Sword/Shield Sword and Shield: Your Verdict


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Now that quite a few people own and have beaten the game, what are everyone’s thoughts? What’s great about it, and what do you dislike? My thoughts are below.

  • Move Relearner/Name Rater in every Pokémon Center
  • The Wild Area! I’ve wasted too much time on it, and on some days, I favored catching all the pogeymans instead of progressing with the story.
  • Camping is super fun, and the Curry Dex will be a goal in the future
  • Special Poké Balls (i.e. Quick Balls) available early for cheap if you’re lucky
  • Access to boxes from anywhere except gyms
  • Gym battles are more hype because of the stadium feel
  • Multiple characters actually have development
  • Cute clothes and hairstyles
  • All legendary Pokémon are relevant to the story
  • Raids are fun with friends
  • The Y-Comm is not the Festival Plaza

  • Dusk Balls (aka the other ball I always stock up on) sorta nerfed because fixed day/night but mostly day in main story
  • Dexit. As someone who has never seriously tried to complete the Pokédex in earlier games, I barely felt the effects. Most of the cuts seem reasonable too.
  • Powerful TMs becoming TRs. The nerf is reasonable.
  • Oleana is another crazy evil lady who has the same taste in Pokémon as me sans Garbodor, and I don’t know how to feel about that

  • THE ALWAYS-ON EXP SHARE. As a result, none of the story battles were a challenge except Hop w/ Legendary. I would have less of an issue if they scaled all the boss levels better.
  • Gmax is not enough of a buff (and is sometimes a nerf) to specific species
  • Team Yell had virtually no impact. I know they’re not supposed to be any sort of real evil, but it would have been cool if they did stuff like raising Marnie’s stats or lowering yours during your battles with her.
  • Story didn’t pick up until basically the Champion Cup
  • Continued special treatment of Charizard. Pls stop shoving it in our faces and having Leon’s Charizard being basically the only reason why Kanto starters weren’t cut.
  • No GTS to help with dex completion if you have no friends
  • The Y-Comm is not the PSS
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~> The wide of variety of Pokemon early on AND the strong focus on new Galar mons. One thing that bothered me a lot in gen 6 and 7 is that the new Pokemon got completely overshadowed by old ones, especially early in the story.

~> Wild Area was a ton of fun to explore even though I have zero sense of direction and would keep getting lost trying to get to the raid battles.

~> Pokemon chasing you down because it's such a MEME. Kind of annoying when you're looking for a rare random encounter though.

~> All starters are equally useful in-game. Even though the Grookey line has the most weaknesses as a pure Grass type, the gym types are chosen carefully so it actually isn't that much a problem. Guess they learnt from gen 2 in which the Chikorita line got all sorts of screwed over.

~> The Champion Cup. I think the shift in focus to having to literally save the world from destruction is a really nice change of pace. In a lot of the more plot-heavy Pokemon games, the gym challenge gets kind of pushed to the side because you have more important things to do, but in Sworld and Shield, you have a clear goal in mind and don't have to stray away from it.

~> The way they intertwined the legendaries with the story was really well done this time around. The legendary does not feel like a random final boss at all but actually has signifiance for the plot. I also like how you don't catch the legendary until the post-game.

~> The League Cards. I'm a sucker for those type of cute things.


~> Dexit
. While it's a shame we can't have a full dex or living dex in these games ever, it honestly does not bother me much because I can simply store my Pokemon on HOME.

~> The new Pokemon designs. There's a few I really like, but then also some which just don't grow on me. I think it's a solid bunch, but I liked the gen 6 and gen 7 new additions better.

~> Dynamaxing and Gigatamaxing. I thought I would hate these two features, but they were actually quite fun to use in raid battles and during the climax of gym battles. I still think they're a huge downgrade from Mega Evolution though.


~> Lack of a post-game besides shiny hunting, online battling, etc. Going back to the gyms was nice and all but it really does not take that long. I do wish there was more areas to explore.

~> Solo players miss out on a lot of the fun experiences. I was one of these for the longest time, since Sword/Shield were the first games where I actually got involved with the community through the Marriland Forums Discord server. If it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have as much fun with raids, etc.


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+QoL changes.
+Music is really good.
+Had some fun with the game because it's a Pokemon game.
+Character designs are charming.
+Pokemon in the overworld.

=Pokemon designs; some are my favourites, others I liked, others I don't care for, and the rest could be better. Probably one of the weaker generations in terms of designs.
=Wild Area, a welcome change but it felt really empty and it didn't help I've recently played Dragon Quest XI.
=Graphics, some areas look gorgeous, others looked like it came from a PS2 game with textures from an older system.

-Story was generic and bland with little to no character development.
-Extremely linear routes and cities, it felt like I was on an automated ride going from point A to point B.
-Dynamaxing isn't balanced at all.
-Dexit, if the games were fleshed out much more I could understand why but an unpolished game doesn't justify cutting Pokemon.
-Constant pop-ins due to bad coding are distracting.
-Battles feel crammed and big Pokemon like Wailord and Eternatus are scaled drastically.
-Lack of post game apart from a Battle Tower, Max Raids, Breeding.
-Tons of past features are still absent.
-Copy and pasted animations from the 3DS games, also the models from the overworld feel stiff and like tanks.
-Some frame rate issues.
-A lack of polish with the battle backgrounds, many are empty voids and others use the wrong background entirely.
-No option to skip cutscenes.
-No voice acting in cinematic cutscenes.


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-There was a lot of awesome new Pokémon to discover, I really liked the designs of many of them (some of them didn’t stick with me too much, but that’s normal with all of the regions). Also heavier emphasis on them from the get go, so the whole game feels new
-Hop and Bede were interesting rivals that developed throughout the story, definitely liked them a lot more than Hau and the XY rivals
-Loved the soundtrack a lot
-Camping/curry was a fun addition and made evolution by friendship more fun to accomplish
-I also liked the character designs too, the gym leaders are a fun bunch and contribute to the story a bit
-Gym battles were hype as hell
-Legendaries coincide with the story pretty well, and I think all of them are really cool too.
-Character customization got even better and league cards were a fun addition
-thank Christ for the move relearner and nickname rater all in once place in every Pokémon center. A life changer
-pokemon on the overworld are really fun, scary when they chase you, but fun. But some still aren’t seen on the overworld, so there’s still an element of surprise with random encounters

-Wild area was fun to explore, and the weather changes make encounters more interesting, but it felt a little small and empty after awhile.
-Dexit was kind of sad but it didn’t really affect me too much, I like getting new Pokémon each time around anyways. Also the shiny charm is easier to get now.
-I did prefer the elite four over the champion cup, but it was a nice change of pace. Leon actually was a tad challenging too.
-The town graphics look good at least, so that makes up for the Wild area a bit.
-Dynamax and Gigantamax are fun, but don’t really boost much and you can only use it during specific kinds of battles.
-Y-comm is okay, better than the festival plaza but the PSS was unbeatably good

-Not much story until the end, and it was pretty predictable as well
-Hard to get invested in the story too, Sonia was really boring
-Wild area trees still look bad lol
-Team Yell is on par with Team Flare with being the most forgettable enemy team ever
-No GTS, Pokédex filling is more of a hassle now
-EXP share is no longer optional so the game is pretty easy and quick
-Not much postgame at all
-Routes were really straightforward
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  • Marnie
  • Team Yell was somewhat a cool concept minus the character design. I didn't mind that they were cheesy or of no importance.
  • Character development for Bede
  • Music, especially Battle Tower
  • I like all starters (except for Inteleon's design but other than that they're all cool)
  • Thank **** for free Move Relearner
  • Overworld Pokemon are cool
  • I love digging duo for no reason
  • Oleana looks like the first desk Cellist from my school orchestra and I have no idea how to feel about that
  • Champion's Cup was fun and all.... but no E4?
  • Graphics were great some areas, not so great other area
  • Sordward and Shielbert pissed me off more than I get pissed at my sister
  • Story was boring, Bede and Marnie was the only fun part
  • Sonia was great and all... but wish she got more characterization
  • I hate gmax charizard with a PASSION
  • exp share...
  • Routes are boring and Leon's excuse as someone who cannot ****ing navigate a TWO WAY PATH blows my mind


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  • Wild Area. Presents a lot of options very early. Made the Pokedex seem larger than it was. Gives you a reason to return with changing weather.
  • Multiple save files. Hates erasing a first playthrough file. Enables challenge runs without doing that or purchasing another copy.
  • Liked most of the rivals well enough. Grew a bit weary of Hop at the start. Improved as the game progressed (more so in the postgame).
  • League Cards. Learned a bit about the gym leaders before facing them. Amounted to fairly little. Still beats a gym leader you heard nothing about before the battle.
  • Gym Missions. Names the third gym's catching challenge as the best by far.
  • Galarian Forms. Helped Pokemon that never fared well...mostly.
  • Trainer customization. Liked the options in this generation more than the previous. Appreciated the preview for hair styles too.
  • Dynamax. Benefits some Pokemon more than others, but not too bad. Hated that about mega evolutions. Would have liked a larger variety of Dynamax moves, rather than making all offensive Water moves Max Geyser.
  • Pokemon Designs. No strong feelings one way or another, overall.
  • Max Raids (solo). Good idea, bad execution. Cites partners as one gigantic reason. Somehow managed to make Magikarp not the worst or even second worst partner. Dislikes shield charges too. Accepts it on some Pokemon, but not all.
  • "Empty" locations. Remember the Power Plant on Route 3 with the roped-off path leading up to it? The Hulbury Lighthouse? The book, flower, and record shops in Motostoke? The Heroes Bath? All the restaurants? Spikemuth? Wyndon Stadium stalls? Created interesting locations. Became irrelevent immediately. Do something with them. Make the player return to them, investigate them, buy things from them, or send Pokemon into. Wonders if they are like the places under construction in Sun/Moon becoming buildings in Ultra. (Presumes not, given the announcement of downloadable content.)
  • Constant Experience Share. Please give a toggle. Easy.
  • Champion's Cup levels. Marnie's ace: 49. Hop's: 49. (Several trainer battles.) Oleana's: 52. Bede's: 53. Nessa's: 53. Bea's/Allister's: 54. Raihan's: 55. Rose's: 57. Leon's: 65. No trainer battles between the last two. Begins overleveled. Ends underleveled.
  • Rose. Foresaw a problem 1000 years in the future. Solution? Release the monster that bends space-time now. Makes no sense. Feels unrealistic next to more pressing real-world problems today as well.
Rates the game positively overall. Credits the Wild Area and multiple save files for the lion's Pyroar's :pyroar: share of that positive feeling.