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Rules for Switch Pokémon Games

Welcome, all you Pokémon Trainers, to Switch Pokémon Games! As you may have guessed, this forum is dedicated to Pokémon video game titles released on the Nintendo Switch. Because the Switch is Nintendo's most recent console, the family of Pokémon games you can discuss here is constantly expanding! Feel free to talk about games that have already been released, such as Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's, Go Eevee!, or upcoming titles such as Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

There are a few rules we'd like you to follow while you explore these boards. As always, all Rules of the Marriland Forums apply here!​
  • Stay On Topic
    This should be fairly obvious; in a forum for Switch Pokémon games, those should be the focus of discussion! You can find a home for your conversations on other topics in other parts of the Marriland forums.
  • Use Prefix Tags
    Admittedly, we don't have many of these yet due to how new the Switch is on the Pokémon scene, but that doesn't diminish their importance! You can use the Let's Go and Sword and Shield tags to distinguish conversations about the upcoming main series games from other topics of discussion. Most importantly, PLEASE use the spoiler tag on any thread that contains information other users might find sensitive, especially ones relating to Pokémon Sword and Shield! This is especially important in a forum when we could learn new and exciting things at any time. Be respectful of other users who might not want any surprises ruined.
  • No Thread Revival
    This is listed in the main forum rules as well, but it bears repeating. If a thread has received no posts for over a year, don't post there! Feel free to make a new thread of your own if you'd like to continue the discussion.

Is this the forum you're looking for?
This forum is for discussing Pokémon games released on the Nintendo Switch. This includes all aspects of the games, such as their story, characters, gameplay, mechanics, and more. If you're looking to connect, share, and play with other people, or if you're interested in Pokémon games on other consoles, check out these forums instead!​

  • Playthroughs
    If you're doing a playthrough of a Switch game and would like to document it for others to see, this is where you can share it!
  • Trading
    In this forum you can search for and request trades with Pokémon fans around the world!
  • Competitive Battling
    Looking to hone your strategy or test your skills against other dedicated Trainers? This is the place for you!
  • 3DS Pokémon Games
    The 3DS family of Pokémon games can be found in this forum!
  • Other Pokémon Games
    Older, classic Pokémon titles from the GameBoy and DS eras make their home here!
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