The Snake Challenge


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Dec 11, 2018
Hi All,

I recently started a challenge on Pokemon X where i'm only allowed to use the Pokemon defined as Snakes by the Pokedex. Also as i usually do, no items are allowed in battle. However this time due to the extremely limited roster, i had to take some liberties when it came to actually obtaining all six snakes.

I started with Danny the Dunsparce (who i met on route 2, replacing the starter immediately). Danny and I beat Viola, completing the first gym and earning the Bug Badge prior to finding any other snakes.
Dunsparce is a Land Snake.

The next three were annoyingly difficult to get.

On Pokemon X, Seviper only appears in horde battles with 4 Zangoose', i borrowed "my friends" Whismur to help me catch one. Fangsnoot was added to the team.
Seviper is a Fang Snake

Next up, Snivy and Feebas are not available on X (or Y) except by trade, so i traded for some on the GTS to use to breed my own. The self-signed agreement was that i could trade for the parents but had to raise the hatch-lings. I got an egg for Feebas and two for Snivy. I deposited the extra Snivy and the parents, and added George the Feebas and Mr. Leaf the Snivy to my party.
Milotic looks like a Water Snake (the Pokedex says Tender Pokemon), Snivy's line are Grass Snakes.

A few cutscenes later, i was released into a cave. Hello Onix. Onix took a while to find, because the game has to be difficult, but easy enough to catch. Thus adding Spike to the party. This brings the team to 5, leaving space for ekans later in the game.
Onix and Steelix are Rock Snakes and Iron Snakes respectively.

And so i finally continued the journey, defeating Grant for the Cliff Badge in Cyllage City. Then in Shalour City I challenged Korrina to take the Rumble Badge. Afterwards, Ramos of Coumarine City forfeited me the Plant Badge. The 5th gym leader, Clemont, affords me the Voltage Badge and i continue

At last I reach route 14. The home of hordes of Ekans. This is where i meet King, the final addition to my party. By this stage the rest of the party are in their final evolutions. Some training later, and King is an Arbok.
Surely i don't have to explain how to og snakes are snakes.

I have 3 badges to go before i can head to the Elite 4. The first of which is a walk in the Park. The newly introduced Fairy-type is weak to that which makes Snakes interesting - Poison. I take the Fairy badge from Valerie and proceed on to Anistar City. The park just got dangerous. Psychic type is good against me, however fortunately Olympia uses dual-type Pokemon. I use that to my advantage and take her down to get the Psychic Badge.

I have one badge yet to obtain before i can head to the Elite 4. The team are all leveled in the mid-40's and i haven't failed yet. My next update will be one of either triumph or defeat.
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