Rules for Pokémon Playthroughs

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Rules for Pokémon Playthroughs
Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Pokémon Playthroughs! This forum is host to both Challenge Runs, and Casual Runs. So whether you just want to tell stories of your normal playthough of a game, or want to share your nuzlockes, wedlockes, Monotypes, or other challenges, this is the place to do so!

All Official Rules Apply
As always, the Official Marriland Rules Apply in this Forum. Breaking any of these rules may result in a warning.

Do not make updates within 24 hours (unless someone else has posted).
Please do not update or bump your thread every few minutes. If you wish to double post in order to make a new update, you must wait at least 24 hours after your last post before making a new one. If you want to bump your thread, wait until someone else posts, or the necessary 24 hours. If you need to change or add something, and it has not been 24 hours, you may use the "Edit" button on the bottom left corner.

Do Not Revive Playthroughs that Haven't Been Posted in for One Month or More.
If a playthrough has not been touched for a month or more, it is likely the creator of the challenge has abandoned their challenge. The only exception to this rule is if the playthrough is your own, or the playthrough is a sticky.

Absolutely No linking to ROMs, Emulators, or Patches!
The Marriland Forums do NOT support ROMs, patch files, or Emulators. They are not forbidden from being used in playthroughs or challenges, however. If you choose to use them, that's your decision, but do NOT link to them or give directions on where to find them. This is against the rules in all Marilland Forums, and doing so will result in serious consequences. Asking where to find them is also against the rules. Attempting to get around this rule by asking in a PM is also against the rules, and result in even more serious consequences.
Due to the nature and popularity of fan-games, you may discuss these hacked versions and randomizers. Keep in mind however, that these are discussed at your own legal risk. The Marriland Forums claim no responsibility for your discussions, and any legal matters that may ensue.

All Playthroughs Should be Started on a New Save File, not One That You Have Already Started.
This is fairly self explanatory, but you must start a new save file for every playthrougb that you start on the forums. Starting a challenge part way through the game just doesn't make sense.

Not All Challenges Are Acceptable for This Forum.
This rule pertains to the Challenge Runs in particular.

Although there are many different fun and exciting challenges for Pokémon lovers to partake in, the Challenge Run Subforum is particularly for those who wish to document their adventures from the start of a fresh, new game, while adding extra rules and challenges to help make the games a bit more difficult. Challenges such as Nuzlockes, Wedlockes, Mono Type Runs, Solo Challenges, and other similar challenges are acceptable on this forum. Versus or Community challenges are also acceptable, so long as they are an appropriate challenge type.
However, challenges such as collecting Pokémon or items, shiny hunting, and so on are certainly challenging, but are not considered challenges, and are not acceptable on the Challenge Run Subforum. Challenges posted here should be difficulty-based, and not collection-based. Those challenges belong in the Casual Run Subforum.

Keep all Posts On Topic
The focus of any Playthrough thread should be the player and their run. Advertising your own playthrough, asking for Pokémon for a scramble, or posting completely unrelated comments is not allowed.

That's it! Thank you for reading the rules, and have fun with your adventures!
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