Roleplaying Rules

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Official Roleplaying Rules

For all roleplayers:

With the exception of private roleplays, all roleplays must have at least three actively posting individuals.
Any less is considered topic spam and should be taken to Private Message.

Please post all applications, forms, and/or OOC- (out-of-character) posts in the Campfire section.
Almost every roleplay will have an associated Campfire thread for this purpose. Sometimes creators may decide to use Private Messages for this content instead.

Respect other people's characters.
Get permission when impacting characters made by others, including NPCs. Avoid god-modding and auto-hitting.

For roleplay creators:

All roleplays must have the following in their introductory post(s): (1) a setting/backstory, (2) rules, and (3) a character form.
This information can be displayed in the main thread and/or Campfire. Any roleplay that is missing any of these must be fixed before continuing.

Do not plagiarize.
Plagiarism is copying someone else's work (such as rules, character forms, and/or paragraph wording) without proper permission and acknowledgement. Keep in mind that minimal wording changes to a copied post is still plagiarism and will be handled as such. More information about plagiarism and copyright can be found here.

You may make and enforce your own standards as the creator.
These can include setting a rating for the roleplay, adding requirements to the character form, and tailoring rules specifically for your use (as long as they do not conflict with the overall rules of the forums or the Roleplaying Corner). You have the right to remove a participant who does not follow your rules and/or requirements. Contact a staff member if you need extra help enforcing your rules.
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