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Wedlocke Some Asian's White Wedlocke

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So after ghosting the forums for over year and abandoning my Heartgold Wedlocke (I'm really sorry about that. It won't be continuing, as I lost my cartridge), I got bored so I'm back. In my time away, however, I did a Wedlocke in White just on my own time. It's still fresh in my memory, so in any off-time I have I'll just write what happened in each part here.

Rule #1: All Pokemon who faint are dead, and must be released.

Rule #2: I must catch the first eligible encounter on each route. (If I have an odd number of Pokemon in my party, I must catch a Pokemon of the gender I have less of.)

Rule #3: Nicknaming Pokemon is a must in this run. The naming theme for me here will be food and drinks.

Rule #4: Pokemon must fight in 3 teams of 2, rather than 1 team of 6, paired based on opposite-gender Pokemon. I highly recommend Rainbow Wedlockes to anyone reading this though they can be tricky.

Rule #5: I cannot deposit Pokemon in the PC long term.

-I will have an item limit of 3 healing items used on each pair. However, if Roar (etc) switches my active pair, the Item count is reset.

-If any Pokemon faint during dedicated training sessions, it will not count as a death. Call me a pansy, but hecc you.

-Dupes Clause is in full effect, so if I run into a Pokemon that I either already caught or I already have in its evo line (Like, running into a Watchog after already catching a Patrat), I can just skip it. I won't have a limit for catching Pokemon, though.

-Genderless Pokemon CANNOT be caught.

-Gift Clause is in effect, so all Gift Pokemon are free. This is literally only because I want to actually have a chance to get a non-monkey encounter in the Dreamyard.

Note that this will not have any schedule to speak of, and the challenge has already reached its conclusion on my end. The question is just how it all ended.