason for my curse and maybe a cure for it too. I've gotta do it. And that's when two wishing stars fell from the sky. Maybe if I wish hard enough I can free my pokemon of this curse I have. But most likely it just makes them big. Cool I guess. So were off to the train station that will take us to Motostoke when the train stops suddenly. Apparently Wooloos are blocking the train tracks. "Run 'em over" I said under my breath. Hop didn't hear me because he had realized we were at the Wild Area station and was halfway off the train. As I left the station I looked and realized just how massive the wild area was. This is going to be fun.

To Be Continued