Scramble Pokemon Universe Time! - A Fire Red Scramble - Chapter 3 - Team Rocket Encounter

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Time Zone
Okay, first things first, gotta get some stuff out of the way.

Everything before this story hasn't reached the internet. Like, at all. So I need to explain some things

The main protagonist, Aimee, hops universes. I haven't quite figured out how it started, but she has acquired six friends that come with her on this adventure. She also comes from a version of our universe, so every universe she hops into will be something created from ours.
Her friends all come from different universes
Aimee is the leader of the group, and takes thing seriously in an unserious manner. She often gets annoyed with Sans and Chara.

Theres Sans, who comes from a version of Underfell. He was the second one that Aimee came across, and over time of hopping universes lost his panicked demeanour. Currently he actually has a crush on Aimee.

Then theres Papyrus, who comes from a universe that I thought up. Haven't figured out a name for this universe, however he grew up with no brother, an abusive father who forced him to learn to fight without remorse, and has metal legs. He still has joy in fighting, but won't go out of his way to fight. He is currently with Chara

Chara is the best friend of Aimee, however they like to tease eachother often. They both have a love of chocolate.

NIghtmare is a Nightfury from an alternate version of HTTYD, when some dragons actually talk. He's really cocky.

Then theres Rina, who, get this, is actually and Eevee(I was low-key hoping for a non-eevee evolution for a funny scene, but meh, you can't have everything in life) She's basically the voice of reason in the group when Aimee can't be.

The last one, Frisk, is basically just there for plot device. I haven't figured out ANYTHING about them yet and they won't get out of my head as part of the group xD

Well, now that that's over with, lets got down to the actual scramble.
Here's the mons that I was chosen to do the scramble with, and who chose them for me -

Kaori - Flareon
Lorekeeper - Clefable
Moonwatcher - Venomoth
SAF - Electrode
Typhlosion - Seaking
SkylerAlpha - Hitmonchan

Me and my friends were pulled into a portal. One that we knew would take us to a different universe, since we have done this multiple times already. When we entered, everything went black, as it always did, and nothing really happened until...

I slammed against something, and I'm not even sure what it was. I kinda learned to expect nearly everything with how often this happens. I noticed that I was lying down, so I pushed myself up, finding myself face down on a bed.
"At least I didn't get my head in a hole" I said to myself "...again..."
I got out of bed and looked around, seeing a computer, a bookshelf, and a video game console. "I'm gonna be called a thief again aren't I...?" I approached the stairs and went down carefully. When I got to the bottom, I looked around the corner and saw a lady, who looked slightly familiar but didn't have any significant features to distinguish her. She seemed distracted, so I just snuck past her and went to the door, quickly opening it and leaving.

I looked around and saw a house next to the one that I came out of, as well as a building in front of the house. The two houses looked exactly the same, while the building was significantly different. I stared at them for a bit. "I'm pretty sure I know what this universe is..." I walked up to a patch of grass, when I hear an old man's voice
"Hey! Wait! Don't go out!"
I turned around and saw someone running at me, who I recognised as Professor Oak. Yep, this is a Pokemon universe alright I thought to myself.
Oak stopped right in front of me and started telling me, "Its unsafe! Wild Pokemon live in tall grass!"
"Well, yea, I knew tha-" I started saying, but Oak interrupted me.
"You need your own Pokemon for your protection!"
"I just need to find-"
"I know! Here, come with me!"
"But I-" Oak started walking back to his lab, and I sighed. "Welp, guess I'm getting a starter..."

I followed him to the lab. When I entered, I saw a girl, two lab assistants, and a boy that I knew was gonna be my rival. The boy turned to us and said, "Gramps! I'm fed up with waiting!"
Oak looked over at him and said, "Uhh... listen I know you're my grandchild but I can't for the life of me remember your name."
"Really, Gramps?" he said, rolling his eyes. "How many times do I have to tell you? Its Drummond Dakoda Derenzo!"
I looked at Drummond and said "I don't believe either of us would remember that name. I'm just gonna call you Doodoo"
"Don't you dare-"
"Actually, Doodoo would be much easier to remember then his actual name" Oak intervened
"Gramps don't-"
"Exactly! Its perfect!" I replied
"I hate you two!" Doodoo groaned
Oak smiled and said, "Now, I told you both to come here because of a very important reason. Aimee, see those Pokemon on the desk over there?" He gestured in the direction of the Pokeballs.
"No," I said, "But I see Pokeballs, which would most likely hold the pokemon"
"Exactly!" he said, "When I was young, I was a serious Pokemon Trainer. But now, in my old age, I have only these three left. You can have one. Go on, choose!"
Doodoo was in shock. "Hey! Gramps! No fair! What about me?"
Oak rolled his eyes. "Be patient, Doodoo." he said. "You can have one, too."
"Don't call me that!" Doodoo shouted, alerting the other three people in the room.
I walked over to the desks and looked over. Hmm... I thought. Squirtle was always my favourite, however Bulbasaur would most likely be a better choice, since I could catch more Pokemon with it...
ah, screw it.
I picked up Bulbasaur's pokeball and held it high.
"ITS THE CIRCLE OF LIIIFEE!" I started singing, and everyone looked at me with a confused look.
"Anyway..." Doodoo said, walking over to Charmander's Pokeball. "I choose this one! Since everyone knows Charizard is the best starter ever!"
"Thats more of an opinion then fact, but okay" I said, causing Doodoo to turn to me.
"Oh yea? How about a Pokemon Battle? That would prove which one of our mons are better!'
I confidently smiled and said, "Sure"

"Okay!' Doodoo said, throwing his pokeball. "Charmander, go!"
I threw my pokeball and said "Bulbasaur, go!"
We looked at each other for a bit, before I called out, "Bubasaur, use tackle!" Bulbasaur ran up to Charmander and hit him in the stomach. "Quick! Use scratch while he's close!" Doodoo called out, causing Charmander to scratch at Bulbasaur. "Quick! Use Tackle again!" "Use scratch again!" We both connected, although this tackle hit charmander back a little bit. "You can do this, Bulbasaur! Keep using tackle!" The third tackle caused Charmander to fly into a cuboard and knock it over, spilling the contents onto the floor. "Come on, Charmander! Keep using Scratch!" Charmander flung himself at Bulbasaur and landed another scratch, causing Bulbasaur to go knock over the table with the last Pokemon in it. They both had landed another hit on eachother, however this time Bulbasaur could hardly stand, and Charmander was exausted. "Come on, Bulbasaur! One more Tackle!" "Use scratch one more time!" The pokemon charged at each other, both moves connecting, however Charmander's scratch managed to knock out Bulbasaur. I looked down at Bulbasaur and retrieved him. I approached Doodoo, and said, while holding my hand out. "Good battle, Doodoo"
"Don't call me Doodoo!" he yelled, extreamly annoyed.
Suddenly, a firm hand was placed on each of our shoulders. We looked up and saw Proffesor Oak, with an evil glint in his eyes. "You just had to do this battle inside, didn't you...?" he said. We looked around and only then notice the knocked over cuboard and table. We looked at eachother with an 'oh no' look in our eyes. "Welp, smell ya later!" Doodoo said, running out. I watched him leave, then looked up at Oak. "Well, I gotta go too.... bye!" I ran as fast as I could out the door.

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Time Zone
I stood outside of the lab for a bit before going and walking towards route 1. As I was wandering, I was thinking about Oak, when suddenly I realised something. I stopped right at the patch of grass, stood there for a moment, then thought out loud, "Wait, I've literally destroyed multiple soulless creatures, befriended several people that wanted to kill me, and yet I run away from an old man who is a retired Pokemon trainer... what is wrong with me?" I snapped my fingers. "Wait! I know whats wrong with me! I'm stupid and weird and I'm proud of it!"

I continued to walk through the route, somehow dodging all the Pokemon on the way, until I got to Viridian. I immediately go to the Pokecenter to heal up my Bulbasaur.

"Welcome to our Pokemon Center!" Nurse Joy says as I approach the counter. "Would you like me to heal your Pokemon up to perfect health?"
"Yes please!" I answer back, handing her my Pokeball. "My Bulbasaur really took a beating"
"Okay! This'll only take a few seconds" she said, taking the Pokeball and putting it on a machine. True to her word, it didn't take long for my Pokemon to be healed up up full health.
"Thank you for waiting!" she says, taking the Pokeball off the machine and handing it back to me.
"It only took, like, 5 seconds," I reply. "I'm pretty sure that's not a long time to wait..."
"You'll be surprised as to how impatient trainers are these days!" Joy said. "Always rushing from place to place, always aiming to be the best..."
"Like no one ever was?" I ask, with a small smile forming on my face.
"Yea..." she said, her smile fading a little, then she forces that smile right back on her face and says, "We hope to see you again!"
"Bye!" I say, leaving. Why do they say that? I wonder as I walk towards the Pokemart for my next objective.

As I walk in the Pokemart, the clerk at the counter calls me over. "Hey!" he says. "You came from Pallet Town?"
"Thats a weird thing to assume, but yea" I reply. "Technically I did come from there."
"Awesome!" he says. "You know Professor Oak, right?"
"You mean the creepy old guy who gives away Pokemon? Yea I know him."
"Well, his order came in. Can I get you to take it to him?"
"Yea sure!" I say as I'm handed his parcel. I left the mart and headed back through Route 1, this time battling a Rattata on the way.

I walk into Oak's lab for the second time and approach him. It looks like he had tidied up from when me and Doodoo battled earlier. When he spotted me, he beckoned me over, saying, "Well, what do you know? I was gonna get someone to fetch you, but it seems that you arrived on your own!"
"Well, I did have a package delivery for you" I said, handing over the package.
"A delivery? Wait, were you a shop merche-"
"Not a chance will I ever be that." I said. Then something hit me. "Wait, why would somebody give away an important package to a complete stranger?"
"I have no idea" Oak said, opening it. Suddenly, the lab door opened behind me. I turned around just as a familiar voice called out "Gramps!"
Doodoo ran up to us, saying, "Why did one of your assistance call me in here? What did I do? If it's the pokemon battle disrupting the lab, you should blame her!" he said, pointing at me.
"Oy!" I said. "You're as much to blame!"
"Pff, yea right! Its not like-"
"Will you two just shut up..." Oak said, sighing. "I have a gift for both of you." He wandered over to a desk and picked up two Pokedexes. He held them up and said, "This is a Pokedex! It automatically records data on Pokemon you've seen or caught! Its a high-tech encyclopedia! I want you each to have one!" He walked back over to us and gave us both one Pokedex. "You can't get detailed data on Pokemon by just seeing them. You must catch them to obtain complete data. So here are some tools for catching wild Pokemon" He gave us each 5 Pokeballs. "When a wild pokemon -"
"I KNOW HOW TO CATCH WILD POKEMON!" Me and Doodoo both said in sync, then we looked over at each other.
"Can I go now?" Doodoo said.
"Well, you both gotta help me realise my dream! To create an encyclopedia on all the Pokemon in the world!"
"Pokemon has been going around for, like, 22 years." I said, "And they're still making new ones. I'm pretty sure thats impossible unless people get tired of this franchise, which will most likely be a while"
Gary and Oak looked at me in confusion as I continued. "I mean, there are 807 Pokemon currently. And they have announced a new region, which means more Pokemon. I'm sorry, but that dream is wayyy far off. I'm pretty sure there will never be a complete encyclopedia..." I looked around and saw them all staring at me. "...I'mma just go..." I said, walking out the lab for the second time that day.
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Time Zone
I walked through Route 1 for the third time, battling a couple of Rattatas and Pidgeys on the way. I got back into the town, where an old man called me over, saying, "Hey! You're a new trainer! Let me teach you how to catch Pokemon!"
"No thanks!" I said. "I know how to do it!" I wish it was that simple in the games I thought
"At least have this!" He called out, tossing over a Teachy TV.
"Thanks!" I said, quickly discarding it when he wasn't looking.

I was walking up to Viridian forest, when...
"Hey! Aimee"
Doodoo ran up to me, and I said, "Hey Doodoo! How ya doing?"
"I would be doing much better if you and Gramps stopped calling me that!" Doodoo said, facepalming. "Anyway, have you checked out the Pokemon League?"
"No, I haven't-"
"Well, don't. You don't have any badges, and the guard won't let you through without them. It kinda sucks honestly. Have your Pokemon gotten any stronger?"
"Nope!" I said.
"Well, mine have! I'll show you what strengh is all about!"
"But I... fine." I sighed

"Go, Pidgey!" Doodoo called out, throwing his Pokeball. "Bubasaur, I know you can do it!" I said, tossing my Pokeball out. "Pidgey, use Tackle!" Pidgey lunged forward as I shouted, "Bulbasaur, dodge!" Bulbasaur jumped out of the way and Pidgey soared passed him. "Now use Tackle!" Bulbasaur hurled at the Pidgey while he was offguard and hit him. Pidgey shook it off as Doodoo called out "Come on, Pidgey! Use Tackle again!" Pidgey rushed at Bubasaur, hitting him in the head. "Use Tackle again, Bulbasaur!" Bulbasaur ran forward at full force, hitting Bulbasaur with more force then I have ever seen him do up to this point. Pidgey was knocked back, but recovered, a bit slower then before. "Keep using Tackle!" Doodoo said, and Pidgey ran forwards again, knocking Bulbasaur against a tree. "Bulbasaur! Are you alright?" I asked as Bulbasaur got up. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. "Okay! Tackle again!" Bulbasaur ran forward, hitting Pidgey, who struggled to get back up. "Sand Attack, Pidgey!" Doodoo called out, and Bulbasaur got a bit of sand in his eyes as Pidgey did the move. Bubasaur was squinting as I said "Bulbasaur! Use Tackle!" I called out, and Bulbasaur ran forward, somehow hitting Pidgey and knocking him out. "Pidgey, return!" Doodoo called out, and Pidgey was called back into hit Pokeball.
"Go Charmander!" Doodoo threw his second Pokeball, and Charmander appeared. "Charmander, use Scatch!" Doodoo called out, and as he was running forward, I called out "Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed!" Charmander knocked Bubasaur over, and along with the sand that was still in his eyes, Bulbasaur missed the attack. "Scratch again!" "Leech Seed again!" Bulbasaur managed to hit the Leech Seed this time, but Charmander also manage to hit him. "Awesome, Bulbasaur!" I said. "Now use Tackle!" "Charmander, use Scratch when he's close enough!" Bulbasaur ran forward, getting a scratch to the face when he hit Charmander. "Again!" Me and Doodoo said at the same time. The same thing happened as we both said, "And again!" The same thing happened, and while Doodoo said "Again", I said "One more hit! You can do it Bulbasaur!" Charmander's scratch was strong enough this time to knock Bulbasaur out of the way of Tackle, but the Leech Seed managed to knock him out. "Charmander, return!" Doodoo called Charmander back with an annoyed look on his face.

"Well, guess I am the victor this time!" I said
Doodoo looked at me. "Yea... THIS time..." I felt like that was a threat "Anyway, I need to figure out how to get past the powerful people in the Elite Four"
"Getting the gym badges would be a good start" I said, causing Doodoo to glare at me.
"That is obvious!" Doodoo said
"I know it is" I replied, a smirk on my face.
"If you're so smart, why are you dawdling? Get a move on!"
"Okay then mr. edge"
Doodoo rolled his eyes and ran to the forest while I walked there.

I got through Viridian with minimal dificulties and got to Pewter. "Welp, time to challenge the gym!" I said. "I mean, its not like I can just walk past that unthreatening guy next to the road who leads me to the gym! That only happens through glitches in red and blue!"
I got to the gym and challenged it, beating the trainer before Brock easily.
"So, you're here" he said, with me promplty repling, "Wait, you know me?"
"Yea, a Pokemon who could talk met with me while I was helping someone in Mt. Moon. They told me everything, even what you looked like."
" my friends are Pokemon? Niiice. Anyway, lets battle!"
"Fuahaha!" Brock laughed. "You're going to challenge me knowing that you'll lose?"
"I litterally have a type advantage" I said, throwing Bulbasaur out.
"Fine then!" he said. "Show me your best!"

"Go Geodude!" he said, sending his Geodude out. "Welp, Bulbasaur, you're next!" I said, sending Bulbasaur over. "Use vine whip" I said. Bulbasaur extended his vines out and immediatly knocked Geodude out. "Well, that was only one mon!" He said, putting Geodude back in its ball. "Onix will defenetly beat you!" He threw a Pokeball and out pops an Onix, towering above me. "Use vine whip" I said again, and Onix was knocked to the ground, unable to get up.

"...Well that was anti climactic," I said. At that moment Bulbasaur glowed, evolving into Ivysaur. "Yay!" I said. "You're bulb is opening up!"
"Well, as proof of your victory, I give you this.. the official Pokemon League Boulder Badge!" He handed me a badge, and I held it up high, saying "One down, seven to go! By the way, what Pokemon told you about me?"
"Oh, it was a Clefairy." Brock replied. "There are theories that it came from space, but I'm not sure if that is the case."
"Clefairy, huh? Thanks!" I started walking to the door when Brock said, "Wait! Here, have this too." He handed me a TM. "This TM contains Rock Tomb. Its a very reliable Rock Type move"
"Cool!" I said. "I'll be sure to use this like a computer disc and insert it to a pokemon's mouth!"
"That... is a very strange way to put it." Brock replied
"Oh, I know, I'm strange like that" I exited the gym, leaving Brock very confused.

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Time Zone
I started walking over to route 3, and went through the route as quickly as possible, wanting to find out which of my friends turned into a Clefairy. I waltzed into the cave, when suddenly...
I turned around and saw the Clefairy. "You are REALLY slow!"
"Well, you could've come out of the cave and came to me you know" I replied.
"Now what would be the fun in that?"
"...good point. Lets go, Chara! The world awaits!"
Chara smirked. "Well, considering I'm a Pokemon..."
"And you're a trainer"
"You have to CATCH ME FIRST!" Chara started running as fast as she can
"GOSH DANG IT CHARA!" I started chasing her, stopping only briefly to pick up a moon stone.

I finally manage catch up with her when we reached the third floor, and I sent Ivysaur out in front of her. "Quick, Ivysaur! Use Sleep Powder!" Chara got covered in the powder. "I'm getting... sleepy... haha, sleep..." She collapsed and I threw a pokeball at her, managing to catch her. "How'd you like that?" I said, smirking.

I brought her back to the Pokecenter to be healed up, and once she was, I went outside and sent her out. "Hah! How's that for catching you?"
"Eh, could've done better" Chara replied. We looked at each other for a moment, then we hugged each other. "Good to see you, Aimee!"
"You too!" I answered. "But since I'm the trainer and you're the Pokemon, we have to train you up a bit! Fortunately, I haven't battled every trainer leading up to Mt. Moon. Lets go wreck them!"
"...what about Ivysaur?" Chara asked
"Eh, he was good, but he can just stay with Professor Oak for now. Besides, I'm pretty sure the rest of my friends would be Pokemon too if you are one"
"Good point..." Chara said, then, after we walked a few steps, told me "Hey, something weird happened this time while I was going through the portal"
"Like going through a portal isn't weird enough" I replied
"Something said 'Lorekeeper' right before I landed in this cave.
"...So you're a keeper of lores?"
"I guess so... don't know many though"

Me and Chara defeated all the trainers that I missed before, having some difficulty with the Mt. Moon trainers.
"Maybe you should've kept Ivysaur around so I would have an easier time training" Chara said.
"Shush" I replied. "That wouldn't be fun for you OR me"
We got to the bottom floor of the cave, and saw a Team Rocket Grunt.
"Chara, you should probably stay quiet" I said before approaching him. When he saw me, he said "A little kid? Oh come on. Little kids shouldn't be mess-"
"CHARA WHY?" I shouted.
"A talking clefairy? Okay kid, hand it over and you won't get hurt" He told me. I merely shook my head and said "You'll be the one getting hurt if you want her"
"You asked for it!" He grabbed his phone and I saw him send a text. "There, now the rest of my team knows about you. You'll not exit this mountain without giving up that Clefairy!"
"My name is Chara" Chara said
"Now, lets fight!" He said, completely ignoring her.
I wrecked him, and after the battle, he said, "Well, my entire team knows about you now! One of us is bound to beat you!"
"Doubt it!" I said, walking away.
I beat the other grunts in here and the scientist, who gave me a choice of a fossil when I beat him.
"Of course," I said, reaching for a fossil, "I will choose the almighty LORD HELIX!"
"Who's lord helix?" Chara asked.
"An inside joke" I replied, exiting the mountain.

Chara the Clefairy(Lorekeeper)
Lv 21
Cute Charm/Serious Nature
Pound/Double Slap/Encore/Sing