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The purpose of the Pokémon News and Site Updates forums is to provide a connection between the Marriland website and the Marriland Forums, giving registered users on the Marriland Forums a place to discuss any updates on the main site. This is particularly important during the time that user registration is not an option on the main site, where comments cannot be left directly on the news updates (this will be added later on).

However, as the content on the main website will remain family-friendly, it's important to take a moment to read through the rules that are applied to these specific forums, since they differ from the general rules of the rest of the Marriland Forums.

TL;DR Version
  • Keep things family-friendly and appropriate for all ages.
  • Don't post reaction images and try to keep any images posted very relevant to the rest of the update (ideally try to avoid images in general).
  • Don't advertise your stuff or your friends stuff here.
  • Signatures are hidden here, don't freak out.
  • Breaking these rules won't necessarily get you a warning, but it may get your post deleted/redacted and if you keep doing that you may lose access to post in these specific forums.
Full Version
  • All posts made in either the Pokémon News forum or the Site Updates forum must be family-friendly in nature. What this means is that it must be appropriate for viewers of all ages and should not contain swearing or offensive language of any kind, whether censored or otherwise. Posts violating this rule will be deleted without notice or edited to remove the offending content.
    • That means if "pancakes" was a swear world, then saying "pancakes" in its full form and letting the censor do its job would not be allowed. Additionally, saying "pans", "paaaannnncakes", or "paaaaaannn**" would also not be allowed.
  • Images and especially reaction images are generally discouraged for responses, and any images that are included must also adhere to the family-friendliness rule.
    • Images pointing out things directly relevant to the post, such as a cropped image included in the post or an altered image with arrows or letters to point out certain features (like potential locations on a Pokémon Sword and Shield map or screenshot, let's say), would be totally fine.
    • Posting an image with an anime character with a caption in the image of "HYPE", "HYPE INTENSIFIES", "DISAPPOINTED", etc. (i.e., reaction images) is not encouraged and, if that is the sole content of the post, will result in the post being deleted.
    • Images that contain swearing, offensive language, or sexual or otherwise provocative content will also result in the post being deleted.
  • Advertising your own site, thread, channel, or social media (also for any friends of yours) in replies to these posts is not allowed and will result in your post being deleted or the offending content being edited out.
  • Signatures are hidden in these forums. This is not a bug but is intended behavior so the rules that apply only to these forums do not apply globally.
  • For any posts or content that violates these rules, unless the rules directly break the Rules of the Marriland Forums or are deemed worthy of a greater punishment by a moderator or administrator (independent from my own recommendation), you will not receive a forum-wide warning or ban for violating these rules!
    • These rules only apply in these specific forums, not the forums at large.
    • Your post will be either removed without notice or edited for the purpose of removing/redacting the offending content.
    • For repeated failure to adhere to the rules, your access to post or read these forums may be revoked. Your case may be escalated to the Marriland Forums Staff to take further action for intentionally disruptive behavior.
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