Monotype Saga of the Forbidden One: A Pokemon X Dark Monotype Challenge (Update 9: Forbidden Power) (Complete)

Pick the monotype type.

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Nov 1, 2018
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Kicks off with everyone's favorite activity: backtracking. Allows Waterfall outside of battle. Picked up the Technical Machines for Dark Pulse, Rock Slide, Earthquake, and Psychic.

Just realized how few special-based Dark moves exist. Offers only Dark Pulse, Snarl, and Night Daze (on Zoroark :zoroark: only).

Defeated the mean Crustle :crustle: just outside Snowbelle City that took out Nimbus :castform: in another playthrough. No Shell Smash -> Rock Wrecker today.

Interesting. Outsped a equal level Weavile :weavile: with Jum-P :greninja:, despite the -Speed nature.

One-shot High Jump Kick from Hawlucha :hawlucha: to Jum-P :greninja:. Remains a menace at all levels. Probably would have survived by using Ice Beam instead of Extrasensory. Happened again with a Pangoro :pangoro: Hammer Arm too.

...Okay. Switched in Sirius :houndoom: to fight Heracross :heracross:. Went from full to 11 hitpoints from Megahorn. Hit for less damage (percentage-wise) with Flamethrower. What? (Hates these Fighting-type trainers so much.)

Recorded the Brains and Brawn, of course.

Round 1: :drapion: Poison Jab (at :gallade:, 60%) / :gallade: Swords Dance / :malamar: Psycho Cut (at :gallade:, the rest) / :medicham: Brick Break (at :drapion:, 160/202)
(Black Sludge heal to 172/202)
Round 2: :drapion: Poison Jab (75%) / :malamar: Psycho Cut (the rest)

Painless this time.

|Followed the directions on the map. Pointed to a vault lined with runes. Brightened upon approaching them. Discerned no recognizable language from them. Resembled something familiar.

|Struck like a bolt of brilliance. Pulled out the eight relics accumulated over the past weeks: the Copper Carapace, the Steppes of Courage, the Dual Cross, the Gilded Leaf, the Perpetual Spark, the Pixie's Pinion, the Dreamyard's Allure, and the Eternal Winter. Held them up to the runes. Flared with an intense glow.

|Heard the sound of gears grinding through the walls. Slowly dismantled the vault door, bit by bit. Reformed the parts into a staircase of rainbow light.

|Climbed the staircase up the jagged cliff face. Wove in and around the caves dotting it. Found an old friend waiting half the way up.

|Demanded an explanation for their behavior. Simply cocked their head, as if not understanding. Stared at something in the distance. Followed that gaze to find a camera pointed towards this meeting place.

|Shouted a line about ending everything. Spoke with an odd rhythm. Intuited this to be an act, but for whose benefit? Who was watching?

|Cut those thoughts short. Lunged forward with their Quicksilver Blade. Hummed with energy more eager than this two-dimensional fiend's demeanor suggested. Obliged their unspoken request.

Final Serena battle time. Team: :houndoom::malamar::krookodile::drapion::greninja: at levels 60-61. (Also, Rival the Absol :absol: for Strength, Rock Smash, and Cut at level 18. Never mentioned them in the team section.)

Round 1: :meowsticf: Fake Out (164/180) / :houndoom: Flinch
(Leftovers heal to 175/180)
Round 2: :houndoom: Nasty Plot / :meowsticf: Disarming Voice (157/180)
(Leftovers heal to 168/180)
Round 3: :houndoom: Nasty Plot / :meowsticf: Shadow Ball (149/180)
(Leftovers heal to 160/180)
Round 4: :houndoom: Nasty Plot / :meowsticf: Disarming Voice (141/180)
(Leftovers heal to 152/180)
Round 5: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (100%)
(Level up. Leftovers heal to 166/183)
Round 6: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (critical, 100%) / :vaporeon::faintedazurill:
(Leftovers heal to 177/183)
Round 7: :houndoom: Flamethrower (100%) / :chesnaught::faintedazurill:
(Leftovers heal to full.)
Round 8: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (100%) / :altaria::faintedazurill:
Round 9: :houndoom: Flamethrower (100%) / :absol::faintedazurill:


|Invited their strikes. Parried their slices and stabs. Declined to retaliate. Waited for the right moment.

|Jumped high for an overhead slash. Sprung the trap. Ignited the air with an Omega Flame Launcher. Belched forth flames with the fury of six volcanoes. Incinerated every blade of grass and every leaf in sight.

|Settled into quiet and stillness once more. Waited for the ash to finish falling before proceeding. Was that enigmatic sheet of wood pulp among them? Doubted it. Held back their true ability. Escaped time and time again, also. Why would this time be any different? Mulled it over further on the way to the top of this plateau.

Blergh. Lost another damage range gamble with Jum-P :greninja:. 88 damage on the first Brave Bird and 95+ on the second. Such a tough update for them. (Almost never used them too much.)

Add one San-D :krookodile: to the tally too. Overestimated Rock Slide's damage to Glaceon :glaceon:. Thought its defense was bad. Evidently not at 110 base defense. Stood no chance versus Blizzard.


Reached the Pokemon League. Leaves one bit of unfinished business before training.

Maou the Zweilous :zweilous:
Level: 59
Nature: Calm (+Special Defense / -Attack)
Ability: Hustle
Stats: 163/102/95/91/105/85

Actually intends to use them. Foresees trouble against the Water Elite Four member. Learns very few Electric moves (mostly Thunder Fang and low special Thunderbolts) and Grass moves (mostly Grass Knot). Sort of wanted to use them due to few opportunities for Hydreigon :hydreigon:. Evolves at 64, well beyond the Sun/Moon level limits.

Lucked into an excellent nature on the first try, also. Wanted exactly this.

Fed Maou :zweilous: HP Ups (+15 Hitpoints) and Zincs (+17 Special Defense). Farmed Hitpoint EVs at Route 20 in between Audinos :audino:. Filled them out with Defense and some Special Attack after leveling.

Trained everyone to 65. The team in full:

San-D the Krookodile :krookodile:
Ability: Moxie
Stats: 205/192/118/96/125/201
Moves: Outrage, Earthquake, Crunch, and Power-Up Punch.

Sirius the Houndoom :houndoom:
Ability: Flash Fire
Stats: 194/126/89/181/120/198
Moves: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Sludge Bomb, and Nasty Plot.

Hana the Drapion :drapion:
Ability: Battle Armor
Stats: 218/143/205/101/112/132
Moves: Earthquake, Poison Jab, Thunder Fang, and Acupressure.

Maou the Hydreigon :hydreigon:
Ability: Levitate
Stats: 245/135/146/179/170/146
Moves: Work Up, Hyper Voice, Dragon Pulse, and Dark Pulse.

Ribbon the Malamar :malamar:
Ability: Contrary
Stats: 212/159/169/85/125/118
Moves: Reflect, Light Screen, Superpower, and Psycho Cut.

Jum-P the Greninja :greninja:
Ability: Torrent
Stats: 194/166/118/173/128/163
Moves: Ice Beam, Extrasensory, Surf, and Water Shuriken

Will be saving between fights. Turned the Experience Share on, also, given the Champion at 68.

Aims for the Dragon trainer first. Plans to drop Outrage afterwards.

Strategy: Lead with San-D :krookodile:. May Power-Up Punch once, then Outrage all day. Gave them a Lum Berry for confusion. Set Jum-P :greninja: and Maou :hydreigon: on standby with Ice Beam and Haban Berry + Dragon Pulse, respectively.

Guesses the enemy team to be Noivern :noivern:, Dragalge :dragalge:, Haxorus :haxorus:, and Goodra :goodra:. Only feels confident about the first two.

Round 1: :krookodile: Earthquake (100%) (Moxie boost) / :dragalge::faintedazurill:
Round 2: :krookodile: Outrage (100%) (Moxie boost) / :altaria::faintedazurill:
Round 3: :krookodile: Outrage (100%) (Moxie boost) / :druddigon::faintedazurill:
(Rough Skin damage to 180/205)
Round 4: :krookodile: Outrage (100%) / :noivern::faintedazurill:

"Oh you! You're too much!" Basically. Even outsped the Noivern :noivern:. Impressive.

Next: Steel.

Strategy: Lead with Sirius :houndoom:. Build two Nasty Plots on Klefki :klefki:. Roast everything. Could get hit by Torment. Taught Sirius :houndoom: Protect over Sludge Bomb for that. Gave them a Lum Berry in case of a Probopass :probopass: Thunder Wave.

Recalls the enemy team being Kelfki :klefki:, Probopass :probopass:, Scizor :scizor:, and Aegislash :aegislash:.

Round 1: :klefki: Spikes / :houndoom: Nasty Plot
Round 2: :klefki: Torment / :houndoom: Nasty Plot
Round 3: :klefki: Spikes / :houndoom: Flamethrower (100%)
(Level up.)
Round 4: :houndoom: Protect / :probopass: Power Gem (blocked)
Round 5: :houndoom: Flamethrower (99%, Sturdy) / :probopass: Power Gem (81/197)
Round 6: :probopass: Full Restore / :houndoom: Dark Pulse (99%, Sturdy)
Round 7: :probopass: Full Restore / :houndoom: Flamethrower (99%, Sturdy, Burn)
(Burn damage. Fainted Probopass :probopass)
Round 8: :houndoom: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :aegislash: Sacred Sword (0/197 :faintedazurill:)
(Spikes damage to 171/205)
Round 9: :aegislash: King's Shield / :krookodile: Earthquake (blocked)
Round 10: :krookodile: Earthquake (95%) / :aegislash: Sacred Sword (9/205)
Round 11: :krookodile: Earthquake (the rest) (Moxie boost)
(Level up.)
Round 12: :krookodile: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :scizor: Bullet Punch (139/208)
Round 13: :krookodile: Earthquake (100%)

Bet wrong on Aegislash :aegislash:. Worried about Scizor's :scizor: Bullet Punch later. Wanted to heal. Expected King's Shield. Could not think of any super effective moves outside of that.

Sidenote: Planned to give Sirius :houndoom: a Charti Berry (anti-super effective for Rock). Switched to Lum at the last second in case of Thunder Wave.

Next trainer: Fire.

Strategy: Taught Rock Slide to San-D :krookodile:. Hopes for another four turn annihilation. Chose the Wide Lens for safety, also.
Expected team: Pyroar :pyroarf:, Talonflame :talonflame:, Chandelure :chandelure:, and...someone else. Torkoal :torkoal:?

Round 1: :krookodile: Earthquake (100%) (Moxie boost) / :pyroarf::faintedazurill:
Round 2: :krookodile: Rock Slide (critical, 100%) (Moxie boost) / :talonflame::faintedazurill:
Round 3: :krookodile: Earthquake (100%) (Moxie boost) / :torkoal::faintedazurill:
Round 4: :krookodile: Earthquake (100%) / :chandelure::faintedazurill:
(Level up.)

So good.

Leaves just the Water trainer. Will probably not be a pushover.

Strategy: Lead with Ribbon :malamar:. Set up Light Screen. (Remembers Starmie :starmie: as their lead.) Switch to Maou :hydreigon:. Work Up and hope for no Ice Beams and especially not Dazzling Gleam. Dropped Maou's :hydreigon: Hyper Voice for Charge Beam. Handed it Leftovers too.

Left Jum-P :greninja: on standby with Grass Knot and Hana :drapion: with Thunder Fang.

Expected team: Starmie :starmie:, Clawitzer :clawitzer:, Gyarados :gyarados:, and Barbaracle :barbaracle:.

Round 1: :malamar: Light Screen / :clawitzer: Water Pulse (167/215)
Round 2: :malamar: Switch :greninja: / :clawitzer: Water Pulse (critical, 128/197)
Round 3: :greninja: Grass Knot (65%) / :clawitzer: Aura Sphere (49/197)
Round 4: :greninja: Grass Knot (critical, the rest)
Round 5: :greninja: Grass Knot (100%) / :barbaracle::faintedazurill:
Round 6: :greninja: Switch :hydreigon: / :starmie: Light Screen
Round 7: :starmie: Dazzling Gleam (177/249) / :hydreigon: Work Up
(Leftovers heal to 192/249)
Round 8: :starmie: Dazzling Gleam (124/249) / :hydreigon: Charge Beam (35%)
(Leftovers heal to 139/249. Light Screen down.)
Round 9: :hydreigon: Switch :houndoom: / :starmie: Dazzling Gleam (150/197)
Round 10: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (63%) / :starmie: Flinch
(Enemy Light Screen down.)
Round 11: :starmie: Full Restore / :houndoom: Nasty Plot
Round 12: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (100%)
(Gyarados's :gyarados: Intimidate)
Round 13: :houndoom: Switch :drapion: / :gyarados: Waterfall (169/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 182/221)
Round 14: :drapion: Thunder Fang (75%) / :gyarados: Dragon Dance
(Black Sludge heal to 195/221)
Round 15: :gyarados: Full Restore / :drapion: Thunder Fang (80%)
(Black Sludge heal t 208/221)
Round 16: :gyarados: Earthquake (72/221) / :drapion: Thunder Fang (the rest)

Combined all of the worst case scenarios. Was not surprised by Aura Sphere on Clawitzer :clawitzer:. Trashed the main plan quickly. Prepared back-ups for a reason, though.

Acknowledges the excellent tanking of those Dazzling Gleams, also. Hit Maou :hydreigon: for 28.9% of their health at double super-effective. Considers that amazing, even with Light Screen up. Relished Sirius :houndoom: switching in on Starmie :starmie: and winning too. Almost let them take a stab at Gyarados :gyarados:.

Opens the way to the Champion.

|Infiltrated the temple atop the plateau. Assassinated several people with more plumeage than awareness. Stole an elevator key off of one of them. Rode it to the top.

|Rose to a large, well-lit antechamber. Streamed in warm light through stained glass. Stepped forward to a figure standing near the light. Saw them once before, long ago. Spied them conversing with the Red Lion.

|Explained their master plan without prompting. Knew how fleeting life could be. Chose to make the most of their life. Wished to dominate all of the land. Served as more of a means to an end, however. Sought to control all forms of the brutal transformation, as witnessed at the Spire of Calamity. Succeeded too, to a degree.

|Slipped a ring onto their finger. Bore a ruby-colored stone similar to the bracelet at the Spire of Calamity. Braced for a problematic battle.

Primary strategy: Lead with Ribbon :malamar:. Set up Reflect. (Might get taken out by Brick Break. Not sure.) Send in Hana :drapion:. Acupressure like no tomorrow. Protect for extra health as needed. Sweep everything. Please no Taunt on Hawlucha :hawlucha:.

Back-up strategy: Begin fight. ???. Set up on Gourgeist :gourgeist: with Sirius :houndoom:. Added a Salac Berry (+Speed in a pinch) to the mix for Speed insurance versus Mega Gardevoir :megagardevoir:. Profit.

Diantha's expected team: Hawlucha :hawlucha:, Gourgeist :gourgeist:, Tyrantrum :tyrantrum:, Aurorus :aurorus:, Goodra :goodra:, and Mega Gardevoir :megagardevoir:.

Round 1: :hawlucha: X-Scissor (critical, 31/215) / :malamar: Reflect
Round 2: :malamar: Switch :drapion: / :hawlucha: X-Scissor (208/221)
(Black Sludge heal to full.)
Round 3: :hawlucha: Swords Dance / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Defense)
Round 4: :hawlucha: Flying Press (203/221) / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Accuracy)
(Black Sludge heal to 216/221)
Round 5: :hawlucha: Swords Dance / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Special Defense)
(Black Sludge heal to full.)
Round 6: :hawlucha: Flying Press (192/221) / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Accuracy)
(Black Sludge heal to 205/221)
Round 7: :hawlucha: Swords Dance / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Special Defense)
(Black Sludge heal to 218/221)
Round 8: :hawlucha: Flying Press (180/221) / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Accuracy)
(Black Sludge heal to 193/221. Reflect down.)
Round 9: :hawlucha: Flying Press (115/221) / :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Speed)
(Black Sludge heal to 128/221)
Round 10: :drapion: Protect / :hawlucha: Flying Press (blocked)
(Black Sludge heal to 141/221)
Round 11: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Attack) / :hawlucha: Flying Press (66/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 79/221)
Round 12: :drapion: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :hawlucha: Flying Press (152/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 165/221)
Round 13: :drapion: Poison Jab (critical, 100%)
(Black Sludge heal to 178/221)
Round 14: :drapion: Protect / :tyrantrum: Head Smash (blocked)
(Black Sludge heal to 191/221)
Round 15: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Speed) / :tyrantrum: Head Smash (145/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 158/221)
Round 16: :drapion: Protect / :tyrantrum: Head Smash (blocked)
(Black Sludge heal to 171/221)
Round 17: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Defense) / :tyrantrum: Head Smash (141/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 154/221)
Round 18: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Speed) / :tyrantrum: Head Smash (120/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 133/221)
Round 19: :drapion: Protect / :tyrantrum: Crunch (blocked)
(Black Sludge heal to 146/221)
Round 20: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Attack) / :tyrantrum: Earthquake (118/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 131/221)
Round 21: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Defense) / :tyrantrum: Dragon Claw (118/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 131/221)
Round 22: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Evasiveness) / :tyrantrum: Earthquake (107/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 120/221)
Round 23: :drapion: Acupressure (+2 Attack) / :tyrantrum: Earthquake (96/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 109/221)
Round 24: :drapion: Hyper Potion (heal to full) / :tyrantrum: Earthquake (197/221)
(Black Sludge heal to 210/221)
Round 25: :drapion: Earthquake (the rest)
(Black Sludge heal to full.)
Round 26: :drapion: Poison Jab (100%) / :goodra::faintedazurill:
Round 27: :drapion: Earthquake (100%) / :aurorus::faintedazurill:
Round 28: :drapion: Poison Jab (100%) / :gourgeist::faintedazurill:
(Level up. Gardevoir's :gardevoir: Trace: Battle Armor. Mega Evolution to :gardevoir: Mega Gardevoir :megagardevoir:)
Round 29: :drapion: Poison Jab (100%) / :megagardevoir::faintedazurill:

Shakier than predicted. Thanks Diantha for choosing a physical attacker after the devil Pokemon :hawlucha:. Had Special Defense boosts if necessary, though. Ended at level 67 across the board.

|Breathed deeply. Unlocked all of the pressure points of the body, one by one. Unleashed small waves of power, bit by bit. Stood rock-solid amidst the crescendo of blows wrought by human twisted by power both physically and mentally.

|Felt muscle and bone begin to strain under the torment. Released the last pressure point necessary. Stared straight into the face of the behemoth. Grinned with the belief of an imminent victory.

|Stomped the ground as hard as possible. Shook the room with a mighty tremor. Knocked the monster off balance. Performed two actions in the same instant. Yanked the ring off with one hand. Channeled every ounce of power into a single Baneful Poison Jab with the other.

|Caused their form to flicker momentarily. Returned the punishment received tenfold. Struck them straight in the heart, or whatever remained of one. Withered away their insides. Wailed in pain as the light of life ebbed away.

|Examined the ring. Raised all this commotion over this power. Held the ability to corrupt people, both directly and indirectly.

|Needed to be removed from this world. Performed the Rite of Sealing upon it. Locked its power away from current and future generations, with any luck.

|Left the plateau behind. Hoped to return to a simple, more peaceful life. Knew such peace would only be an illusion while many more power-hungry people lived and plotted. Savored what was teased, however.

Handled AZ no problem, unsurpisingly.

Final play time: 65:22. Spent a fair bit of time on breeding, chasing decent natures, farming cash, and tending to berries.

Thank you for reading all this way. Farewell until the next challenge.

Headed to Kiloude City. Fought a quick match at the Battle Maison. Crushed them with San-D :krookodile:. Unlocks the real final Serena battle.
Team: :houndoom::malamar::drapion::hydreigon::krookodile::greninja:.

|Shattered that dream of peace mere days later. Caught wind of a certain loose end. Pursued the rumors up to a windswept hill overlooking all of Kalos.

|Confronted them about their goals. Answered with surprising clarity for one so taciturn. Held similar beliefs as their former commander atop the plateau. Would be unlikely to share such ability, naturally. Awaited someone to wrest it from their commander's grasp. Feigned gratitude for the "assistance".

|Shot back with the obvious question: why were they in the clear now? How could they stand against someone that defeated the commander that they could not?

|Replied by pulling out a small notepad. Watched all this time. Studied every movement. Contained countless notes about the Baneful Poison Jab, Thunderous Bulldoze, Bessatsu Style, and more.
|Slid a dreadfully familiar ring onto their finger as well. Just solved how to wield this power. Grimaced at the thought of another battle like this.

Round 1: :meowsticf: Fake Out (208/218) / :malamar: Flinch
Round 2: :meowsticf: Disarming Voice (160/218) / :malamar: Light Screen
Round 3: :malamar: Switch :houndoom: / :meowsticf: Disarming Voice (188/200)
(Leftovers heal to full.)
Round 4: :houndoom: Nasty Plot / :meowsticf: Shadow Ball (189/200, -1 Special Defense)
(Leftovers heal to full.)
Round 5: :houndoom: Nasty Plot / :meowsticf: Disarming Voice (180/200)
(Leftovers heal to 192/200.)
Round 6: :houndoom: Nasty Plot / :meowsticf: Disarming Voice (173/200)
(Leftovers heal to 185/200.)
Round 7: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (100%)
(Leftovers heal to 197/200)
Round 8: :houndoom: Sludge Bomb (100%) / :clefable::faintedazurill:
(Leftovers heal to full.)
Round 9: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (100%) / :vaporeon::faintedazurill:
(Light Screen down.)
Round 10: :houndoom: Flamethrower (100%) / :chesnaught::faintedazurill:
(Level up.)
Round 11: :houndoom: Dark Pulse (100%) / :altaria::faintedazurill:
(Mega Evolution to :absol: Mega Absol :megaabsol:)
Round 12: :houndoom: Flamethrower (critical, 100%) / :megaabsol::faintedazurill:

|Took endless notes from afar. Failed to record battles they personally participated in, however. Proved to be their undoing.

|Fell victim to the same Omega Flare Launcher trap as last time. Learned to set a secondary trap this time, however. Exploded in a gout of flames fifteen feet away. Shrieked in agony and surprise. Burned away until nothing but their accursed ring remained.

|Collected the ring of demonic power from the ashes. Glimmered brilliantly among the dull and dusty remains. Sealed this ring too, like the other. Prayed for a longer break from strife this time.

Flawless once again. Caps off Gundham's battling career with an Absolite.

Visited the Pokemon Center for the IV Checker. Informs you about the sum of IVs as well as the highest stat.

Overall IVs
0-90: Decent.
91-120: Above average.
121-150: Relatively superior.
151-186: Outstanding.

Best Individual IV
0: Terrible.
1-15: Decent.
16-25: Good.
26-30: Fantastic.
31: Can't be beat.

Ribbon :malamar:: Decent overall. Good in Special Defense.
Hana :drapion:: Relatively superior overall. Fantastic in Special Attack.
Maou :hydreigon:: Above average overall. Good in Speed.
Sirius :houndoom:: Above average overall. Can't be beat in Hitpoints.
San-D :krookodile:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Special Defense.
Jum-P :greninja:: Relatively superior overall. Fantastic in Attack.

Golden Hawk :scrafty:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Special Defense. Terrible in Attack.
Earth Star :crawdaunt:: Above average overall. Can't be beat in Special Defense.
Formosa :sableye:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Speed.
Gush :sharpedo:: Decent overall. Good in Defense.
Beat :honchkrow:: Relatively superior overall. Fantastic in Special Attack.
Asuka :skuntank:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Attack.

Coro :pangoro:: Decent overall. Good in Special Attack.
Saikyo :scrafty:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Special Defense.
Ace :absol:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Attack. Terrible in Defense.
Evening :umbreon:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Special Attack.
Rush :mightyena:: Above average overall. Can't be beat in Speed.
Ciao :sneasel:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Speed.
BladeBrownie :pawniard:: Above average overall. Fantastic in Hitpoints. Terrible in Defense.
Chara :zoroark:: Decent overall. Fantastic in Speed.

Luvdisc (shiny) :luvdisc:: Above average overall. Can't be beat in Attack.

Seems like an okay challenge. Might do one again sometime.

  • Used a lot of different Pokemon. Always wanted to try out Malamar :malamar: and Topsy-Turvy. Seemed difficult to use effectively in X/Y (relatively to Sun/Moon). Pulled it off once, though. Fared quite well overall too.
  • Allowed multiple Pokemon to shine. Cites Formosa's :sableye: invincibility against Korrina, Asuka :skuntank: as the lone survivor against Hawlucha :hawlucha:, Ribbon :malamar: versus Lysandre, shutting down Serena (twice) with Sirius :houndoom:, San-D's :krookodile: rampage against the Elite Four, and feeling the Acupressure between Hana :drapion: and Diantha. Struggles to name anyone as the most valuable.
  • Good distribution of Pokemon (for Dark in X/Y, anyways). Found someone new quite often.

  • Too many Pokemon similar to one another. Extends beyond the obvious typing. Saw a lot with ~120 base offense, ~60 base defenses, and ~70 base speed. Overlapped on abilities too. Counted three obtainable Pokemon with Moxie :krookodile::scrafty::honchkrow:, two with Super Luck :absol::honchkrow:, and two with Intimidate :scrafty::mightyena:.
  • Training. Admits this to be more of a personal problem. Kept up another team's worth of Pokemon. Blames the rules for making it feel worse. (More on that below.)

Rule changes for next time
  • Ditch the loose level limit. Make it firm. Allow the Experience Share and Lucky Eggs whenever. Already learned this in previous challenges, but not well enough, evidently.
  • Allow a Sweet Scent Pokemon at any time. (Specific to X/Y. Cannot fight, of course.) Opens up easier training for experience and effort values. (Stuck a lot of spread move Technical Machines in the postgame, unfortunately. Why is Round a Battle Maison prize?)
  • Permit a Fly Pokemon on the team whenever. (Cannot battle either.) Ran through Reflection Cave several times to tend to berries.
  • Allow a Pokemon that will become the correct type to fight. Followed Marriland's (the streamer) rule on this. Makes leveling take longer.
  • Maybe break up two checkpoints. Add one around Snorlax and one at the final Lysandre fight.
  • Delete Hawlucha :hawlucha:

Thank you again for following along.

Hana the Drapion :drapion:
Level: 67
Hitpoints: 225
Attack: 147
Defense: 211
Special Attack: 104
Special Defense: 116
Speed: 135
Moves: Earthquake, Poison Jab, Protect, and Acupressure.

Jum-P the Greninja :greninja:
Level: 67
Hitpoints: 200
Attack: 171
Defense: 122
Special Attack: 179
Special Defense: 132
Speed: 168
Moves: Grass Knot, Extrasensory, Surf, and Water Shuriken

Ribbon the Malamar :malamar:
Level: 67
Hitpoints: 218
Attack: 163
Defense: 174
Special Attack: 88
Special Defense: 129
Speed: 122
Moves: Reflect, Superpower, Light Screen, and Psycho Cut.

Sirius the Houndoom :houndoom:
Level: 67
Hitpoints: 200
Attack: 129
Defense: 92
Special Attack: 187
Special Defense: 123
Speed: 203
Moves: Crunch, Flamethrower, Nasty Plot, and Sludge Bomb

San-D the Krookodile :krookodile:
Level: 67
Hitpoints: 211
Attack: 197
Defense: 121
Special Attack: 99
Special Defense: 129
Speed: 207
Moves: Power-Up Punch, Earthquake, Crunch, and Rock Slide.

Maou the Hydreigon :hydreigon:
Level: 67
Hitpoints: 253
Attack: 140
Defense: 151
Special Attack: 185
Special Defense: 174
Speed: 150
Moves: Work Up, Charge Beam, Dragon Pulse, and Dark Pulse.

  • Ace the Absol :absol:, level 47.
  • Formosa the Sableye :sableye:, level 57.
  • Evening the Umbreon :umbreon:, level 59.
  • Saikyo the Scrafty :scrafty:, level 42.
  • Golden Hawk the Scrafty :scrafty:, level 61.
  • Gush the Sharpedo :sharpedo:, level 61.
  • Asuka the Skuntank :skuntank:, level 59.
  • Earth Star the Crawdaunt :crawdaunt:, level 59.
  • Coro the Pangoro :pangoro:, level 61.
  • Beat the Murkrow :honchkrow:, level 62.
  • BladeBrownie the Pawniard :pawniard:, level 39.
  • Rush the Mightyena :mightyena:, level 36.
  • Ciao the Sneasel :sneasel:, level 39.
  • Chara the Zoroark :zoroark:, level 49.
In-battle Items
  • Potion: 1
  • Super Potion: 6
  • Soda Pop: 1
  • Moomoo Milk: 4
  • Hyper Potion: 7
  • Paralyze Heal: 1

Times fainted to trainers
  • Golden Hawk: 2 :scraggy::scraggy:
  • Saikyo: 1 :scraggy:
  • San-D: 5 :sandile::sandile::sandile::krookodile::krookodile:
  • Ribbon: 3 :inkay::inkay::malamar:
  • Ace: 2 :absol::absol:
  • Sirius: 5 :houndoom::houndoom::houndoom::houndoom::houndoom:
  • Gush: 2 :carvanha::sharpedo:
  • Asuka: 1 :skuntank:
  • Formosa: 1 :sableye:
  • Earth Star: 1 :corphish:
  • Beat: 2 :murkrow::honchkrow:
  • Jum-P: 3 :greninja::greninja::greninja:

Times fainted to wild Pokemon
  • Saikyo: 3 :scraggy::scraggy::scraggy:
  • Golden Hawk: 1 :scraggy:
  • San-D: 2 :sandile::sandile:
  • Ribbon: 1 :inkay:
  • Sirius: 1 :houndour:
  • Coro: 1 :pancham:
  • Hana: 1 :drapion:
  • Jum-P: 1 :greninja:
  • Beat: 1 :honchkrow:

Juice Shoppe Totals
  • +170 Speed EV Pink Juice for San-D :krookodile:
  • +94 Special Attack EV Blue Juice for Sirius :houndoom:
  • +128 Speed EV Pink Juice for Sirius :houndoom:
  • +50 Hitpoint EV Purple Juice for Hana :drapion:
  • +31 Defense EV Yellow Juice for Hana :drapion:
  • +52 Defense EV Yellow Juice for Ribbon :malamar:
  • +32 Special Defense EV Green Juice for Maou :hydreigon: