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The Newlywed Game! The results have been posted!


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♥ The Newlywed Game ♥
Welcome everyone, to the Newlywed Game! Back by popular request, the Newlywed Game is based off of an American game show. The goal is to see who knows their partner best!

♥ Each couple will be given questions to answer about their partner through PM.
♥ You'll also need to answer each question for yourself.
♥ Once you've received the questions, you can't talk to your partner about them!
♥ I'll compare your answers to what your partner said, and the couple with the most matches wins!

The questions you'll be asked could be things like:

- "What's their favorite color?"
- "What's their least favorite type of ice cream?
- "When did you first meet?"
- "On a scale of 1-10, how much do they like mangoes?"

The questions will be sent out on February 7th, and your answers need to be submitted by February 13th. Late submissions won't be accepted, so make sure to get them in by the deadline! To sign up just post in the thread saying you're going to participate.
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Vult and I are in!


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Kaleb and I are in!


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Brian and I are in.


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Birb and I are in.


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Bubba and I are going to do this, but we'll send answers to Molly.


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Alright, all the PMs have been sent out!! One change from last year is that this time I'm asking everyone to keep their answers secret until the 14th when they're revealed with everyone else's. I know you're all super excited and want to know what your partner said asap, but no spoiling yourself!! Everyone waiting with each other builds the hype :D


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Alright everyone, the results are in!!! Just like last year it's over 30,000 characters so it'll be split up (:
1a. What is Typhlosion's favorite color?
Typhlosion's answer: Red
Biohazard's guess: Blue

1b. What is Biohazard's favorite color?
Biohazard's answer: Purple
Typhlosion's guess: Dark purple (+1)

2a. What is Typhlosion's least favorite food?
Typhlosion's answer: olives
Biohazard's guess: I don't know.

2b. What is Biohazard's least favorite food?
Biohazard's answer: Coriander
Typhlosion's guess: cranberries

3a. What is Typhlosion's favorite starter Pokemon?
Typhlosion's answer: Cyndaquil
Biohazard's guess: Cyndaquil (+1)

3b. What is Biohazard's favorite starter Pokemon?
Biohazard's answer: Snivy
Typhlosion's guess: Charmander

4a. What is the first thing Typhlosion ever said to Biohazard?
Typhlosion's answer: Hey, Luna!
Biohazard's guess: I don't remember.

4b. What is the first thing Biohazard ever said to Typhlosion?
Biohazard's answer: I don't know.
Typhlosion's guess: Do you like Diego Brando?

5a. What is Typhlosion's favorite memory of Biohazard?
Typhlosion's answer: Keeping up with her username changes
Biohazard's guess: I don't know.

5b. What is Biohazard's favorite memory of Typhlosion?
Biohazard's answer: I don't know.
Typhlosion's guess: Accepting her promposal

6a. Is Typhlosion a dog person or a cat person?
Typhlosion's answer: Cat person
Biohazard's guess: Cat person. (+1)

6b. Is Biohazard a dog person or a cat person?
Biohazard's answer: Dog person.
Typhlosion's guess: Cat person

7a. What is Typhlosion's favorite video game?
Typhlosion's answer: Pokemon HeartGold
Biohazard's guess: Pokémon. (+1)

7b. What is Biohazard's favorite video game?
Biohazard's answer: Don’t have any at this moment.
Typhlosion's guess: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 1993

8a. If Typhlosion could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Typhlosion's answer: Jesus of Nazareth
Biohazard's guess: I don’t know.

8b. If Biohazard could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Biohazard's answer: Sorry, but I can’t answer on this one.
Typhlosion's guess: Mary Anning

9a. What's Typhlosion's ideal date?
Typhlosion's answer: Hiking in woods/mountains
Biohazard's guess: I don't know.

9b. What's Biohazard's ideal date?
Biohazard's answer: It’s hard to answer this one.
Typhlosion's guess: going to a comic-con style event

10a. What's Typhlosion's favorite kind of soup?
Typhlosion's answer: Broccoli cheddar
Biohazard's guess: I don't know.

10b. What's Biohazard's favorite kind of soup?
Biohazard's answer: Taco soup.
Typhlosion's guess: chicken noodle

11a. What's Typhlosion's favorite hobby?
Typhlosion's answer: playing Pokemon
Biohazard's guess: I don't know.

11b. What's Biohazard's favorite hobby?
Biohazard's answer: Drawing.
Typhlosion's guess: watching anime

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Typhlosion's answer: Visit a zoo, specifically the reptile house
Biohazard's answer: We would possibly spend time together and maybe play Pokémon together.

13a. Where is Typhlosion's "dream home"?
Typhlosion's answer: Ecruteak City
Biohazard's guess: I don't know.

13b. Where is Biohazard's "dream home"?
Biohazard's answer: As long it is a good home, I can live in it.
Typhlosion's guess: Marine biology research station

14a. What is Typhlosion's favorite holiday?
Typhlosion's answer: Thanksgiving
Biohazard's guess: Christmas.

14b. What is Biohazard's favorite holiday?
Biohazard's answer: Christmas.
Typhlosion's guess: Man idek what holidays they celebrate in Norway

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Typhlosion's answer: 5-10% correct
Biohazard's answer: I didn’t do well to be honest. I don't know about Ben how did. (+1)
1a. What is SarasaKat's favorite color?
SarasaKat's answer: Sunset Orange
Vulture's guess: Orange (+1)

1b. What is Vulture's favorite color?
Vulture's answer: Blue
SarasaKat's guess: Navy Blue (+1)

2a. What is SarasaKat's least favorite food?
SarasaKat's answer: Bold of you to assume Ive tried enough foods to have a least favorite. Peanuts I guess?
Vulture's guess: anything even remotely healthy tbh

2b. What is Vulture's least favorite food?
Vulture's answer: Baked beans
SarasaKat's guess: Gonna go on a complete whim and say Broccoli.

3a. What is SarasaKat's favorite starter Pokemon?
SarasaKat's answer: Fennekin
Vulture's guess: Rowlet

3b. What is Vulture's favorite starter Pokemon?
Vulture's answer: Totodile ~~even tho I’ve never actually used one~~
SarasaKat's guess: Rowlet

4a. What is the first thing SarasaKat ever said to Vulture?
SarasaKat's answer: (Ya really gonna do that to me its been so long) Thullium
Vulture's guess: “Hey”

4b. What is the first thing Vulture ever said to SarasaKat?
Vulture's answer: “Hey”
SarasaKat's guess: Thullium

5a. What is SarasaKat's favorite memory of Vulture?
SarasaKat's answer: Theres so many good ones wtf If I have to choose a specific moment, I’d say its when we discovered that gnome ****. Im awful at names but that thing is such a cryptid, and Im really glad I could laugh so hard with him about it all.
Vulture's guess: “To be honest? I feel the same way about you”

5b. What is Vulture's favorite memory of SarasaKat?
Vulture's answer: every single memory i have of her
SarasaKat's guess: DRG Crystal Caverns Cathedral.

6a. Is SarasaKat a dog person or a cat person?
SarasaKat's answer: Cat
Vulture's guess: ~~a kat person~~ Doggos

6b. Is Vulture a dog person or a cat person?
Vulture's answer: Cattos
SarasaKat's guess: Cat (+1)

7a. What is SarasaKat's favorite video game?
SarasaKat's answer: Ive got a lot, rip Vult having to choose between a bunch Going w A Hat in time for this though.
Vulture's guess: ~~gfl~~ Hat in Time (+1)

7b. What is Vulture's favorite video game?
Vulture's answer: Oneshot
SarasaKat's guess: Crosscode (ik it doesnt count but Im giving myself brownie points if its Oneshot or A Hat in Time) (+.5)

8a. If SarasaKat could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
SarasaKat's answer: vult, ez
Vulture's guess: like the only person we’ve ever talked about who’d fit this category is douglas adams so him I guess

8b. If Vulture could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Vulture's answer: kat
SarasaKat's guess: Me (+1)

9a. What's SarasaKat's ideal date?
SarasaKat's answer: Mostly just playing video games, but then going out at night and watching the stars. Dream scenario is that this is during a meteor shower too.
Vulture's guess: taking a nap together

9b. What's Vulture's ideal date?
Vulture's answer: if it’s with kat any date is the ideal date
SarasaKat's guess: Honestly just, cuddling. Being with me. Under blankets, and just enjoying the others’ presence. (+1)

10a. What's SarasaKat's favorite kind of soup?
SarasaKat's answer: I have never eaten soup
Vulture's guess: kat has literally never eaten soup (+1)

10b. What's Vulture's favorite kind of soup?
Vulture's answer: Mushroom, probably
SarasaKat's guess: Uhhh they have like the british equivalent of Ramen but it isnt ramen its something else
Pot Noodles I wanna say
haha yes

11a. What's SarasaKat's favorite hobby?
SarasaKat's answer: Vult TRPGs (if he puts Dnd or Vultsquest, that’s the same thing)
Vulture's guess: Is sleeping a hobby? probably

11b. What's Vulture's favorite hobby?
Vulture's answer: Tabletop RPG’s
SarasaKat's guess: Videogames

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
SarasaKat's answer: a lot of this would just be us cuddling together under blankets (a heated one too!) and just enjoying eachothers’ presence. Videogames for sure. I know we’ve talked about going out to eat, and I wanna take him to the local zoo. Lots of hugs and kisses and hand holds and cute couple stuff we don’t get to do normally
Vulture's answer: i cannot give the actual answer on a pg-13 forum but 2nd option: nap (+1)

13a. Where is SarasaKat's "dream home"?
SarasaKat's answer: Canadaaaaa
Vulture's guess: Somewhere in Switzerland

13b. Where is Vulture's "dream home"?
Vulture's answer: The same home as Kat
SarasaKat's guess: I don’t think he really has one? I don’t care much, but I think he cares even less. Just like wherever life takes him. (+.5)

14a. What is SarasaKat's favorite holiday?
SarasaKat's answer: (Uhhhhhhh lul fave holiday thats a lie) Halloween
Vulture's guess: Switzerland again tbh

14b. What is Vulture's favorite holiday?
Vulture's answer: ohio to visit kat
SarasaKat's guess: Halloween

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
SarasaKat's answer: Considering I didn’t know my answer to like half of these, it’ll be interesting. I’d wager we did decent, but not amazing.
Vulture's answer: today, i learned that I know nothing about the person i am literally dating
1a. What is DeepSeaPrincess's favorite color?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Pink/Blue
Mirage's guess: Purple

1b. What is Mirage's favorite color?
Mirage's answer: Blue
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: Blue/Red (+1)

2a. What is DeepSeaPrincess's least favorite food?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Cilantro, allergic.
Mirage's guess: Broccoli

2b. What is Mirage's least favorite food?
Mirage's answer: Soup
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: I’m guessing anchovies

3a. What is DeepSeaPrincess's favorite starter Pokemon?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Mudkip <3
Mirage's guess: Litten

3b. What is Mirage's favorite starter Pokemon?
Mirage's answer: Mudkip
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: Mudkip (+1)

4a. What is the first thing DeepSeaPrincess ever said to Mirage?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer:
Probably hey, my typical greeting!
Mirage's guess: Hi! (+.5)

4b. What is the first thing Mirage ever said to DeepSeaPrincess?
Mirage's answer: Hi!
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: Probably also hey (+.5)

5a. What is DeepSeaPrincess's favorite memory of Mirage?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: When I asked him to help me lead POM. I was in a rough place and his response only made me more certain he’d be a good leader.
Mirage's guess: Asking me to run Peace of Mind with her (+1)

5b. What is Mirage's favorite memory of DeepSeaPrincess?
Mirage's answer: Getting asked to run Peace of Mind with her
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: I have a feeling it might be the same event. (+1)

6a. Is DeepSeaPrincess a dog person or a cat person?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Both!
Mirage's guess: Cat

6b. Is Mirage a dog person or a cat person?
Mirage's answer: Dog
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: Dog, I believe. (+1)

7a. What is DeepSeaPrincess's favorite video game?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Kingdom Hearts
Mirage's guess: Pokemon Sapphire Version

7b. What is Mirage's favorite video game?
Mirage's answer: Jak 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: Zelda if I’m remembering right. (+1)

8a. If DeepSeaPrincess could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Julie Andrews, she is my hero and I would love to meet her.
Mirage's guess: Abe Lincoln

8b. If Mirage could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Mirage's answer: Steve Nash
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: I’m gonna guess Freddy Mercury because music

9a. What's DeepSeaPrincess's ideal date?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: A meal of some sort, then going somewhere fun like a theme park, movie, or event.
Mirage's guess: As long as I'm with my girlfriend, I don't care what we do.

9b. What's Mirage's ideal date?
Mirage's answer: Honestly, go out to eat at a nice place and play some video games afterwards, like Mario Kart and Smash.
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: A coffee and a movie

10a. What's DeepSeaPrincess's favorite kind of soup?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: I love me some cheesy potato
Mirage's guess: Chicken noodle soup

10b. What's Mirage's favorite kind of soup?
Mirage's answer: Chicken noodle soup
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: I have no idea so I’ma guess clam chowder.

11a. What's DeepSeaPrincess's favorite hobby?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Singing of course!
Mirage's guess: Music, like singing, and performing (+1)

11b. What's Mirage's favorite hobby?
Mirage's answer: Video games
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: Writing

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Probably hang out a coffee shop and chat.
Mirage's answer: Say hi and probably give her a quick hug

13a. Where is DeepSeaPrincess's "dream home"?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Somewhere in France or the US, just needs to be a place that has sunlight.
Mirage's guess: By the ocean

13b. Where is Mirage's "dream home"?
Mirage's answer: Somewhere in Japan
DeepSeaPrincess's guess: I’m thinking the US

14a. What is DeepSeaPrincess's favorite holiday?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: CHRISTMAS
Mirage's guess: Christmas (+1)

14b. What is Mirage's favorite holiday?
Mirage's answer: I have none
DeepSeaPrincess's guess:
I’m gonna guess Christmas as well

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
DeepSeaPrincess's answer: Probably well on his end, ok on mine!
Mirage's answer: We did ok (+1)
1a. What is ~Kilza~'s favorite color?
~Kilza~'s answer: Red
smoky's guess: red (+1)

1b. What is smoky's favorite color?
smoky's answer: light blue
~Kilza~'s guess: Blue (+1)

2a. What is ~Kilza~'s least favorite food?
~Kilza~'s answer: Onions. They are disgusting.
smoky's guess: probably hawaiin rolls :hmmazurill:

2b. What is smoky's least favorite food?
smoky's answer: anything healthy lol
~Kilza~'s guess: Man, he has like a million different foods he dislikes, so it could be anything. I'll just say vegetables. Like, all of them. (+.5)

3a. What is ~Kilza~'s favorite starter Pokemon?
~Kilza~'s answer: Mudkip :mudkip:
smoky's guess: mudkip (+1)

3b. What is smoky's favorite starter Pokemon?
smoky's answer: chikorita
~Kilza~'s guess: Chikorita for some strange reason :chikorita: (+1)

4a. What is the first thing ~Kilza~ ever said to smoky?
~Kilza~'s answer: "s-e-x-t-i-n-g"
smoky's guess: probs "hey" lol

4b. What is the first thing smoky ever said to ~Kilza~?
smoky's answer: i think it was somethin really sad and depressing in sensitive talk on nebbys but i might be wrong
~Kilza~'s guess: Pretty sure the first thing he said to me would've been in Discord. Earliest I can find through lazy search is "good job Kilza".

5a. What is ~Kilza~'s favorite memory of smoky?
~Kilza~'s answer: Our massive G&OR post fest on Azurilland during October 27, 2017.
smoky's guess: i'd imagine the same thing or him yelling at me to go into therapy lol (+1)

5b. What is smoky's favorite memory of ~Kilza~?
smoky's answer: spamfests
~Kilza~'s guess: Same thing (Oct. 27, 2017 post fest) (+1)

6a. Is ~Kilza~ a dog person or a cat person?
~Kilza~'s answer: uh, cat I guess
smoky's guess: i think cat person? (+1)

6b. Is smoky a dog person or a cat person?
smoky's answer: doggooo
~Kilza~'s guess: Dog (+1)

7a. What is ~Kilza~'s favorite video game?
~Kilza~'s answer: Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
smoky's guess: either pokemon or that red dead game he was talking about once idk what it was called tbh lol

7b. What is smoky's favorite video game?
smoky's answer: sims 4 or pokemon crystal
~Kilza~'s guess: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

8a. If ~Kilza~ could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
~Kilza~'s answer: Honestly, this is tough since I truly don't know. There's like a bunch of different people I'd pick from. Maybe Connor McDavid?
smoky's guess: connor mcdavid or Andrei Vasilevski, the starting goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning (+1)

8b. If smoky could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
smoky's answer: taylor swift
~Kilza~'s guess: Taylor Swift (+1)

9a. What's ~Kilza~'s ideal date?
~Kilza~'s answer: uh, going to an Oilers game, just chilling out with each other afterwards by playing some videya games or something
smoky's guess: maybe a nice restaurant? (i'd imagine an olive garden or cheesecake factory or something along the lines of those)

9b. What's smoky's ideal date?
smoky's answer: sweatpants, a movie,
~Kilza~'s guess: Just spending time with his partner and having lots of fun, like going to a concert or playing video games or something (+.5)

10a. What's ~Kilza~'s favorite kind of soup?
~Kilza~'s answer: Haven't had many soups but chicken noodle soup's pretty good.
smoky's guess: chicken noodle? i dont really know soups lol (+1)

10b. What's smoky's favorite kind of soup?
smoky's answer: none bc im picky af lol
~Kilza~'s guess: He's pretty picky so I'd imagine he doesn't have a favorite soup, lol (+1)

11a. What's ~Kilza~'s favorite hobby?
~Kilza~'s answer: Watching hockey
smoky's guess: watching hockey or coding (+1)

11b. What's smoky's favorite hobby?
smoky's answer: listening to music and drawing
~Kilza~'s guess: Listening to music (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
~Kilza~'s answer: uh, I guess it depends where and when we met up. Just to make things simple, let's just go with "go to an Oilers game".
smoky's answer: we've talked a lot about this if he doesnt answer the same as me im gonna crie. basicallyyyy, we'd go to a concert (probably kesha or t swift) and a hockey game. i'd personally like to meet Andrei Vasilevski, the starting goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning, but that might be a stretch (+1)

13a. Where is ~Kilza~'s "dream home"?
~Kilza~'s answer: Honestly, my dream home is where I live right now. This is where my heart is, there is where I belong.
smoky's guess: probably a traditional ranch house with his family

13b. Where is smoky's "dream home"?
smoky's answer: i'd love to live in a really modern house in a big city
~Kilza~'s guess: Probably in Canada near me.

14a. What is ~Kilza~'s favorite holiday?
~Kilza~'s answer: Christmas
smoky's guess: im like 99% sure kilza aint big on holidays but i think christmas (+1)

14b. What is smoky's favorite holiday?
smoky's answer: christmas
~Kilza~'s guess: Christmas (+1)

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
~Kilza~'s answer: I think we did alright.
smoky's answer: i think we did great and if we didnt im gonna crie <:3 (+.5)
1a. What is mfan168's favorite color?
mfan168's answer: blue
Zange's guess: Blue (+1)

1b. What is Zange's favorite color?
Zange's answer: Green
mfan168's guess: purple

2a. What is mfan168's least favorite food?
mfan168's answer: tuna
Zange's guess: Raisins

2b. What is Zange's least favorite food?
Zange's answer: Beef
mfan168's guess: olives

3a. What is mfan168's favorite starter Pokemon?
mfan168's answer: Snivy
Zange's guess: Cyndaquil

3b. What is Zange's favorite starter Pokemon?
Zange's answer: Bulbasaur
mfan168's guess: Rowlet

4a. What is the first thing mfan168 ever said to Zange?
mfan168's answer: it’s been 3 and a half years idr, probably something on skype
Zange's guess: Also was probably mafia-releated

4b. What is the first thing Zange ever said to mfan168?
Zange's answer: I don't remember but it was probably mafia-related
mfan168's guess: see above

5a. What is mfan168's favorite memory of Zange?
mfan168's answer: when we were finally able to talk about something that happened a long time ago in a non-awkward fashion. I was glad that all the tension between us went away, and it made me feel extremely grateful to be her friend
Zange's guess: Probably anything that happened after we became friends again (long story)

5b. What is Zange's favorite memory of mfan168?
Zange's answer: When he tricked one of our mutual friends into saying they were giving a quote to him
mfan168's guess: see above

6a. Is mfan168 a dog person or a cat person?
mfan168's answer: cat
Zange's guess: Cat person (+1)

6b. Is Zange a dog person or a cat person?
Zange's answer: Cat person
mfan168's guess: cat (+1)

7a. What is mfan168's favorite video game?
mfan168's answer: Smash Bros
Zange's guess: Super Mario Galaxy

7b. What is Zange's favorite video game?
Zange's answer: Pokemon X
mfan168's guess: Danganronpa

8a. If mfan168 could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
mfan168's answer: Alex Hirsch
Zange's guess: Thomas Jefferson

8b. If Zange could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Zange's answer: Alexander Hamilton
mfan168's guess: some Kalafina singer

9a. What's mfan168's ideal date?
mfan168's answer: movie then a dinner
Zange's guess: Board game night

9b. What's Zange's ideal date?
Zange's answer: Stay-in movie night... No one else to bug me and my date, and I can do as much lovey-dovey crap as I damn please lmao
mfan168's guess: somewhere exciting

10a. What's mfan168's favorite kind of soup?
mfan168's answer: chicken noodle
Zange's guess: Chicken noodle (+1)

10b. What's Zange's favorite kind of soup?
Zange's answer: Tomato
mfan168's guess: see above

11a. What's mfan168's favorite hobby?
mfan168's answer: watching anime
Zange's guess: Video games

11b. What's Zange's favorite hobby?
Zange's answer: A tie between music and dubbing
mfan168's guess: see above, or acting/singing (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
mfan168's answer: hang out in Chicago
Zange's answer: Probably just hang out and stuff... Playing games, getting food, etc. Though if he came here and it was a Thursday, there's band concerts on the square in my town, so we'd go see that, too. (+1)

13a. Where is mfan168's "dream home"?
mfan168's answer: nice house close to a city
Zange's guess: Any place where he can live by himself

13b. Where is Zange's "dream home"?
Zange's answer: Something with seemingly endless halls and rooms, located somewhere quiet
mfan168's guess: see above

14a. What is mfan168's favorite holiday?
mfan168's answer: Halloween
Zange's guess: Halloween (+1)

14b. What is Zange's favorite holiday?
Zange's answer: Christmas
mfan168's guess: Christmas (+1)

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
mfan168's answer: not so hot, but not a bad thing
Zange's answer: Probably not that well... Ahaha... (+1)
1a. What is Revan's favorite color?
Revan's answer: Royal Blue
theDINOsaurus's guess: Blue (+1)

1b. What is theDINOsaurus's favorite color?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Turquoise!!! Or blue in general
Revan's guess: Turquoise (+1)

2a. What is Revan's least favorite food?
Revan's answer: Sweet potatoes
theDINOsaurus's guess: YAMS (if he says meat I’m calling him out bc he liked chicken nuggets as a kid he just doesn’t EAT it anymore) (+1)

2b. What is theDINOsaurus's least favorite food?
theDINOsaurus's answer: yams
Revan's guess: Sweet potatoes (+1)

3a. What is Revan's favorite starter Pokemon?
Revan's answer: Chikorita
theDINOsaurus's guess: Also Chikorita (or Greninja if we talking fully evolved) (+1)

3b. What is theDINOsaurus's favorite starter Pokemon?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Chikorita!!!!! <3
Revan's guess: Chikorita (+1)

4a. What is the first thing Revan ever said to theDINOsaurus?
Revan's answer: Do you play Legend of Zelda games? I know there was talk about video games (kinda lol) last night in the Azuri discord so I'm just curious. I only really play LoZ, Pokemon, and Star Wars video games. xD
theDINOsaurus's guess:
In private conversation it was “Do you play Legend of Zelda games? I know there was talk about video games (kinda lol) last night in the Azuri discord so I'm just curious. I only really play LoZ, Pokemon, and Star Wars video games. xD” lol

In person idk probably “hi” we were awkward. (+1)

4b. What is the first thing theDINOsaurus ever said to Revan?
theDINOsaurus's answer: The actual first thing was something in TSI but the archive is too painful to try to search through all of that so uh. First thing in private conversation was “I've played part of Four Swords Adventure, but otherwise I've never really had much experience with them! One of these days I should probably look into them more to see if I think I'd enjoy them. I know the fans really love them.”

In person idk probably “hi” we were awkward.
Revan's guess: I've played part of Four Swords Adventure, but otherwise I've never really had much experience with them! One of these days I should probably look into them more to see if I think I'd enjoy them. I know the fans really love them. (+1)

5a. What is Revan's favorite memory of theDINOsaurus?
Revan's answer: Going to the Field Museum with her
theDINOsaurus's guess: When I held his hand at the zoo

5b. What is theDINOsaurus's favorite memory of Revan?
theDINOsaurus's answer: This is hard but if I HAVE to choose then when I called him by his first name for the first time at the zoo after several days of him badly hinting that he wanted me to say it lol. His reaction was really cute he was like :0 and then :blushazurill:
Revan's guess: My reaction when she called me by my real name for the first time (+1)

6a. Is Revan a dog person or a cat person?
Revan's answer: Cat, if I had to choose.
theDINOsaurus's guess: He likes both but I think he prefers cats (+1)

6b. Is theDINOsaurus a dog person or a cat person?
theDINOsaurus's answer: BOTH I CAN’T CHOOSE
Revan's guess: Cat, but she loves both (+.5)

7a. What is Revan's favorite video game?
Revan's answer: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
theDINOsaurus's guess: Legend of Zelda would be my guess sweats. He also likes KOTOR and Black/White is his favorite Pokemon game. (+1)

7b. What is theDINOsaurus's favorite video game?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attrorney - Trials and Tribulations
Revan's guess: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations (+1)

8a. If Revan could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Revan's answer: Christy
theDINOsaurus's guess: I honestly have no idea lol. Alexander Hamilton??? Or maybe some famous scientist.

8b. If theDINOsaurus could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Uhhh I don’t even know how to answer this for myself tbh. Alexander or Eliza Hamilton would be cool...
Revan's guess: Me

9a. What's Revan's ideal date?
Revan's answer: Going to a zoo and eating a meal with my date, then spending time relaxing with them in the evening
theDINOsaurus's guess: Probably the same thing basically (+1)

9b. What's theDINOsaurus's ideal date?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Going out to do something fun like going to a park or a museum, eating together (either out or at home) and coming home to hang out and cuddle...
Revan's guess: Going to a museum/zoo for the day followed by dinner (+1)

10a. What's Revan's favorite kind of soup?
Revan's answer: Potato Soup
theDINOsaurus's guess: (my) potato soup (+1)

10b. What's theDINOsaurus's favorite kind of soup?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Potato soup!!!
Revan's guess: Potato Soup (+1)

11a. What's Revan's favorite hobby?
Revan's answer: Playing video games
theDINOsaurus's guess: Hanging out with me :P Really, playing video games also probably. He also reads Star Wars books. (+1)

11b. What's theDINOsaurus's favorite hobby?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Playing video games tbh. Also writing when I have the time and energy.
Revan's guess: Playing video games (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Revan's answer: Well we’ve already met so…go to museums and to the zoo, see a movie or a musical, etc.
theDINOsaurus's answer: Idk hypothetically (;P) we’d probably like go to museums and zoos and aquariums and stuff like that. Just kind of explore and enjoy whatever city we’re in!! We’d also both be stubborn about who decides where we eat lol. (+1)

13a. Where is Revan's "dream home"?
Revan's answer: A two story house living with my wife, my kids, and 1-3 pets. I’d like it to be in the suburbs but I’m not picky about that. I want to live where it's not nasty in the winter.
theDINOsaurus's guess: wherever I am ;D (Texas)

13b. Where is theDINOsaurus's "dream home"?
theDINOsaurus's answer: I’d like to stay in Texas I think, but the where doesn’t matter so much as being near my loved ones.
Revan's guess: A house with her husband, kids, and pets (cats and a dog), most likely in Texas. (+1)

14a. What is Revan's favorite holiday?
Revan's answer: Christmas
theDINOsaurus's guess: also Christmas (+1)

14b. What is theDINOsaurus's favorite holiday?
theDINOsaurus's answer: Christmas!!!!!
Revan's guess: Christmas (+1)

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Revan's answer: Pretty well
theDINOsaurus's answer: I’d say we should do pretty well but we’ll see!! (+1)
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1a. What is Thundawave's favorite color?
Thundawave's answer: Pink
Rydia's guess: No clue, purple?

1b. What is Rydia's favorite color?
Rydia's answer: Red
Thundawave's guess: Red (+1)

2a. What is Thundawave's least favorite food?
Thundawave's answer: Mushrooms
Rydia's guess: I know she doesn't like cilantro so let's go with that.

2b. What is Rydia's least favorite food?
Rydia's answer: I'd probably say peas.
Thundawave's guess: Random guess for cole slaw.

3a. What is Thundawave's favorite starter Pokemon?
Thundawave's answer: Primarina
Rydia's guess: Primarina and/or Oshawott (+1)

3b. What is Rydia's favorite starter Pokemon?
Rydia's answer: Primarina/Mudkip
Thundawave's guess: Venusaur?

4a. What is the first thing Thundawave ever said to Rydia?
Thundawave's answer: Something random in the Dark Side? Maybe?
Rydia's guess: No clue, I'm gonna go with "Hey there"

4b. What is the first thing Rydia ever said to Thundawave?
Rydia's answer: No clue, I'm gonna go with "Hey there"
Thundawave's guess:
Probably CnC on my first sig that I made and showed to people on 4P: “Damn, that looks amazing for a first Sig. Right now, what I would do is try to avoid making the right side too bright. It distracts from the actual render too much. Other than that, just listen to Klashfaq. I'm sure he has more to offer than me.

I might even request one sometime :p”

5a. What is Thundawave's favorite memory of Rydia?
Thundawave's answer: Fangurls UwU
Rydia's guess: Me showing Regine some things on how to GFX when she first started.

5b. What is Rydia's favorite memory of Thundawave?
Rydia's answer: Me showing Regine some things on how to GFX when she first started.
Thundawave's guess: Fangurls UwU

6a. Is Thundawave a dog person or a cat person?
Thundawave's answer: Cat
Rydia's guess: Doggo?

6b. Is Rydia a dog person or a cat person?
Rydia's answer: Doggo
Thundawave's guess: Doggo (+1)

7a. What is Thundawave's favorite video game?
Thundawave's answer: Osu!
Rydia's guess: Osu (+1)

7b. What is Rydia's favorite video game?
Rydia's answer: Final Fantasy XIV for overall favorite.
Thundawave's guess: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

8a. If Thundawave could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Thundawave's answer: Jaye :hmmazurill:
Rydia's guess: I have no clue, I'm gonna say like, Michael Jackson too because I can't think of anybody else.
8b. If Rydia could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Rydia's answer: Michael Jackson seems like a dude that would be pretty chill.
Thundawave's guess: Probably some game designer person.

9a. What's Thundawave's ideal date?
Thundawave's answer: Walk around somewhere interesting, eat, and talk a lot
Rydia's guess: Idk, going to the beach or something?

9b. What's Rydia's ideal date?
Rydia's answer: Assuming that money is not an issue: I would rent a private jet, go to Hawaii and spend time there, go to Disneyworld and spend time there, and get a fat dinner of everything I like.
Thundawave's guess: Playing video games together

10a. What's Thundawave's favorite kind of soup?
Thundawave's answer: Clam chowder
Rydia's guess: Chicken Noodle Soup possibly

10b. What's Rydia's favorite kind of soup?
Rydia's answer: Clam chowder would probably be it.
Thundawave's guess: Chicken Noodle? Probably?

11a. What's Thundawave's favorite hobby?
Thundawave's answer: Dance
Rydia's guess: Dancing, GFX (+1)

11b. What's Rydia's favorite hobby?
Rydia's answer: Video games, drawing, GFX
Thundawave's guess: Video games (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Thundawave's answer: Art and video games. Maybe walk around if wherever we're meeting is interesting.
Rydia's answer: Nowherevile probably doesn't have **** to do, so I'm gonna take the better of the two and say that Regine will be in Cali with me. So I'd bring her to sightseeing and bring her around to places that she probably doesn't get a chance to see a lot. And then we're going to KBBQ after whether she likes it or not. (+.5)

13a. Where is Thundawave's "dream home"?
Thundawave's answer: Anywhere that's not the middle of nowhere. Hopefully in or near a big city.
Rydia's guess: Hawaii? That's like a default for any question of this type. (+.5)

13b. Where is Rydia's "dream home"?
Rydia's answer: Some big ass house near the beach but without all the traffic or inconveniences that come with it which is unrealistic but it's a "dream house" so I can say that.
Thundawave's guess: City?

14a. What is Thundawave's favorite holiday?
Thundawave's answer: Christmas
Rydia's guess: I feel like I've heard this before. I'm going to guess Halloween.

14b. What is Rydia's favorite holiday?
Rydia's answer: Lunar New Year because $$$
Thundawave's guess: Christmas?

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Thundawave's answer: Both pretty okay-ish? UwU??????
Rydia's answer: Amazing. UwU/10. (+1 for the matching UwUs)
1a. What is Pendraflare's favorite color?
Pendraflare's answer: Blue.
Fafrir's guess: Crimson (Dark red)

1b. What is Fafrir's favorite color?
Fafrir's answer: Any shades of green
Pendraflare's guess: Red.

2a. What is Pendraflare's least favorite food?
Pendraflare's answer: Hm, there aren't really any significant foods to come to mind that I seriously dislike, but anything with barbeque sauce. I'm sorry, I just can't take that stuff.
Fafrir's guess: Anchovies

2b. What is Fafrir's least favorite food?
Fafrir's answer: Onions
Pendraflare's guess: Sweet types of food perhaps? I don't know, she strikes me as the kind who wouldn't like that stuff.

3a. What is Pendraflare's favorite starter Pokemon?
Pendraflare's answer: Popplio.
Fafrir's guess: Oshawott

3b. What is Fafrir's favorite starter Pokemon?
Fafrir's answer: Greninja (if it's first stage then Froakie)
Pendraflare's guess: Snivy.

4a. What is the first thing Pendraflare ever said to Fafrir?
Pendraflare's answer: I don't remember, but it was probably something in a PokeCasual Club in 2015 or so.
Fafrir's guess: Welcome to the club! (+1)

4b. What is the first thing Fafrir ever said to Pendraflare?
Fafrir's answer: Hello
Pendraflare's guess: Similarly.

5a. What is Pendraflare's favorite memory of Fafrir?
Pendraflare's answer: Hard for me to really say, perhaps some time in a club where we were happy for each other over something special, I dunno.
Fafrir's guess: Probably chatting in the Rift. (+1)

5b. What is Fafrir's favorite memory of Pendraflare?
Fafrir's answer: Probably chatting in the Rift.
Pendraflare's guess: Similarly. (+1)

6a. Is Pendraflare a dog person or a cat person?
Pendraflare's answer: A cat person.
Fafrir's guess: Cat (+1)

6b. Is Fafrir a dog person or a cat person?
Fafrir's answer: Dog
Pendraflare's guess: A dog person. (+1)

7a. What is Pendraflare's favorite video game?
Pendraflare's answer: Just Pokémon in general, I don't have a specific favorite of them and haven't really played that much in recent times.
Fafrir's guess: Pokemon Black and White 2 (+1)

7b. What is Fafrir's favorite video game?
Fafrir's answer: Don't have one but I like Smash Ultimate, Octopath Traveler, and Spyro 3 a lot.
Pendraflare's guess:
Similarly. But if I had to guess I recall her saying Gen V was her favorite, maybe that's changed…

8a. If Pendraflare could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Pendraflare's answer: A given writer or game designer.
Fafrir's guess: Probably a football player from NFL.

8b. If Fafrir could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Fafrir's answer: Ken Sugimori or Charles Martinette
Pendraflare's guess: A given artist.

9a. What's Pendraflare's ideal date?
Pendraflare's answer: Somewhere that's pretty and well decorated.
Fafrir's guess: A movie theatre

9b. What's Fafrir's ideal date?
Fafrir's answer: Attending a fan expo
Pendraflare's guess: Somewhere that's artistic, or flowery.

10a. What's Pendraflare's favorite kind of soup?
Pendraflare's answer: Chili, if that counts. If not, then chicken noodle.
Fafrir's guess: Chicken Noodle, idk.

10b. What's Fafrir's favorite kind of soup?
Fafrir's answer: Italian Wedding
Pendraflare's guess: Vegetable.

11a. What's Pendraflare's favorite hobby?
Pendraflare's answer: Writing.
Fafrir's guess: Watching sports

11b. What's Fafrir's favorite hobby?
Fafrir's answer: Drawing, art in general
Pendraflare's guess: Making artwork, ie drawing. (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Pendraflare's answer: Probably go to a park or art museum. Or any of the other big landmarks! Whether in Saskatchewan or Philly, there's plenty of those.
Fafrir's answer: Probably hang out, go shopping, eat out. (+.5)

13a. Where is Pendraflare's "dream home"?
Pendraflare's answer: A well sized house near the city with some free space.
Fafrir's guess: Maybe a mansion with a pool.

13b. Where is Fafrir's "dream home"?
Fafrir's answer: Anything in the Gothic style or a castle.
Pendraflare's guess: A moderately sized house near a meadow or hills.

14a. What is Pendraflare's favorite holiday?
Pendraflare's answer: Christmas.
Fafrir's guess: Christmas (+1)

14b. What is Fafrir's favorite holiday?
Fafrir's answer: Christmas
Pendraflare's guess: Same. (I dunno, probably the safest pick) (+1)

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Pendraflare's answer: Considering how unspecific and phoned in my answers were, probably not very good, haha.
Fafrir's answer: Hopefully at least 8.
1a. What is Wheegalure's favorite color?
Wheegalure's answer: Yellow
Flo's guess: Blue

1b. What is Flo's favorite color?
Flo's answer: Purple
Wheegalure's guess: Purple (+1)

2a. What is Wheegalure's least favorite food?
Wheegalure's answer: Seafood
Flo's guess: uhhh also olives

2b. What is Flo's least favorite food?
Flo's answer: **** i don't know this uhhhh Olives
Wheegalure's guess: uhhh idk. I’ll say he also hates seafood for he is a good individual

3a. What is Wheegalure's favorite starter Pokemon?
Wheegalure's answer: Is this just the baby or the line? If it is the baby, Treecko, if not, Sceptile
Flo's guess: Bulbasaur

3b. What is Flo's favorite starter Pokemon?
Flo's answer: Fennekin
Wheegalure's guess: baby: Mudkip. not: grovyle

4a. What is the first thing Wheegalure ever said to Flo?
Wheegalure's answer: I think the first time we actually talked we were talking about how bad mario party 5 is.
Flo's guess: Let's go Gamers

4b. What is the first thing Flo ever said to Wheegalure?
Flo's answer: Wanna play Mario Party
Wheegalure's guess: Same thing, we were just ragging on mario party 5. (+.5)

5a. What is Wheegalure's favorite memory of Flo?
Wheegalure's answer: Playing mario party with him, and also the epic fortnite duos
Flo's guess: Playing Mario Party/Fortnite (+1)

5b. What is Flo's favorite memory of Wheegalure?
Flo's answer: Playing Mario Party/Fortnite
Wheegalure's guess: Playing mario party with me, and also the epic fortnite duos (+1)

6a. Is Wheegalure a dog person or a cat person?
Wheegalure's answer: Dog
Flo's guess: Dog (+1)

6b. Is Flo a dog person or a cat person?
Flo's answer: Dog
Wheegalure's guess: Dog (+1)

7a. What is Wheegalure's favorite video game?
Wheegalure's answer: Super Mario Odyssey
Flo's guess: Super Mario Odyssey (+1)

7b. What is Flo's favorite video game?
Flo's answer: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers
Wheegalure's guess: Shantae: Half Genie Hero

8a. If Wheegalure could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Wheegalure's answer: my daddy, Kirk Cousins
Flo's guess: Keanu Reeves

8b. If Flo could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Flo's answer: Cristina Vee
Wheegalure's guess: dude who sang for mcr

9a. What's Wheegalure's ideal date?
Wheegalure's answer: amusement park
Flo's guess: Gaming

9b. What's Flo's ideal date?
Flo's answer: Gaming
Wheegalure's guess: movies

10a. What's Wheegalure's favorite kind of soup?
Wheegalure's answer: Chicken Noodle
Flo's guess: Chicken Broth (+.5)

10b. What's Flo's favorite kind of soup?
Flo's answer: Chicken and Vegetable
Wheegalure's guess: Tomato

11a. What's Wheegalure's favorite hobby?
Wheegalure's answer: Gaming
Flo's guess: Gaming (+1)

11b. What's Flo's favorite hobby?
Flo's answer: Gaming
Wheegalure's guess: Gaming (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Wheegalure's answer: Chill prob play some smash bros or some ****
Flo's answer: Play Mario Party/Fortnite (+1)

13a. Where is Wheegalure's "dream home"?
Wheegalure's answer: San Diego
Flo's guess: America (+.5)

13b. Where is Flo's "dream home"?
Flo's answer: England
Wheegalure's guess: **** he prob chillin somewhere over there. Prob somewhere nice in london (+.5)

14a. What is Wheegalure's favorite holiday?
Wheegalure's answer: Christmas
Flo's guess: Christmas (+1)

14b. What is Flo's favorite holiday?
Flo's answer: Christmas
Wheegalure's guess: Christmas (+1)

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Wheegalure's answer: probably got like half for both of us
Flo's answer: Dog
1a. What is Neb's favorite color?
Neb's answer: Light Orange. It’s a warm color that is also pleasant to look at.
Azuviin's guess: Blue

1b. What is Azuviin's favorite color?
Azuviin's answer: Purple
Neb's guess: Purple. I remember that from her AMA. (+1)

2a. What is Neb's least favorite food?
Neb's answer: Raw broccoli. It tastes like leaves to me.
Azuviin's guess: Instant ramen?

2b. What is Azuviin's least favorite food?
Azuviin's answer: Spinach
Neb's guess: Anything spicy.

3a. What is Neb's favorite starter Pokemon?
Neb's answer: Oshawott. I love it’s design and got a local artist to do a sketch of one. It holds a lot of sentimental value to me.
Azuviin's guess: Rowlett

3b. What is Azuviin's favorite starter Pokemon?
Azuviin's answer: Chimchar
Neb's guess: Chimchar. It was her first starter and one she listed as one of her favorite Pokémon. (+1)

4a. What is the first thing Neb ever said to Azuviin?
Neb's answer: I complimented her for her artwork back on Azurilland. What I said word for word, I don’t remember.
Azuviin's guess: A hello message in a PM I don't remember the exact words

4b. What is the first thing Azuviin ever said to Neb?
Azuviin's answer: Hello back to the hello message he sent me
Neb's guess: “Thank you for the kind words!”

5a. What is Neb's favorite memory of Azuviin?
Neb's answer: Playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart online! It was lots of fun.
Azuviin's guess: Uhh, I'll go with animal crossing as well (+1)

5b. What is Azuviin's favorite memory of Neb?
Azuviin's answer: Playing Animal Crossing together was fun!
Neb's guess: I imagine it’s the same as mine since she seemed to have fun too. (+1)

6a. Is Neb a dog person or a cat person?
Neb's answer: Living with both dogs and cats growing up made me extremely fond of both animals, but I lean slightly towards cats. They’re easier to take care of and can be just as friendly as dogs if they become attached to you.
Azuviin's guess: Dog

6b. Is Azuviin a dog person or a cat person?
Azuviin's answer: Cat
Neb's guess: I’m guessing cats. Their reserved temperament seem to fit her well. (+1)

7a. What is Neb's favorite video game?
Neb's answer: Shovel Knight! It’s an amazing callback to the 8-bit era with awesome controls, level design, and music. I’m also nostalgic to it since it was the first “difficult” game I beat on my own.
Azuviin's guess: Shovel Knight (+1)

7b. What is Azuviin's favorite video game?
Azuviin's answer: Pokemon
Neb's guess: She seems to really like Pokémon Platinum. That and the fact it was her first video game. (+1)

8a. If Neb could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Neb's answer: Aside from my late Uncle James, I’d say Martin Luther King Jr. He lived a very interesting life, and it would amazing to learn about it from his perspective.
Azuviin's guess: I've got zero clue

8b. If Azuviin could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Azuviin's answer: No one
Neb's guess: That’s a hard one. I’d guess an artist she really admires.

9a. What's Neb's ideal date?
Neb's answer: A dinner at a casual restaurant and a long walk afterwards. Nothing too fancy or over the top.
Azuviin's guess: Maybe a quiet date without many people around? At home or a cafe since he likes (+1)

9b. What's Azuviin's ideal date?
Azuviin's answer: In a cafe probably
Neb's guess: I’m guessing getting bubble tea and then watching a movie. (+.5)

10a. What's Neb's favorite kind of soup?
Neb's answer: Egg Flour! It’s my favorite part of eating at Chinese restaurants.
Azuviin's guess: Chicken soup

10b. What's Azuviin's favorite kind of soup?
Azuviin's answer: Chicken soup
Neb's guess: Miso soup? I’m not really sure.

11a. What's Neb's favorite hobby?
Neb's answer: I have so many, but my favorite is sitting back and enjoying a good video game. It’s both relaxing and exciting.
Azuviin's guess: Video games (+1)

11b. What's Azuviin's favorite hobby?
Azuviin's answer: Art
Neb's guess: That’s an easy one. Creating art! (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Neb's answer: Depends on where we’d meet. If she was in America, I’d show her around. If I was in Australia, she’d probably show me places.
Azuviin's answer: Taking a walk/play video games? (+.5)

13a. Where is Neb's "dream home"?
Neb's answer: A small house outside of a Japanese City like Sapporo.
Azuviin's guess: Japan (+1)

13b. Where is Azuviin's "dream home"?
Azuviin's answer: Seoul
Neb's guess: A quiet house where she could decorate both her and other people’s artwork.

14a. What is Neb's favorite holiday?
Neb's answer: Valentines Day. It’s my birthday, and has an interesting history.
Azuviin's guess: I think he wants to go to Japan the most

14b. What is Azuviin's favorite holiday?
Azuviin's answer: Cairns
Neb's guess: I don’t think she really celebrates holidays. Maybe Chinese New Year?

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Neb's answer: I’m pretty confident with most of my answers, but I’m not sure how well she did. Hopefully she did well!
Azuviin's answer: No, and that's mostly my fault because I don't talk a lot lol. I didn't know my own answers for at least half of these
1a. What is Calliope's favorite color?
Calliope's answer: Blue
Jiaozi's guess: Blue (+1)

1b. What is Jiaozi's favorite color?
Jiaozi's answer: Smaragdine. I'm only saying this to sabotage Mari. She'll find it hilarious
Calliope's guess: Green (+.5)

2a. What is Calliope's least favorite food?
Calliope's answer: Bitter melon
Jiaozi's guess: Cloth

2b. What is Jiaozi's least favorite food?
Jiaozi's answer: Cement
Calliope's guess: Cilantro

3a. What is Calliope's favorite starter Pokemon?
Calliope's answer: Piplup
Jiaozi's guess: Piplup (+1)

3b. What is Jiaozi's favorite starter Pokemon?
Jiaozi's answer: Turtwig
Calliope's guess: Tepig

4a. What is the first thing Calliope ever said to Jiaozi?
Calliope's answer: ”Yes. Definitely.”
Jiaozi's guess: Hello

4b. What is the first thing Jiaozi ever said to Calliope?
Jiaozi's answer: Hi
Calliope's guess: Asking to join an old PJO RP

5a. What is Calliope's favorite memory of Jiaozi?
Calliope's answer: Skype calls during the summer of 2016
Jiaozi's guess: leaving me lol <3
idk joining back to imh maybe? maybe talking to her again?

5b. What is Jiaozi's favorite memory of Calliope?
Jiaozi's answer: Honestly, there was a period of time when I felt like Mari was one of my dearest friends. I had just transferred to a new school with a set of nonexistent social skills. Additionally, few on the forums really even tolerated me. My favorite memory isn't an exact, precise moment, but rather, my favorite memory is that feeling
Calliope's guess: Skype calls during the summer of 2016

6a. Is Calliope a dog person or a cat person?
Calliope's answer: Cat person
Jiaozi's guess: dog. I know the correct answer is cat but I'll scream at her when I find out

6b. Is Jiaozi a dog person or a cat person?
Jiaozi's answer: dog
Calliope's guess: Dog person (+1)

7a. What is Calliope's favorite video game?
Calliope's answer: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Jiaozi's guess: American Truck Simulator. Does Mari even play games lol

7b. What is Jiaozi's favorite video game?
Jiaozi's answer: Anything but League of Legends. Literally the least fun, most time-consuming garbage of a game I've ever played.
Calliope's guess: League of Legends

8a. If Calliope could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Calliope's answer: Cleopatra
Jiaozi's guess: Me probably, right? Either that or Confucious or some philosopher or smth

8b. If Jiaozi could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Jiaozi's answer: I'd love to be with my father.
Calliope's guess: Franklin D. Roosevelt

9a. What's Calliope's ideal date?
Calliope's answer: An escape room
Jiaozi's guess: sex dungeon

9b. What's Jiaozi's ideal date?
Jiaozi's answer: Something natural, something private. A nice dinner and a long walk around a park, maybe? I'm definitely not referencing anything. Preferably with a confession or two at the end of an hour long walk
Calliope's guess: A nice dinner (+1)

10a. What's Calliope's favorite kind of soup?
Calliope's answer: Tomato and egg soup
Jiaozi's guess: Oil. LOL

10b. What's Jiaozi's favorite kind of soup?
Jiaozi's answer: Clam Chowder
Calliope's guess: Chicken soup

11a. What's Calliope's favorite hobby?
Calliope's answer: Sleeping
Jiaozi's guess: Reading, right?

11b. What's Jiaozi's favorite hobby?
Jiaozi's answer: Drawing! That's a pretty easy one to get.
Calliope's guess: Drawing (+1)

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Calliope's answer: We would probably go around NYC together
Jiaozi's answer: I'd probably want to go take her to NYC, show her around a bit, and relax, you know? She'd probably want to go on her ideal date or something.
Mari better find my responses as funny as I do lol (+1)

13a. Where is Calliope's "dream home"?
Calliope's answer: California
Jiaozi's guess: Mars

13b. Where is Jiaozi's "dream home"?
Jiaozi's answer: NYC or somewhere relaxing. Those two things directly contradict each other.
Calliope's guess: New York (+1)

14a. What is Calliope's favorite holiday?
Calliope's answer: Christmas
Jiaozi's guess: Christmas! Right? (+1)

14b. What is Jiaozi's favorite holiday?
Jiaozi's answer: Christmas! It's so festive!
Calliope's guess: Christmas (+1)

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Calliope's answer: Not that well lol
Jiaozi's answer: Listen bucko I didn't sign up for personal attacks
Honestly, this just told me I should probably actually catch up with Mari, like, really catch up. Wouldn't you agree? (+1?)
1a. What is Moxie's favorite color?
Moxie's answer: Blue! This changes a lot, but it's been blue for a while.
Stralend's guess: BLUE (+1)

1b. What is Stralend's favorite color?
Stralend's answer: YELLOW
Moxie's guess: It's yellow! Quite sure of that (+1)

2a. What is Moxie's least favorite food?
Moxie's answer: Cabbage =.= It's horrible
Stralend's guess: no idea c.c

2b. What is Stralend's least favorite food?
Stralend's answer: Brussels Sprout
Moxie's guess: I think it was Brussels...or broccoli lol (+1)

3a. What is Moxie's favorite starter Pokemon?
Moxie's answer: Chimchar easy.
Stralend's guess: Tepig

3b. What is Stralend's favorite starter Pokemon?
Stralend's answer: Chimchar
Moxie's guess: lol idk like Litten maybe?

4a. What is the first thing Moxie ever said to Stralend?
Moxie's answer: Hello? lol I think that's it tbh, or welcome to the server :hmmazurill:
Stralend's guess: https://forums.marriland.com/attachments/1549561655629-png.2748/ (+1)

4b. What is the first thing Stralend ever said to Moxie?
Stralend's answer: https://forums.marriland.com/attachments/1549561655629-png.2748/
Moxie's guess: I'm pretty sure the first thing she said was a response to my writing prompt for January, about how I changed tenses but kept tension up well. On discord it was her saying HELLO CANT SPEAK IN SERVER YET (+1)

5a. What is Moxie's favorite memory of Stralend?
Moxie's answer: Winning our first battle in the Pink battles tournament!!
Stralend's guess: teaming up! (+1)

5b. What is Stralend's favorite memory of Moxie?
Stralend's answer: Winning our first BATTLE
Moxie's guess: Possibly when I asked her to be my prom date? Maaaaaybe?

6a. Is Moxie a dog person or a cat person?
Moxie's answer: I'm a cat person for sure.
Stralend's guess: dog (and cat)

6b. Is Stralend a dog person or a cat person?
Stralend's answer: CAT
Moxie's guess: She's definitely a cat person too! (+1)

7a. What is Moxie's favorite video game?
Moxie's answer: I'd have to say Pokemon as a series...Pokemon ORAS specifically? Fire emblem comes close
Stralend's guess: Pokemon Platinum (+.5)

7b. What is Stralend's favorite video game?
Stralend's answer: Pokemon Platinum
Moxie's guess: League of Legends! Maybe.

8a. If Moxie could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Moxie's answer: I don't really have an answer for that lol Maybe my grandpa?
Stralend's guess: I HAVE NO IDEA

8b. If Stralend could spend one day with any person from any point in time, who would it be?
Stralend's answer: Pengi, old Marriland member, and my best friend in the US
Moxie's guess: No clue

9a. What's Moxie's ideal date?
Moxie's answer: Going out the whole day, going to a movie and possibly dinner.
Stralend's guess: hanging out together

9b. What's Stralend's ideal date?
Stralend's answer: Swimming and watching a movie
Moxie's guess: I'm not sure lol maybe going to an event together?

10a. What's Moxie's favorite kind of soup?
Moxie's answer: Tomato Soup!
Stralend's guess: Tomato (+1)

10b. What's Stralend's favorite kind of soup?
Stralend's answer: Mushroon
Moxie's guess: Chicken Soup...? Can't say I'm sure lol

11a. What's Moxie's favorite hobby?
Moxie's answer: Mine is watching movies. I love watching and talking about movies
Stralend's guess: Riding on a motor bike

11b. What's Stralend's favorite hobby?
Stralend's answer: Making music, but it's kinda tied with swimming
Moxie's guess: She really likes to write! I'm sure drawing is up there, but her favorite is probably writing

12. If you and your partner met up IRL, what would you do?
Moxie's answer: Probably hang out for the whole day! Talking about completely disconnected things for no apparent reason lol
Stralend's answer: Scare the hell out of him all day, by randomly screaming Moxie, and just having fun.

13a. Where is Moxie's "dream home"?
Moxie's answer: I really want to stay in Japan probably! A lot of my friends from school moved there and they say the place is great!
Stralend's guess: in the dessert

13b. Where is Stralend's "dream home"?
Stralend's answer: Close to a lonley lake
Moxie's guess: Colorado springs was someplace she wanted to visit, but I don't think it's a dream home :thonkazurill:

14a. What is Moxie's favorite holiday?
Moxie's answer: I love Halloween. Probably has to do with my love of horror lol
Stralend's guess: Christmas

14b. What is Stralend's favorite holiday?
Stralend's answer: Carnaval
Moxie's guess: Christmas...? Sounds like a safe bet to me

15. How well do you think you and your partner did on this game?
Moxie's answer: I think I might have done a little bit better than her, but not too well
Stralend's answer: Not too well, rather like bad. (+1)
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