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Hey everyone! After pushing out the update to the rules for our Discord server, we're ready to approach another topic: bots.

You may have noticed that we've replaced DynoBot with Auttaja on the server. The primary reason for this is that Auttaja is overall a better moderation bot than DynoBot is. However, Auttaja has a feature called Starboard that we can enable for our server. It's essentially a channel that can be used to re-post any message that gets enough reactions. We can customize the reaction used (although it's primarily done with the ⭐ react) and how many it needs to go into the channel. It sorta functions as a highlight feed for the entire server, driven by what members think about messages. Is this something that you'd like to see on the server?

We'd also like to discuss adding recreational bots to the server. To start with, Rythm is a great bot that allows people to listen to music in voice channels, and we think it would be a fun addition to the server. We'd need to set up clear rules about what standard songs need to be up to and how song selection works, but I think it'd do well with the community.

Another bot the staff has discussed adding is a giveaway bot, where users enter a raffle by reacting to the post and a winner is chosen after a specified amount of time. Prizes could include in-game Pokemon, but we're drawing a blank on other ideas. Possibilities could include things like Discord Nitro or small games, but that would depend on if users/staff are willing to donate those. If you have any other suggestions for potential prizes, let us know!

We haven't really looked in-depth at any more bots, so we'd like to hear suggestions from you guys about what bots you think could do well on the server. Any bot that's added to the server needs to be approved by staff first though, and we don't want to add any more than one (or maybe two) other bots besides the ones we've already listed. Please keep the following guidelines in mind when suggesting a bot:
  • Any bot we add to the server needs to be able to be easily managed by the staff. This is something we'll look into ourselves, but if the but if the bot isn't customizable or is difficult to use, it probably won't be added.
  • We will not add any bots that have NSFW or NSFW-themed commands. Even if it can be disabled, it's not something we want to have on our server.


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I want a music bot. It would so fun to listen to music with other Marri members.