Rules of Pokémon Forum Games

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Rules of Pokémon Forum Games
(Please read before participating!)

1. All Official Rules of the Marriland Forums apply.
Anything that applies to the site as a whole applies here, of course. See the exception below in Rule #4.

2. Don't create games which are similar or identical to ones that already exist.
If a game has already been made in its own thread, making a duplicate thread of the same game will only decrease activity for both games and clutter the forum. Make your games creative and original, and have fun playing the games contributed by other users! If you are making a new version of a game whose thread has reached 500 pages, this rule does not apply. However, please be extra vigilant to ensure that the next version has not already been made by someone else!

3. Read the rules of each individual game as well!
These should be located in the first post of the thread. Each game will come with its own unique set of rules and instructions, as laid down by the creator, regarding how the game should be played. Familiarizing yourself with these rules before playing will lead to a smoother, more enjoyable experience for everyone!

4. The minimum word count rule does not apply in this forum.
This is the exception mentioned earlier. Because many of the games and activities in this forum require only very short responses, there's no need for every post here to have at least three words.

Finally, don't forget the most important rule... Have fun!

Many thanks to Karolina for writing the original version of these rules!
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