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Nov 26, 2018
Hi guys! So I decided to start a Scramble on Pokémon X, just to casually go through the game again, but this time with a team completely different from the one I used on my first run through of the game.

The team as chosen by fellow Marrilanders:
Rhydon and Lanturn given to me by @The Griddler
Vivillon and Meowstic given to me by @SAF
Pyroar given to me by @Calaf
Florges given to me by @Zed

Have I ever used these Pokémon? No. So at the very least the point of this challenge is already reached by making me use Pokémon I've never used before. I do think it won't be too challenging as they're all fully evolved (aside from Rhydon but it's still strong as is) and it's a very diverse team when it comes to typing. So I feel very lucky with this team!

I already went ahead and played through the first badge, so here's the first update! Notes will be just my rambles I wrote down while playing if you're interested. Summary will have everything in short bullet point form if that's what you prefer. I will also be keeping track of the amount of times my team members faint.

Chose the middle girl and named myself Skylar. Decided to use my Trainer Card ID to determine my starter and the Kanto started to keep it random. ID is 42884 so my starter will be Fennekin and I’ll choose Squirtle as my Kanto starter. Fennekin will be boxed once Scatterbug hits level 5. Squirtle will be boxed immediately.

Due to A mashing, I am now known as Li’l S. Welp.

Estelle the Scatterbug has been caught. Time to get her to lv5

With Estelle lv5, Fennekin is not allowed to fight anymore. We managed to take down the Trainer and his Zigzagoon with the help of two Potions.

Santalune Forest will be great to train up Estelle with Shauna’s help.

First trainer battle in Santalune went pretty smooth.

The trainer with the Pikachu was rather annoying as I got Static’d on the second turn, but she took so long in using Thundershock that I didn’t even need to use a Potion
Got through Santalune quite handily. Estelle’s doing great work

Well, I tried to get to Litleo.. but I actually have to fight a Trainer with a Litleo first
So fun

Times fainted: Estelle 1

Will have to train more first
Thinking of grinding up to Vivillon before getting Litleo

Finally got Estelle to evolve into Vivillon. Gonna be so mad if I still can’t defeat that Litleo now

Lol okay, an ember only does 6 damage right now. GOOD

Now to find a Litleo myself. I want a male one because of the mane. Looking at gender ratio, this might take a while, and then hopefully be lucky with it having Unnerve instead of Rivalry

Decided that if the first male LitleoI find doesn’t have Unnerve, I’ll settle for the first Litleo after that that does have Unnerve. I really don’t wanna deal with Rivalry
I’m in luck! A male Litleo with Unnerve!

Trained up Luke the Litleo by beating the remaining trainers on the route
I might end up a little overleveled for the Gym now, Luke being lv11 after the Trainers and Vivillon of course at lv12. Alas, that’s the way it is right now. I wasn’t planning on using the exp share once I get it so that shouldn’t be a problem in the future

VS Viola
Turn 1: Estelle used Tackle (Surskit orange health) – Surskit used Water Sport
Turn 2: Estelle used Tackle (Surskit red health) – Surskit used Bubbe (35/42hp Estelle)
Turn 3: Viola used Potion on Surskit – Estelle used Tackle (Surskit green health)
Turn 4: Surskit used Quick Attack (31/42 hp Estelle) – Estelle used Tackle (Surskit orange health)
Turn 5: Surskit used Quick Attack (27/42 hp Estelle) – Estelle used Tackle (Surskit fainted)
Viola sent out Vivillon, I switched to Luke
Turn 6: Vivillon used Infestation. Luke used Headbutt (27/42 hp Luke, Green health Vivillon)
Turn 7: Vivillon used Tackle. Luke used Ember (Luke 14/41 health; orange health Vivillon)
Turn 8: VIvillon used Infestation. Luke used Ember (Luke 11/41, vivillon fainted)
Luke leveled up

  • Started the game and chose Fennekin as my starter, using my Trainer ID to decide as much
  • Caught Estelle the Scatterbug on Route 2
  • Trained her up to level 5, and then didn't use Fennekin anymore
  • Got through Santalune Forest, and immediately wanted to try and get Litleo
  • Got my ass handed to me by a Trainer with a Litleo, which I need to defeat to get my own Litleo
  • Trained Estelle to lv12 to have her evolve into Vivillon
  • Easily got past that Trainer now
  • After some searching, the first male Litleo I encountered had Unnerve, so I got lucky
  • Caught Luke the LItleo
  • Trained up Luke and then headed to the Gym
  • Beat Viola rather easily
  • Bug Badge get

:vivilloncontinental: Estelle the Vivillon lv12 female
Careful nature
Tackle/Struggle Bug/Stun Spore/Protect

:litleo: Luke the Litleo lv14 male
Timid nature
Headbutt/Leer/Ember/Work Up

:vivilloncontinental: Estelle: 1
:litleo: Luke: 0

Things went smooth up until that Trainer with Litleo. Estelle did great before then. But we managed to push through, and right now I feel my team is doing great! Very excited to see where this is heading. Without the Exp. Share, I won't get overlevelled either, so it should prove somewhat challenging in the future. Excited to get some new team members in the next update as well!


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Nov 2, 2018
This challenge looks cool, I'm excited to see more :)


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Nov 26, 2018
Alright, here's part 2! This one is up to waking Snorlax.

Received the Exp Share and turned it off

Found a Red Flower Flabébé as my second encounter and named her Milla. Will be switch training her against the trainers
Route trainers were easily taken care of. Followed Dexio and Sina to the lab.

The battle against Sycamore was ridiculously easy. Chose Squirtle, not that it matters. Immediately dropped him off at the lab.

Got myself a haircut at Lumiose and put in some Contact Lenses before heading on to the next route.

I’m gonna be honest, not getting to use Lucario in the future makes me a little sad. It’s in my top three favourite Pokémon. But it is a scramble so this was to be expected. I will miss using you Lucario…

There’s some backtracking here back to the Pokécenter. I don’t feel like wasting all my Potions and Milla is still pretty frail (Milla fainted: 1)

So headed to Parfum Palace and went to look for Meowstic and then… the Furfrou couple. We did not survive that . Should’ve gone for the right route (Estelle, Luke and Milla fainted)

Took the smarter route now and found myself a female Espurr. Named her Mystearica. Decided to train everyone up to take on that Furfrou couple and the rest of the Route.

Managed to beat the Furfrou couple with no one fainting the second time around. Finished off the Route and then headed to Parfum Palace
Easily cornered the Furfrou. I think they went a little over the top with the fireworks scene. It’s very cheesy. Especially the music makes it… I don’t even know. But Shauna’s happy so it’s all good.

Brought the Pokéflute to wake up Snorlax, and Mystearica easily took care of him, confusing him on the first turn and stealing his Sitrus Berry with Covet after

  • Got the Exp Share from Alexa and turned it off
  • Caught Milla the Flabébé
  • Battle Sycamora and chose Squirtle, putting him in the PC immediately
  • Met Korrina and her Lucario
  • Made it to Camphrier Town
  • Whited out at the Furfrou couple on Route 6
  • Caught Mystearica the Espurr
  • REVENGE on the Furfrou couple
  • Finished off Parfum Palace
  • Woke up and defeated Snorlax

:vivilloncontinental: Estelle the Vivillon lv18 female
Careful nature
Psybeam/Struggle Bug/Stun Spore/Protect

:litleo: Luke the Litleo lv21 male
Timid nature
Headbutt/Take Down/Ember/Work Up

:flabebe: Milla the Flabébé lv16 female
Docile nature
Tackle/Razor Leaf/Fairy Wind/Lucky Chant

:espurr: Mystearica the Espurr lv16 female
Quiet nature
Scratch/Light Screen/Covet/Confusion

:vivilloncontinental: Estelle: 2
:litleo: Luke: 1
:flabebe: Milla: 2
:espurr: Mystearica: 0

Milla is very very frail. Annoyingly so. It's something I'll have to learn to work with. Also, that Furfrou couple... sigh. Mystearica has definitely been pulling some weight already, cute little thing.
Also, I had to change every single Parfum Palace in this update, as I had actually written it as Perfume Palace because my brain just decided to translate it instead of writing it as it is. Which is hilarious.

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I don't know if it's written down somewhere and I just didn't notice it, but I just now realized that all your Pokemon are nicknamed after Tales characters. Good stuff! I hope Milla shapes up for you soon, I know how hard it can be to struggle with a frail Pokemon.


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Nov 26, 2018
I don't know if it's written down somewhere and I just didn't notice it, but I just now realized that all your Pokemon are nicknamed after Tales characters. Good stuff! I hope Milla shapes up for you soon, I know how hard it can be to struggle with a frail Pokemon.
I've been caught :joyousazurill: I didn't specify it anywhere no, but I am indeed naming my Pokémon after Tales characters! I expected it to be quite obvious with this update but was wondering who would comment on it first :hmmazurill: