📖 Rules of the Library 📖

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📖 Rules for Authors 📖

Be wary of plagiarism —
Plagiarism, which is against the rules, is the act of copying someone else's work and claiming it as one's own. If this is found to be true for any thread, it will not be tolerated. We want to see original works from our users, not something that someone else has written.

Remain appropriate —
As stated in our official rules, the Marriland Forums maintains a PG-13 environment. Romance and violence, to an extent, are fine, but users should not go overboard to the point it breeches that line. If any user is uncertain of whether or not their planned content remains within our bounds, they should contact a staff member.

Thread limitations —
Users may have up to three open threads at one time, and if they wish to publish another, a previous must be locked beforehand. This may be done by the thread creator by navigating to the top right of the thread in question, opening the drop-down, and selecting Close Thread. Likewise, we will not allow separate threads be made for new chapters of the same story. Users must keep all updates pertaining to one story in the same thread.

As far as the topics of user stories go...they have free reign! Pieces of writing, be they poems, fan fictions, song lyrics, or anything far and in-between, may be Pokémon or non-Pokémon in nature.

📖 Rules for Readers 📖

Reading is exciting, and any who visit the Library have the option to leave constructive criticism for other writers — provided the author has not stated otherwise. When giving feedback, it is important to remember that when users point out something that an author could improve upon, they leave helpful tips as to how and why. Leaving empty criticism does nothing but discourage writers.
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