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Nov 1, 2018
i have a younger brother about 5 years younger. we used to fight a lot but grew out of it after he got into high school. when he was younger he used to invade my personal space a lot and i feel like that was the main issue.

we're very close id say, able to really talk about anything with eachother, so thats nice.

im rly glad i had a brother and not a sister lmao. i feel like the fights would have been wayyyy worse with a sister. i do rly wish i knew what it was like to have an older brother tho. i feel that wouldve changed a lot of things :hmmazurill:

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I have a sister who is almost two years younger than I. Growing up together was a bit of a mixed bag, really. I owe several of my scars to her being a vindictive, volatile and violent little madam, whereas I would never retaliate to quite the same degree due to being the older brother and I could easily have hurt her way more if I wanted to. Once we reached adulthood she became really insufferable to live under the same roof with, everything was her way or the high way, and we'd argue often. That being said, she always claimed that she loves me, and of course I love her but I really could have killed her sometimes.

As of a few years ago, she's moved out of the house and is now living with her fiancé, and now our relationship has stabilised into something much healthier. We actually enjoy each other's company a lot more while visiting one another. The main thing that bothers me now though, is that sometimes I fall into the trap of believing we can keep secrets. She'll confide in me and I won't tell a soul. I'll confide in her and then a few days later I'll have mum trying to cause an argument with me about it. I don't know. I want to give her nice compliments and say we have a great relationship, but sometimes I can't help but feel like it's really toxic. She is living a successful life as a teacher and has most of her **** together whereas I don't, so I'm proud of her accomplishments, I just wish she wasn't such a massive **** at times.