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Rules of the Bazaar
Welcome to Azurilland's lovely Bazaar! This is a place for art shops and requests of any kind - spriting, graphics, traditional/digital art, and/or anything of the sort. Whether you want a new signature, avatar, sprite, or drawing, you can find the willing artists here! However, first we must go over some rules. Please help us keep our shops clean and happy.

Bare Minimums for Shop Operation:
All shops must contain the following elements. Failure to comply twenty-four hours after a warning notice is sent will result in the shop being locked.
  • Rules
  • Examples of your work
  • How to order goods
  • Waiting lists are also recommended but not required.

Owner's Rights
As the owner of the shop, you reserve the right to alter or reject any requests as seen fit. You may also place any restrictions you wish as long as they follow the rest of the rules.

First Come, First Serve
It doesn't matter if you love the requester or not. No special treatment for any reason!

Keep any discussion in your thread strictly about the art you make.

For Requesters
Follow the shopkeeper's rules!
Simple enough. Marriland rules also apply as always, of course.

Sample Forms
Consult these if you are making a request on its own (outside a shop).
Text font:
Graphic: Specify if you want a signature, avatar or whatever suits your needs.
Stock/Render: Post a link to the image you want the maker to use in your graphic.
Text: If there is anything you want written on the graphic, then post it here. Usually it’s better if the text is not too long.
Text Font: If there is any particular font you like for your text then post that here. This option however might not be available if the sig/avatar maker does not know how to do this.
Size: Post the size you would like (maximum, minimum, or exact). For avatars it’s usually 100x100 and for signatures something like 400x200 is good enough. If you want some sort of large art such as a wallpaper, you must provide an exact size.
Style: There are different styles which artists can use. For example, there's smudge, c4d, grunge, abstract, texture, etc. If you like particular style, you may request it. If the artist does not know how to do a certain style, then you're out of luck!
Colors: Post the color combination you want in the sig. It is usually better to go with colors that are similar to the render.
Other: This is where you can explain any ideas you have in mind on how the avatar/sig should look like. If there is anything specific you want in there, then say so here.
Type of Sprite:
Sprite and Generation:
Type of Sprite: Do you want a recolor, fusion, pillowshade, revamp, devamp, etc.?
Sprite and Generation: What sprite(s) would be required for this request? If it's a Pokemon sprite, what generation should the spriter use?
Colors: What colors do you want on your sprite? Whether it's the color scheme of another Pokemon, specific colors, or spriter's choice, please specify.
Other: For any information that pertains solely to the type of sprite or is needed for the shopkeeper to complete the request.
Type of Artwork:
Type of Artwork: Do you want a drawing, artistic photo, or some other form of art? Should it be done on paper or digitally?
Description: Describe what exactly you want in this piece of art.
Text: Post what type of text you want (if any) in this work. Describe how you would like that text to appear.
Size: Post the size you would like in pixels (maximum, minimum, or exact). If you want some sort of large art such as a wallpaper, you must provide an exact size.Colors: Post the color combination you want in the work.
Other: Anything else that should be noted?
If you don't use a form similar to the ones above, chances are that your request will be ignored.

Respecting Waiting Lists
This also applies even if the owner hasn't updated their list just yet. Please make sure to also check recent posts to see if the spots have filled.

Requesting in Multiple Shops
You may send requests in multiple shops as long as you are not asking for the same thing.

Other Important Things
Again, this is all about respect to the artist. Be patient if he/she takes long, listen to the artist if he/she needs to tweak something, and don't claim the work as your own. Let them know if you don't like the work so that the they can make changes.

Happy requesting and art-making to all!
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