Nuzlocke Rijon and Naljo Adventures: Pokemon Brown and Prism Nuzlocke


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Nov 1, 2019
Yes. You read that right. Brown and Prism. Personally I’m a sucker for gen 1 and 2. Mostly due to the nostalgia of growing up with them. Then I played Brown and Prism and loved them. I never finished either one but always wanted to. So what better way than doing a nuzlocke. Now for those who aren’t familiar, these hacks are two brand new regions and stories. Brown is Gen 1 and Prism is the sequel and gen 2 They’re also very challenging. They introduce a few new types as well so it makes it harder to remember the new type additions. I gave up last time I remember playing and I wasn’t even nuzlocking. But what do we have to lose!

1. If a Pokémon faints it is dead and must be boxed/released.
2. I can only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area/Route.
-dupes clause is in effect
3. Must nickname all Pokémon.
4. Level cap: No more than 5 levels above the current gym leaders / E4 Champions highest Pokémon

So to begin I use a random number generator for my starter selection and get squirtle. Personally my least favorite of the OGs but oh well. We name it Tank and beat our rival. We get balls and enter the cave and find ourselves a lovely Digglett. This first cave is full of cool Pokémon. We name him Burrow. We grind a bit then steamroll the cave dwelling trainers. After the cave we have our next encounter. We get Chick the Pidgey. I have a strange unexplained hatred for this line. Future Death fodder I’ll bet lol. There’s a small patch of grass in the next town and we get a pikachu. Name it Eneru. We take on the first gym after grinding up. Gym leader is the water type user Karpman. Yep. Karpman. Wartortle and pikachu take down horsea and Vaporeon easy. We get octazooka tm and head north and get our next encounter, Snape the Ekans. We also find a different cave and get a growlithe named Ace. We also snag the free Porygon from a house on the route and name it Nero. We enter the next route to the north and catch a caterpie named Dusty. We reach the next town and heal up. Time to grind up the team!

(Side note for team summary: I’ll only list the Pokémon I’m actually training. I won’t list death fodder or back ups)

Tank(Wartortle) Lvl 18
Water gun

Burrow(Diglett) Lvl 15
Mud Slap

Eneru(Pikachu) Lvl 17
Thunder wave
Quick attack

Ace(growlithe) Lvl 14
Dragon Breath
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