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From last time: Thumbs up for the Focus Sash trainer. Threw a level 2 Cottonee with Endeavor and a Focus Sash at you.

Found the ground types. Ran into Galarian Yamask :galarianyamask: and Silicobra :silicobra:. Chose the latter. Kept the initial Shed Skin over one with Sand Spit (free Sandstorm upon getting hit). Works better with the team.

Um. Are the artists in Galar okay? Fought one. Forgot the specifics. (Wrote this several hours later.) Laughed maniacally while swinging their statue around.

Feels ambivalent about the Fighting gym mission spinning teacup. Rotated the stick to move left or right. Brings pinball to mind.

Evolved Corvisquire :corvisquire: into Corviknight :corviknight: with candies just before the gym leader. (Only needed a little bit.) Realized the possible mistake during the evolution: type change. Gained a Steel typing just before the Fighting gym leader. Oh well.

Knows the drill (peck) by now, right? Nuzzle from Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey:. Hone Claws x5. Drill Peck one-shot fiesta :hitmontop::pangoro::sirfetchd::gmaxmachamp:. 4/8 without Dynamax.

Realized Perrserker's :perrserker: unfortunate place now. Shares a lot of similarities with Corviknight :corviknight:. Sets up a strong physical defense (Iron Defense + Battle Armor), but not much else. Apologies.

Caught a replacement for Perrserker :perrserker: almost immediately: Impidimp :impidimp:. Helps versus the dragon gym leader they hyped up.

Evolution time:
  • Drizzile :drizzile: to Inteleon :inteleon:. Actually looks okay. What was that middle form? Learned Snipe Shot, the first special move in probably twenty levels. 80 power Water not affected by things like Storm Drain? ...Eh.
  • Silicobra :silicobra: to Sandaconda :sandaconda:. Indifferent.
  • Impidimp :impidimp: to Morgrem :morgrem:. Was not sold on the aesthetic to begin with. Cares less. Also indifferent.

Ramped up items. Obtained a Choice Scarf and Eviolite at the mushroom town.

Spoke with an artist there too. Asked for Fire-type clothing. Wore the Fire Uniform. Nothing. Bought Fire Sunglasses and...the bag? Still no. Goodbye forever.

Viewed the Fairy gym mission favorably. Grilled you with questions while battling. Raised and lowered stats based on your answer. Trivialized the battles, unfortunately. Chose a good time to learn Poison Jab over Acid on Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey: too.

Stomped the Fairy gym leader. Spammed Tackle with Galarian Weezing :galarianweezing:. Seriously never tried anything else. Earned +2 to Defense and Special Defense while setting up too. (Missed +2 Speed due to the Nuzzle turn, but oh well.) Tore Gigantimax Alcremie :gmaxalcremie: apart with Steel Wing. 5/8 no Dynamax.

First look at Scorbunny's :scorbunny: final evolution: Cinderace :cinderace:. Best looking fire starter final evolution since...Typholsion :typhlosion:? Counts as another "totally not Fighting cough:incineroar:" Fire starter, though. Also interesting: a mostly new team for Hop.

Who designed these movesets? Why does Inteleon :inteleon: get so many physical moves? Favors Special Attack. What has it gotten so far? Water Gun, Bind, Water Pulse, U-turn, Sucker Punch, Snipe Shot (water), Liquidation, and Acrobatics. Waited until 40 to replace Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: Rock Smash with Brick Break also. (Could have taken Revenge, admittedly. Seemed iffy on a Jolly Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd:. Chose the defense drop chance.)

What is this double battle? Led with Excadrill :excadrill: and Hippowdon :hippowdon:. Kept Lucario :lucario: and Perrserker :perrserker: behind them. Handled it very well, regardless. Switched to Corviknight :corviknight: for both ground moves. Ate a Fake Out and Rock Slide upon switching to Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd:.

Another evolution: Morgrem :morgrem: to Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:. Describes it as a furry goblin. Eh. Appreciates its signature move: Spirit Break. 75 power physical Fairy and -1 Special Attack for the target. Excellent.

Showers you with gifts in the snow city: at least three Technical Machines (Screech, Fake Tears, Icicle Spear, plus maybe one more), Wide Lens, and the Catching Charm.

Why is Eevee on the Payback Pikachu design and Pikachu on the Astonished Eevee design?

Entered the snow town expecting the Ice Gym. Turned out to be Rock. Insists on making Corviknight :corviknight: a star, apparently.

Hated the Rock gym mission. Essentially used the item finder to find pitfalls. Sprinkled tons of them around. Fell in only one pitfall total. Bleh.

Faced the gym leader: Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey: versus Barbaracle :barbaracle:. Nuzzled it, intent on the usual. Performed a Shell Smash. Refused to deal with that. Overdrive for the knock-out.

Next: Shuckle :shuckle:. Come on. Knew Power Split. Nuzzled it before giving this one to Inteleon :inteleon:.

Third: A Stonehenge Pokemon. Good enough. Debilitated it with Tearful Looks while it tossed up Stealth Rock and Wonder Room. Switched to the wings of darkness :corviknight:. Set up to the full +6. Wound up at -1 Speed and paralyzed from Rock Tomb and Body Slam, respectively. Cured the latter.

Final: Gigantimaxed Coalossal :gmaxcoalossal:. Should have kept Inteleon :inteleon: in, but what fun is that? Outsped it, even at -1 Speed. Smacked it with Steel Wing for 75% of its health. (Hindsight: Should have Power Tripped. Duh.) Hung on from Coalossal's :gmaxcoalossal: Mega Flare at 19 hitpoints. Finished the job with another Steel Wing. 6/8.

Pulled away a bit, in terms of levels. Outleveled Coalossal :coalossal: by four on Corviknight :corviknight:, although only 1-2 on the rest.

Other thoughts:
  • Tried the jobs with boxed Pokemon. Shrugs. Offered little in the way of useful benefits. Sees Effort Value jobs now, however.
  • Appreciates the trainer cards. Tells you a little bit about each gym leader (and others). Breathes a little life into them.


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Spent time in the Wild Area. Hunted for max raid battles and berries, mostly. (Bonus: Leftovers from berry trees? Amazing.) Camped for fun too. Remembers the team being at level 45 or 47 upon returning to the story. May be a little overleveled now.

Finally obtained the ability to cross water. Backtracked a bit later. Will just put the spoils here.
  • Psycho Cut, Mud Shot, and Avalanche Technical Machines
  • One of every evolutionary stone
  • Choice Band and Assault Vest

Hoped for Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: to learn Psycho Cut. No such luck. Could do Mud Shot on Inteleon :inteleon:. Hesitates to put a 55 power, 95% accurate move on.

Hates Grapploct :grapploct:. Refers to catching one, specifically. Why?
  1. Level 50 near lots of 40s. Odd.
  2. Hail (general weather). Whittles it down.
  3. Limber. Cannot paralyze it. Lacks any Sleep option. Bleeds too many hitpoints from Hail to risk Burn.
  4. Knows really mean moves: a combination Mean Look + constant defenses drop, Superpower, and Reversal.
  5. 45 catch rate. (Looked it up now.) Tossed maybe 20 Ultra Balls at it.

Fainted a few party members. Wised up and brought a Gourgeist :gourgeist:. Caught it wandering the Wild Area. Nullified all its attacks.

Lost Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: to a trainer's Pyukumuku :pyukumuku:. Forgot about Innards Out. Second trainer death. Stopped being careful due to the level advantage (and just coming from the fifth attempt at Grapploct :grapploct:).

Made it to the next town. Really liked the dark, dingy atmosphere and neon lights. Barely qualifies as a town, unfortunately. Contains a Pokemon Center and an alley to the gym. Feels smaller than the starting town.

Dark Gym mission: Dull. Fought Team Yell in the alley.

Took on the gym leader. Locked off Dynamax for everyone this battle. Performed the usual Nuzzle and Hone Claw strategy to +5. Drill Pecked Obstagoon :obstagoon:...who lived at 25% health. Counter. Sorry, Corviknight :corviknight:. (Third trainer death.) Gives props to that Obstagoon :obstagoon:. Must be a total beast. Cleaned up with Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: for Badge 7. 7/8 no Dynamax.

Heard an explosion somewhere. Prepared for the evil organization slog. Usually happens after the seventh badge. Assumed the underground power plant. Blocked you from entering before.

...Nope. Said to just win the last badge. Okay. No complaints here.

Presented another barebones gym mission. Beat three trainers in double battles in this non-descript circular arena. Loves double battles, fortunately. Renewed interest in Pokemon upon trying them out in X/Y (in the Battle Maison). Opened up lots of different strategies.

Stressed weather in these battles. Showed them all up with Toxtricity's :toxtricitylowkey: Overdrive. Hits both opponents, but not your ally. Paired them with Sandaconda's :sandaconda: Rock Slide. Destroyed all three battles.

Led to the final gym: Dragon. And also a double battle. Started off with Flygon :flygon: and Gigalith :gigalith: (with Sand Stream). Flaunted Breaking Swipe, a new (Dragon) move that hits both opponents and lowers Attack. Tried to get Corviknight :corviknight: to shine, given its solid typing in a sandstorm. Proved iffy against Flygon's :flygon: Thunder Punch. Accepted that setup would be very difficult from the start anyways.

Tanked some hits with Corviknight :corviknight: while Inteleon :inteleon: sniped Gigalith :gigalith: and an opposing Sandaconda :sandaconda:. Dented Gigantimax Duraludon :gmaxduraludon:. Ran low on health for both Inteleon :inteleon: and Corviknight :corviknight:.

Handed it off to Sandaconda :sandaconda: and Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:. Would have lost Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl: to the Max Steelspike, if not for affection. Marks the first instance of that. Swapped to Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: to shave off their remaining health. 8/8 no Dynamax.

Thoroughly enjoyed that last gym battle. Demanded a good amount of decisions. Feels sorry for Nuzlockers, however. Stands a high chance of losing someone. (Imagines Hail + Blizzard blowing that fight to bits. Even so.)

Hold on. Looked up the gym leader's Pokemon while writing this. Why does Flygon :flygon: not know a ground move?

Who decided these movesets, round 2. Sand Tomb for Sandaconda :sandaconda: at 51. Rain Dance for Inteleon :inteleon: at 54. Found those TMs much earlier in the game (just before and after Badge 3). Also Slam for Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: at 50. Straight :garbodor:trash:garbodor:. What next? Peck?

(Note: Saw good moves as well, like Brave Bird for Corviknight :corviknight: and Boomburst for Toxtricity :toxtricity:. Declined Brave Bird due to the recoil. May have been the difference between life and death versus Obstagoon :obstagoon:, however.)

Forked over the good Technical Machines in Wyndon: elemental punches and Drain Punch. Basically only benefitted Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:.

Semifinals: Levels 57 :toxtricitylowkey::inteleon::sirfetchd::corviknight: and 55 :sandaconda::grimmsnarl:.

Recorded all of these.

First challenger: Marnie. Levels 47-49 for them, for reference.
Turn 1: :liepard: Torment / :toxtricitylowkey: Overdrive (100%)
Turn 2: :toxtricitylowkey: Nuzzle (15%) / :scrafty: Swagger
Turn 3: :toxtricitylowkey: Switch :grimmsnarl: / :scrafty: Scary Face
Turn 4: :grimmsnarl: Spirit Break (the rest)
Turn 5: :grimmsnarl: Switch :corviknight: / :toxicroak: Venoshock (immune)
Turn 6: :toxicroak: Sucker Punch (failed) / :corviknight: Hone Claws
Turn 7: :toxicroak: Sucker Punch (failed) / :corviknight: Hone Claws
Turn 8: :toxicroak: Sucker Punch (failed) / :corviknight: Hone Claws
Turn 9: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :toxicroak: Swagger
Turn 10: :corviknight: Full Heal / :toxicroak: Swagger
Turn 11: :corviknight: Hit itself (119/187) / :toxicroak: Swagger
(Leftovers heal to 130/187)
Turn 12: :corviknight: (Not confused) Steel Wing (100%)
(Leftovers heal to 141/187)
Turn 13: :morpeko: Spark (81/187) / :corviknight: Power Trip (100%)
(Leftovers heal to 92/187)
Turn 14: :corviknight: Steel Wing (100%) / :gmaxgrimmsnarl::faintedazurill:

Easy. Expected far worse confusion damage.

Next: Hop.
Turn 1: :toxtricitylowkey: Nuzzle (15%) / :dubwool: Cotton Guard
Turn 2: :toxtricitylowkey: Overdrive (the rest)
Turn 3: :toxtricitylowkey: Switch :corviknight: / :snorlax: High Horsepower (immune)
Turn 4: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :snorlax: Hammer Arm (161/187, -1 Speed)
(Leftovers heal to 172/187)
Turn 5: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :snorlax: Hammer Arm (141/187, -1 Speed)
(Leftovers heal to 152/187)
Turn 6: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :snorlax: Hammer Arm (126/187, -1 Speed)
(Leftovers heal to 137/187)
Turn 7: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :snorlax: Hammer Arm (108/187, -1 Speed)
(Leftovers heal to 119/187)
Turn 8: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :snorlax: Hammer Arm (miss)
(Leftovers heal to 130/187)
Turn 9: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :snorlax: Heavy Slam (115/187)
(Leftovers heal to 126/187)
Turn 10: :corviknight: Lemonade (heal to full) / :snorlax: Heavy Slam (170/187)
(Leftovers heal to 181/187)
Turn 11: :corviknight: Power Trip (100%)
(Level up. Leftovers heal to full.)
Turn 12: :corviknight: Power Trip (100%) / :pincurchin::faintedazurill:
Turn 13: :corviknight: Power Trip (100%) / (Enemy) :corviknight::faintedazurill:
Turn 14: :cinderace: (Dynamax) Max Flare (34/190) / :corviknight: Power Trip (critical, 100%)

Do not mess with the wings of darkness :corviknight:.

Chose now to take on the evil corporation. Ruins the build-up of the Champions Cup. Played hide-and-seek with some lackey for a key instead.

Whoah, Oleana. Went into berserk mode. Add two levels to the team levels. Leads with a level 50 Froslass.

Turn 1: :sirfetchd: Switch :grimmsnarl: / :froslass: Will-O-Wisp
(Burn damage to 180/192)
Turn 2: :froslass: Double Team / :grimmsnarl: False Surrender (80%)
(Burn damage to 168/192)
Turn 3: :froslass: Double Team / :grimmsnarl: False Surrender (the rest)
(Burn damage to 156/192)
Turn 4: :grimmsnarl: Switch :sandaconda: / :salazzle: Venoshock (132/162)
Turn 5: :salazzle: Poison Gas / :sandaconda: Dig
(Sandaconda's :sandaconda: Shed Skin)
Turn 6: :salazzle: Some attack (miss) / :sandaconda: Dig (100%)
(Level up.)
Turn 7: :sandaconda: Switch :toxtricitylowkey: / :milotic: Surf (125/174)
(Leftovers heal to 135/174)
Turn 8: :toxtricitylowkey: Overdrive (100%)
(Level up. Leftovers heal to 148/176)
Turn 9: :toxtricitylowkey: Switch :corviknight: / :tsareena: Stomp (181/193)
(Leftovers heal to full.)
Turn 10: :corviknight: Hone Claws / :tsareena: Attract
Turn 11: :corviknight: Immobilized / :tsareena: Acrobatics (170/193)
(Leftovers heal to 182/193)
(Fast forward 8 turns. Immobilized x6 and Hone Claws x2. Switched to Trop Kick due to Pressure.)
Turn 20: :corviknight: Drill Peck (100%)
(Leverovers heal 131/193)
Turn 21: :corviknight: Steel Wing (60%) (Garbodor's Weak Armor) / :gmaxgarbodor: Max Rockfall (86/193)
(Sandstorm active from Max Rockfall. Leftovers heal to 98/193)
Turn 22: :gmaxgarbodor: Max Rockfall (51/193) / :corviknight: Steel Wing (the rest)

Immobilized for six straight turns. More disgusting than their Garbodor :garbodor:.

Oh. Saw an angry face from the protagonist. Beats Sun/Moon's perma-smile.

Wait, gym leader re-matches? Now? Thought Marnie was semifinals and Hop the finals. Will not bother recording those.

Never mind. Say hello to Bede instead. Level 51 for their lead.
Turn 1: :toxtricitylowkey: Nuzzle (15%) / :mawile: Crunch (140/176, -1 Defense)
(Leftovers heal to 151/176)
Turn 2: :toxtricitylowkey: Switch :corviknight: / :mawile: Crunch (172/196)
(Leftovers heal to 184/196)
(Skip six turns. Hone Claws x6. -2 Defense from Crunches.)
Turn 9: :corviknight: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :mawile: Crunch (143/196)
(Leftovers heal to 155/196)
Turn 10: :corviknight: Steel Wing (the rest)
(Leftovers heal to 167/196)
Turn 11: :corviknight: Steel Wing (100%) / :gardevoir::faintedazurill:
(Leftovers heal to 179/196)
Turn 12: :galarianrapidash: Psycho Cut (143/196) / :corviknight: Power Trip (100%)
(Leftovers heal to 155/196)
Turn 13: :corviknight: Power Trip (100%) / :gmaxhatterene::faintedazurill:

Back to gym leaders.
  • Nessa (Water). Survived a Drill Run from Barraskewda :barraskewda: at 4 hitpoints from full on Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey:. One-shot Gigantimax Drednaw :gmaxdrednaw: with an Overdrive. Easy sweep, minus the one scary moment.
  • Bea (Fighting). Only set up three Hone Claws, due to respectable damage from the opposing Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd:. Sufficed to defeat Gigantimax Machamp :gmaxmachamp: in a single Drill Peck.
  • Raihan (Dragon). Expected Flygon :flygon: first. Planned to set up on Sandaconda :sandaconda:. Met Torkoal :torkoal: instead. Looked good...until the Drought + Solar Beam. Wound up setting up with Corviknight :corviknight: versus Flygon :flygon: anyways. Proved pointless with Turtonator :turtonator: in the wings. Struggled versus Gigantimax Duraludon :gmaxduraludon: due to no good (healthy) options or setup. Brought it down with a four Pokemon tagteam (and no losses).

Champion fight. Team levels at 59-62. Knows Charizard :charizard: for sure. Will probably be last. Aims to set up on Sandaconda :sandaconda:.

..Or not. Interrupted the match to bring about a great calamity. Sighs. Stop doing this.

Went to the fog forest. Picked up a sword, Life Orb, and Phantom Force.

Faced Rose straight away. Level 55 for their lead Escavalier :escavalier:.
Turn 1: :toxtricitylowkey: Overdrive (75%) / :escavalier: Drill Run (0/182), :toxtricitylowkey::faintedazurill:)
Turn 2: :inteleon: Snipe Shot (the rest)
Turn 3: :inteleon: Switch :sirfetchd: / :ferrothorn: Curse
Turn 4: :sirfetchd: Swords Dance / :ferrothorn: Curse
Turn 5: :sirfetchd: Brick Break (critical, 100%) (Ferrthorn's :ferrothorn: Iron Barbs. 150/171.)
Turn 6: :klinklang: : Wild Charge (113/174) / :sirfetchd: Brick Break (100%)
Turn 7: :sirfetchd: Brick Break (100%) / :perrserker::faintedazurill:
Turn 8: :sirfetchd: Brick Break (100%) / :gmaxcopperajah::faintedazurill:

Tough break for Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey:. Good showing by Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd:.

Reached Eternatus :eternatus:. Stole Solgaleo's :solgaleo: AI. Tried Dynamax Cannon and Dragon Pulse against Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:. No effect. Excellent choices.

Contributed little against the Max Raid version. Paralyzed it. Left the rest to the legendary wolves.

Cares very little about using Eternatus :eternatus:. Really wants to send it on a Pokejob, though. Despaired slightly at its ridiculous stats. Discovered (Jolly) Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd: monstrous Attack: 202. Beat (Modest) Inteleon's :inteleon: 195 Special Attack. Wow. Is so proud. Matters how you use it, though. Sees 148 Attack on Corviknight :corviknight: with a +Attack nature. Managed just fine.

Now for the actual Champion fight. Levels 60-63. Led with a level 62 Aegislash :aegislash:. 65 for Charizard :charizard:. Perfect.
Turn 1: :aegislash: King's Shield / :toxtricitylowkey: Nuzzle (blocked, -1 Attack)
Turn 2: :toxtricitylowkey: Nuzzle (5%) / :aegislash: Shadow Ball (85/182)
(Leftovers heal to 96/182)
Turn 3: :aegislash: King's Shield / :toxtricitylowkey: Eerie Impulse
(Leftovers heal to 107/182)
Turn 4: :toxtricitylowkey: Eerie Impulse / :aegislash: Shadow Ball (76/182)
(Leftovers heal to 87/182)
Turn 5: :aegislash: King's Shield / :toxtricitylowkey: Eerie Impulse
(Leftovers heal to 98/182)
Turn 6: :toxtricitylowkey: Switch :sandaconda: / :aegislash: (Distracted by something)
(Leftovers heal to 131/170)
Turn 7: :aegislash: King's Shield / :sandaconda: Coil
(Leftovers heal to 141/170)
Turn 8: :sandaconda: Coil / :aegislash: Paralyzed
(Leftovers heal to 151/170)
Turn 9: :sandaconda: Coil / :aegislash: Sacred Sword (105/170)
(Leftovers heal to 115/170)
Turn 10: :sandaconda: Coil / :aegislash: Sacred Sword (72/170)
(Leftovers heal to 82/170)
Turn 11: :aegislash: King's Shield / :sandaconda: Coil
(Leftovers heal to 92/170)
Turn 12: :sandaconda: Coil / :aegislash: Sacred Sword (44/170)
(Leftovers heal to 54/170)
Turn 13: :sandaconda: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :aegislash: Sacred Sword (123/170)
(Leftovers heal to 133/170)
Turn 14: :sandaconda: Dig / :aegislash: Sacred Sword? (miss)
(Leftovers heal to 143/170)
Turn 15: :sandaconda: Dig (the rest)
(Leftovers heal to 153/170)
Turn 16: :sandaconda: Dig / :rillaboom: Drum Beating (miss)
(Cannot keep up on Leftovers heal.)
Turn 17: Dig (75%) Drum Beating (107/170, -1 Speed)
(Leftovers heal to 117/170)
Turn 18: :rillaboom: Endeavor (67/170) / :sandaconda: Rock Slide (the rest)
(Level up. Leftovers heal to 79/172.)
Turn 19: :sandaconda: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :haxorus: Outrage (148/172)
(Leftovers heal to 158/172)
Turn 20: :haxorus: Outrage (133/172) / :sandaconda: Dig
(Leftovers heal to 143/172)
Turn 21: :haxorus:Outrage (miss, confused) / :sandaconda: Dig (100%)
(Leftovers heal to 153/172)
Turn 22: :sandaconda: Dig / :rhyperior: Earthquake (109/172)
(Leftovers heal to 119/172)
Turn 23: :sandaconda: Dig (100%)
(Leftovers heal to 129/172)
Turn 24: :dragapult: Shadow Ball (29/172) / :sandaconda: Dig
(Leftovers heal to 39/172)
Turn 25: :dragapult: Shadow Ball (miss) / :sandaconda: Dig (100%)
(Level up. Leftovers heal to 52/175)
Turn 26: :sandaconda: Hyper Potion (heal to 172/175) / :gmaxcharizard: Max Wildfire (0/175 :faintedazurill:)
Turn 27: :inteleon: Snipe Shot (55%) / :gmaxcharizard: Max Overgrowth (1/185, affection save)
(0/185 from G-Max Wildfire flames.)
Turn 28: :grimmsnarl: Sucker Punch (20%) / :gmaxcharizard: Max Overgrowth (89/205)
(55/205 from G-Max Wildfire flames. Leftovers heal to 67/205. Gigantimax over.)
Turn 29: :charizard: Full Restore / :grimmsnarl: Spirit Break (20%)
(Flames + Leftovers -> 45/205)
Turn 30: :grimmsnarl: Sucker Punch (30%) / :charizard: Fire Blast (0/205 :faintedazurill:)
Turn 31: :charizard: Air Slash (74/176) / :sirfetchd: Brick Break (critical, 35%)
Turn 32: :charizard: Fire Blast (1/176, affection save, Burn) / :sirfetchd: Brick Break (the rest)

No Dynamax (besides Max Raid battles in the Wild Area). Take that, Sword.

Such a huge level jump. A nice fight with Charizard :charizard:, however. Should have waited to bring in Inteleon :inteleon: after Gigantimax. Oh well. Dislikes Solar Beam on Charizard :charizard: solely for Gigantimax time. Lacks any way to put up sun. Ought to have a charge time still.

Glossed over Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey: versus Charizard. Hesitated to put them in injured or something.

Concludes the main story of Pokemon Sword. Shot itself in the foot most of this update. Went from very overleveled to slightly underleveled in the blink of an eye. Crushed the hype of the Champions Cup with Rose's plans. Felt like the last two gyms and Rose's interlude were rushed.

Seems like a good game overall, despite that. Presented new Pokemon constantly, both new and old. Gave decent character to rivals. Did not find any of them annoying. Fought some great battles, like Raihan's gym.

Final team:
  • Toxtricity (Low Key) :toxtricitylowkey:. Level 63. 185 HP/165 Atk/96 Def/186 SpAtk/127 SpDef/132 Speed.
  • Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd:. Level 63. 176/205/144/92/130/113
  • Inteleon :inteleon:. Level 63. 181/130/115/199/116/188
  • Sandaconda :sandaconda:. Level 62. 175/171/186/110/90/133.
  • Corviknight :corviknight: (Most Valuable). Level 64. 209/150/151/92/129/113
  • Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:. Level 61. 205/172/108/128/105/97.

Welcomes spoilers. Begins with the reason for continuing to type this: the IV Checker. Always likes ending playthrough logs with this. Requires doing the Battle Tower. Allows Dynamax and TRs now.

TRs: Earthquake to Sandaconda :sandaconda:. Ice Beam to Inteleon :inteleon:.

Proceeded to never use either move. Blew away Leon's Gigantimax Charizard :gmaxcharizard: in a single Max Geyser. Also, some poor Rhyperior :rhyperior:. Unlocked the Judge function.

31: Best
30: Fantastic
26-29: Very good
16-25: Pretty good
1-15: Decent
0: No good

151-186: Amazing
121-150: Great
91-120: Good
0-90: OK

HP/Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed
  • Toxtricity :toxtricitylowkey:: Pretty good/Best/No good/Best/Pretty good/Best. Great overall. (Obtained from the Nursery. Makes sense.)
  • Sirfetch'd :sirfetchd:: Very good/Pretty good/Decent/Decent/Pretty good/Decent. OK overall.
  • Inteleon :inteleon:: Pretty good/Pretty good/Very good/Decent/Very good/Pretty good. Great overall.
  • Sandaconda :sandaconda:: Decent/Decent/Pretty good/Pretty good/No good/Fantastic. Good overall.
  • Corviknight :corviknight:: Decent/Decent/Pretty good/Decent/Decent/Decent. OK overall. (Rough times.)
  • Grimmsnarl :grimmsnarl:: Decent/Decent/Decent/No good/Decent/Decent. OK overall. (Wow. Trash tier.)

One other interesting set of IVs: four perfects on the Centiskorch :centiskorch: from the gym mission.

Thanks for reading all this way. Hopes you enjoyed reading (and/or playing) too.


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Dec 21, 2019
After days of waiting for the right weather conditions, I finally caught a galarian corsola, and evolved it right away because I love cursola. Now I have 311 Pokémon out of 400... almost there man
:cursola: named my cursola kayako after the girl in the grudge lol


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Mar 23, 2020
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Right now, after beating the league & the post-game, I'm working on the task of filling my Pokédex (for the first time ever!). So far I've got 333 out of 400, some of them being Shield exclusives (I've got Sword) thanks to Pokémon Home's wonder boxes. I'm really pumped up, and hope to get it covered up pretty soon! :D


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May 1, 2020
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Decided to use my original in game team to do Isle Of Armour, seemed on fair! Some stuff I ain't touched since beating. The game, guess which ones!

NINJASK lvl 92
WEEZING lvl 86