PSMD SUPER MYSTERY DUNGEON: Save our Squad! Rescue Mail Thread


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Your team of Pokemon has come across a tough dungeon and has wiped out! You don't have good Pokemon to rescue yourself, or you need someone else to rescue you. What do you do?

Post here, of course! Other members of the forums can rescue you from dungeons that they have been to in the past. Here's what you need to do...

Regardless of whether you are rescuing someone or wanting to be rescued, you need to go to Pelipper Island from the main menu.

If you need rescuing:
Speak to the Pelipper on the left-hand side of the screen. You will get a QR code and a password that can be shared with other players.
In this thread, please post as many of these as you can:

  • The QR code and/or password
  • The name of the dungeon and floor number you are on
  • Your region. These games are region-locked, so if someone is outside your region they can't rescue you. :(
If you wish to attempt a rescue:
You also speak to the Pelipper on the left, but select "Pick Up Mail". Enter the password or scan the QR code and you will be set to go!
Please keep the following in mind before attempting a rescue:

  • You cannot rescue someone outside your region (for example, if you live in North America you cannot rescue someone who plays a game they got in Europe).
  • You cannot rescue someone from a dungeon you have never been to before!
  • Before starting a rescue: Please POST in this thread responding to the user who needs rescuing to let them know that you are attempting a rescue. This will also prevent others from trying to rescue the same user!
  • Once you have finished: Please EDIT your post from the previous bullet point with the QR code or password that you get for the user who needs rescuing. You can message the code directly to the user if you wish, but the main thing to keep in mind is to not post more than one time in a row here!
And that's it! Happy exploring, and I hope you all have a SUPER adventure!