• Smash Camp 2020

    Smash Camp, an event that has run for twelve years, has started once again! Everyone who joins is separated into one of four cabins where you'll compete to earn points through various activities, such as flash games, tournaments, and other events. At the end of camp, the totals will be finalized, and the cabin with the most total points wins. It's an awesome way to have fun with your friends while meeting new people in the process, and is open to anyone, not just members of the Marriland Forums!

    Pre-Camp has officially started, with Camp itself beginning on Monday. It will be taking place exclusively on the Smash Camp Discord, which you may join by clicking here. If you have any questions, feel free to join the server and ask - we hope to see you there!

Performing Arts ⭐️The Meloetta Theater🎭 ~Next Show TBA~


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Nov 2, 2018
Username: Mystical
Availability: (please include timezone) my schedule is a bit irregular but I'm available. Timezone is GMT-5
Discord: you have it
Music/Actor/Both: actor and can sing
Genders/Ages you can play: female or young male or male with high voice idk just try me
Voice type: alto. Not sure about range, though.
Role size: don't care
Who are your ideal roles?: One of Jasmine's friends. In general, support.
Describe yourself in one sentence: I consider myself the big sister type: mostly serious, protective and empathic.
Why are you interested in auditioning?: For fun and because you said you needed actresses so decided to try.
Audition: (Must either send privately in a PM/Discord to DeepSeaPrincess or include here.) Will send it on discord most likely.


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Nov 7, 2018
Inside A Fairy Tale
Athena, Any variant of that
Time Zone
Athena/Sirena Usually
Sadly due to lack of interest, this show will have to be put on hold. Audition applications will be kept open for a future show (so send them in if you're interested in performing), but we simply haven't got enough people to perform Aladdin. If you're interested in us holding your submitted audition for a future show, send a message and we'll keep ya on the list! Thank you to those who signed up, and here's to a future show!
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