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Inspired by the roleplay “In My Hands” by Eona on the old forum. A ton of credit goes to her.

Time tells the tales
Of the legends of old
Those who shaped our land
Our being, our will
But they disappeared without a trace
As memories fade
And just tales they stay
But darkness rises
And powers awaken
The chosen ones of those old legends
To erase the shadows
And restore the myths
That were thought to be gone

Long ago a king ruled over the Kingdom of Arzia. He grew immensely ill and the eldest of his two sons was to take the crown. However, one of the king’s dying wishes was for the two brothers to take the Test of Azure, a test said to be constructed by the ancient legend Arceus to decide who to grant the divine right to rule. The youngest of the two brother won and was given the crown. Furious, the eldest son attempted to kill his younger brother but failed. He was banished from the kingdom and grew bitter. He went to kill the Legends, the so-called gods his father worshipped. However, this task would not be easy as each Legend had a guardian, a human specifically chosen that fits what the legendary stands for. These guardians were granted superhuman abilities to protect the Legends and be a messenger for them to strengthen the bonds between Pokemon and humans.

Azazel, the banished prince, spread a message of these Legends being false gods that have no right to interfere in the life of humans. The message spread and some joined his cause, but most still believed in the Legendaries power, so this new team forming was given no extra thought. However, Azazel secretly grew his following he called Team Astral. One by one he killed the Guardians and their Legendary Pokemon. However, Alina, the Guardian of Arceus was able to preserve the souls of the Legendary Pokemon inside Cores, and scattered them across the 8 regions; Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola and Fliere. However, Azazel found her and killed her before she was able to save her own Legendary, Arceus. Azazel used the soul of Arceus to obtain Eternal Life. After each Guardian and Legend was gone he set off to Arzia. He killed his brother, the king, and burned the empire into ruins.

After their success, Team Astral seemed to disappear along with the tales of the Legendaries. Hundreds of years have passed and the Legendaries and Guardians are thought to be just myths, to never have existed, if you have ever even heard of them. However, darkness is in the air as Azazel plots his return to claim the crown that was rightfully his and expand his rule over the globe and become the god the Legendaries once were as Team Astral searches for the Legendary Cores.

Hundreds of years after the fall of the Legendaries new Guardians have been selected. Soon they will rise and defeat the darkness and restore the Legends. You are one of those Guardians.

You awake with a start. That was a strange dream, or was it a dream? You turn to the item at your side. Could it be the core? Was a Legendary talking to you?

Things You Should Know:
Body: The physical form of humans and pokemon that souls reside in. Without a body, a soul cannot interact with the physical realm.

Guardians: Human Protectors and Messengers of the Legendary Pokemon

Alina: The communicator of Arceus at the time of the Legendaries’ Fall.

Legendaries’ Fall: The time when Team Astral burned the Kingdom of Arzia and killed all Legendaries. This happened 736 years ago.

Soul: The very essence of a Pokemon or Person's being. If the soul exists without a body to reside in it will quickly cease to exist.

Cores: An object a soul can reside in if it does not have a body.

  1. All Marriland Rules Apply.
  2. You can have as many characters as you want, as long as each is fleshed out and has an active part in the plot.
  3. Post at least once a week for each character! Be Active!!!!!
  4. Message me if you have any questions.

The Region Of Fliere:
Titas City: A huge metropolis northwest of the region near the center
Sage Town: A small town extremely isolated from the rest of the region, far southeast. Surrounded by the Elder Woods
Archea Town: A town in the middle of Sear Dessert in the south of the region. It contains pyramids and many artifacts.
Fuchno City: A city west of the region. Is the home to science and advancements. Is a very futuristic city.
Ale Town: A town on the west coast of the region. Has floating homes, boats and many fishermen. Has the docks that lead out to other regions.
Trigid Town: A town far north of the region on top of the Grand Mountains. Very cold and icy.
Atsmo Town: A homey town that houses the main airport of the region.
Arzia Ruins: Ruins of an old kingdom that existed long ago. Not much is known about the kingdom or it’s history since so much is in the rubble.
Obsidian City: An underground city accessed by the Amber Mines. Said to be haunted


Articuno: Articuno's Core is an icy blue feather.
Moltres: Moltres's Core is a fiery red feather.
Zapdos: Zapdos's Core is an electric yellow feather.
Mew: Mew's Core is a Music Box
Mewtwo: Mewtwo's Core is a sleek shiny stone from Cerulean Cave.
Suicune: Suicune's Core is a Clear Bell.
Entei: Entei's Core is a charred piece of the brass tower.
Raikou: Raikou's Core is a small piece of the brass tower
Ho-oh: Ho-oh's Core is the Rainbow Wing.
Lugia: Lugia's Core is the Silver Wing.
Celebi: Celebi's Core is the GS Ball
Regirock: Regirock’s Core is the Rock Peak Key, a key much like the Iceberg and Iron Keys, except it is made of stone.
Regice: Regice’s Core is the Iceberg Key.
Registeel: Registeel’s Core is the Iron Key.
Latias: Latias's Core is the Enigma Stone.
Latios: Latios's Core is the Soul Dew.
Groudon: Groudon's Core is the Red Orb.
Kyogre: Kyogre's Core is the Blue Orb.
Rayquaza: Rayquaza's Core is the Jade Orb.
Jirachi: Jirachi's Core is the Wish Stone
Deoxys: Deoxys's Core is a meteor from outer space.
Azelf: Azelf’s Core is a section of the Red Chain.
Mesprit: Mesprit’s Core is a section of the Red Chain.
Uxie: Uxie’s Core is a section of the Red Chain.
Dialga: Dialga's Core is the Adamant Orb.
Palkia: Palkia's Core is the Lustrous Orb.
Giratina: Giratina's Core is the Griseous Orb.
Cresselia: Cresselia's Core is a Lunar Wing.
Darkrai: Darkrai's Core is an Eclipse Wing.
Manaphy: Manaphy’s Core is an aquamarine crystal
Heatran: Heatran's Core is the Magma Stone
Regigigas: Regigigas' Core is a piece of clay from an ancient mountain.
Shaymin: Shaymin's Core is a Gracidea Flower.
Victini: Victini's Core is a red stone from Liberty Garden. It seems to have burn marks on it.

Cobalion: Cobalion's Core is a small ancient sword made from metal
Terrakion: Terrakion's Core is a small ancient sword made from stone
Virizion: Virizion's Core is a small ancient sword made from wood
Keldeo: Keldeo's Core is a piece of the rock from Pledge Grove.
Tornadus: Tornadus's Core is a shard of the Reveal Glass.
Thundurus: Thundurus's Core is a shard of the Reveal Glass.
Landorus: Landorus's Core is a shard of the Reveal Glass.
Zekrom: Zekrom's Core is the Dark Stone.
Reshiram: Reshiram's Core is the Light Stone.
Kyurem: Kyurem's Core is the DNA Splicers.
Meloetta: Meloetta's Core is one of her red shoes.
Genesect: Genesect's Core is the Amethyst Drive. Similar to the other drives, except made from ameythyst.
Xerneas: Xerneas's Core is a branch, seemingly from the Tree of Life
Yveltal: Yveltal's Core is a what seems to be a piece of the Cacoon of Destruction
Zygarde: Zygarde's Core is the Zygarde Cube
Diancie: Diancie's Core is a pink crystal.
Hoopa: Hoopa’s Core is the prison bottle
Solgaleo: Solgaleo’s Core is the Sun Flute
Lunala: Lunala’s Core is The Moon Flute
Tapu Koko: A yellow stone from Melemele Island
Tapu Lele: A glowing scale from Akala Island
Tapu Bulu: A piece of bark from Ula’ula Island
Tapu Fini: A glass bottle filled with a strange fog.
Marshadow: Marshadow’s Core is the Marshadium Z

Full Name: First and last.
Age: 10-21
Power(s): Up to two. Must have to do with their Legendary. Don't make them TOO OP!
Power One:
Power Two:
Hometown: (Region, City)
Brief Bio:
How and Where Core was Found:
Why Legendary Picked Him/Her as Guardian:
How the Core was Special to It: This is how the Core was special to the Legendary, not the Guardian!

Team Astral:
Full Name: First and last.
Age: 12-28
Ranking: 5 Admins, 8 Elites, Infinite Grunts.
Brief Bio:
Why S/he Joined Team Astral:
Pokémon: Up to three. Copy/paste.
Nickname: Optional
Level: Nothing over level 50.
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Hey there! It's great to see that Eona's pieces from a few years ago inspired you to create something with a similar concept. However, there is still too much that has been directly copy-pasted or not changed enough. Here is the list of the more problematic sections:

-Things You Should Know still has a number of matching phrases.
-Cores, with the exception of the Gen 7 legendaries, are completely copy-pasted besides the change from "Soul Container" to "Core."
-Team Astral's form in the Campfire still mentions Eternity.

Please make these sections more original within 24 hours. If you do not make sufficient changes to these sections within that time period, I will have to lock this thread. Be creative and think past the work that had originally inspired you!

EDIT: Thanks so much!
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Fixes have been made and I'm ready to accept forms! :)