Nuzlocke Preserving the Heart: A Disneylocke ♡Prologue♡

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Welcome to my new challenge! This is very similar to a wedlocke but not quite the same. I had been working on a wedlock in HeartGold before, but I found it not as interesting to do without any updates or anything. So I decided to try something new and share it with you guys! maybe I'll actually finish this one unlike a certain other two sitting in folders on my desktop waiting for me to write the updates
Rules (Nuzlocke)

  1. If your Pokemon faints, it has "died" and can no longer be used in battle. After a Pokemon "dies", you must either place them in the box permanently or release them. Revival items cannot be used to bring them back, and you can't reset your game either.

  2. You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in an area. This means that if you run into a Pikipek on Route 1, that is the only Pokemon you can catch for that route. If you aren't able to catch it, your encounter for that location is used up.
    • Bodies of water count as the route or town they're in. If you encounter a Magikarp by fishing on Route 204 and it's your first encounter for that route, you can't catch something from the grass or other areas on Route 204 anymore.

    • Trades and gift Pokemon count as encounters for the areas they happen in.

    • You can choose how you want to handle encounters before you receive Pokeballs, as well as areas like the Safari Zone.
  3. You can only trade with other games to activate Trade Evolutions. This means that you can only use Pokemon you can actually catch/obtain in your game. In-game trades and gift Pokemon are up to your own judgement.

  4. You MUST nickname every Pokemon you catch! This makes the Pokemon more personal- which causes deaths to have an even bigger impact.
The Nuzlocke Challenge also has some clauses, or exceptions to the rules:

  1. Dupes Clause: If your first encounter in an area is a Pokemon you have already caught, that encounter doesn't count. This also applies to Pokemon that belong to an evolutionary family you have already caught. This way you don't get a team full of Pidgeys or Bidoof.

  2. Shiny Clause: If you encounter a Shiny Pokemon, you are allowed to catch it. You can choose to replace a Pokemon you already have with it, or just trade it to a different game if you don't want to use it in your challenge.
Another thing to bring up is game freezing. If your game freezes before you were able to save, but some of your Pokemon died, what do you do? Here are a few options:

  1. When you resume your game, immediately release the Pokemon.

  2. Play through the game normally until where your Pokemon died, and then release/box it like you did before.

  3. Restart from your last save and continue like it didn't happen. This option treats it like a second chance for your Pokemon, but not all people would agree if it's fair
1. You must nickname pokemon after Disney characters.

2. You must pair pokemon. But not just any pokemon! They need to be in the same world, such as Aladdin/Jasmine, Maleficent/Aurora, or Buzz/Rex. They can be any two characters from the same world, as long as they are the same universe. (So don’t use the fairies from Maleficent if you already have Merryweather!) Same universe but different movies/shows don’t count. (For example, Rapunzel is seen in Frozen, but can’t be paired with Anna. Or Jafar once appeared in the Hercules TV show, but he can’t be paired with Hades.) But same world TV and movie universes count.

3.If all the pokemon from that are named universe faint except one, you must either box that final pokemon or you may use a little magic to resurrect a fallen member. This can ONLY happen once. Once the resurrected character is gone, you’re all out of golden flower. If you choose not to resurrect/have already used it, you must box the remaining Pokemon as it is heartbroken and hasn't got will left to fight.

4. Pokemon that are paired together can’t be switched between any but themselves, and they can’t be unpaired. They gotta fight together to get through! If you’re forcefully switched, you gotta stay with the new pair.

5. No deposits, once they’re in the team they stay. The exceptions are receiving pokemon or HM user. Another exception is if you have any empty slots but your new catch is not in universe with any unpaired pokemon. The new catch has to be sent to the PC until that universe has all fainted.

Personal choices: I will be going through with only movie characters, sequels not counting. They don't have to be named in the movie, simply must have an official name. Pairs will be any character, and resurrection will be allowed, but only for a character who is resurrected in their story.

EDIT: Changed nickname restriction slightly because I realized it wouldn't quite work the way I wanted.
EDIT 2: Eliminated self-restriction with naming after spending hour searching for character names and nothing else. It was doing nothing to add to the challenge and was already getting frustrating, so I took it out before anything really began. Also added clarification on boxing issue I was running into.

Now, onto the story!
Where....Where am I?
I opened my eyes to see a plane of blank emptiness. There was no one. There was nothing. I felt nothing. I looked at my hands. They were unfamiliar. I twisted them round and round, trying to remember....something. What was I trying to remember? A person? A place? Maybe myself? But there was nothing to remember. I was new, I knew that at least.
I slowly got to my feet. I wore a white dress, light as a feather yet not a part of my body could be seen through it. My brown hair fell below my shoulders, soft and loose. Some color in an otherwise purely white place. My legs strong beneath me, I began to walk. There must be something here.

Suddenly began to change. Colors and shapes began to form. A path, made from glass colored in all the shades of the rainbow. The colors were bold, yet not overwhelmingly so. I came upon a large circle, where the glass changed to show a castle, blue and pink hues shining against the dark midnight sky. The peaks rose high and pointed proudly, proclaiming by their very existence the royalty that lived inside. There was a golden clock at the front above the entrance, the dark minute hand close to midnight. It sparkled, glittering as if it was a source of magic.

After admiring the art below me, I looked behind to see the path I’d come from had vanished, as if it had never been there to begin with. I stepped into the center of the clock, and blinked as a bright light sailing on a cloud came down. I turned my face away, shielding my eyes from the glare of it. Then the light began to form something.
The tall form of a human, neither man nor woman appeared before me, dressed in a long gown that seemed to be every color and yet none at the same time. Their beauty was awe-inspiring. They seemed ageless, not quite young and not quite old. Their kind grey eyes that sparkled like the stars themselves had gathered to form them. Their skin was like an ombre, their face as dark as midnight and their bare feet pale as snow. Their lips were as red as a bright sunrise, a smile gently curled in place. Their hair was long and wavy, not quite grey but not quite dark either, almost changing with each movement.

“Hello Laelynn,” They greeted me. that my name?
“Who are you? How do you know my name?”
“I know everyone’s name. I choose each creature’s name when they are created.”
The person gracefully stepped down from their cloud, bringing their feet to the glass. “I am Vitale, spirit of life.”
Am I talking to a god?
The spirit notices my expression and chuckles. “You could call me a god, but I am not what you’re thinking. I bring life about, but I do not rule it, nor judge it. That is not my purpose. I’m here to help show you your life’s mission.”
“My life’s mission?”

Vitale lifted my face up, and now I saw a countless number of others like me, all on their own glass circles.
“Each soul has a path laid out for them. They can go anywhere, but each circle represents the life that is the greatest in store for them. I go to greet each, just like I’m doing for you.”
Nearby there was a short girl, hair as bright as gold standing on a circle decorated like a night sky. She was curiously watching Vitale, who was somehow with each person at once even as they were standing next to me. Another had a darker boy, his nervousness obvious even from here as he stared down at a crown below his feet. But most interesting was a boy right next to me.

He had a silver platform, matching exactly his pale eyes. What was most bizarre was his platform. It was completely empty, yet shone brightly as if specks of gold were intermixed. The boy was shouting at Vitale on his platform defensively. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I could see the emotion on his face. Fear, anger, and something else I couldn’t pinpoint. He looked over and our eyes locked. I can’t explain what I felt. But for some reason I couldn’t look away from this boy. He seemed to stop in his tracks, just looking at me. Then he turned away, refusing to look in my direction.

“Who is that?” I puzzled.
“Another soul, just like you. But we don’t have time to talk about others, you need to know yourself.”
The castle began to sparkle below my feet.
“Your journey is an important one, one that will change the course of the future, though how will be your choice.”
The sparkles surrounded me, and I saw countless stories. I felt so many emotions I was completely overwhelmed by it all. Each world a different tale, a different lesson.
“Do you see the common trend? Each of these worlds’ stories has a hero who possesses an important type of...magic, to put it in simpler terms. This magic is lacking in their world, so someone is sent with an abundance of that to bring it back into balance. That is where you come in.”
A new world appeared before me.
“This is Johto, Laelynn. A place filled with creatures of extraordinary power and partners who work with them. You are their new hero.”
“Me? But why me? What’s my magic? What am I supposed to do?”
“You must go on a journey to save this world from forgetting its magic and falling into darkness. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Some special creatures will be imbued with special traits like heros and villains that have gone before you. They will use those traits to help you along.”
“But how will I know them? I’m just another soul like everyone else!”
“You’ll know child. But now it’s time for life to start.”
“Wait, please! I’m not ready!”

As light surrounded me, I felt a physical form begin to take shape around me. I felt myself grow smaller and smaller.

I guess I’ll just have to try.
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Do I read echoes of Kingdom Hearts in that intro?

Anyway, I shall vote for Chikorita. I don't normally rate it and it'll have a tough time early on, but I feel its support moves could be a great asset later in the game.