The Untimely Journey of Epic Proportions


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Once upon a time, a guy named Andy went on a journey and did stuff.

This is not that story.

Ten years have passed since we last joined our uncoordinated coordinator, and my, the years have not been pleasant for Mr. Hodges.

After traveling the world abroad with a group of friends, attempting to stop multiple evil organizations from global domination, competing in Pokemon Contests because badges had no bearing on his masculinity, and balancing the awkward norms of a traveling teenager, what life wouldn’t take on a load of baggage and tailspin out of control?

No. Seriously. Contests are for girls.

Which makes it important to note that Andy did, in fact, like girls. He was just odd.

The love of his life, Adria Drake, daughter of Lance the Dragon Trainer a.k.a former Champion, walked out of his life with one of his best friends, Luke Tanaka.

So much for bros before, well, you know...

And if that wasn’t enough, his mentor, Ross Chazzwojer, planted roots in Rustboro to start a scholarship program with Gym Leader Roxanne. Let’s just say they were more than study buddies, and the academy demanded both of their full time attention.

Then there was Benjamin and Ruby Troei. Teenage sweethearts turned married couple and now well respected professors in Lavender Town of the Kanto region.

All that to get to this point. While all the world around him was in perfect harmony and progressing on with life, Andy had hit a wall and struggled with depression.

Coming to terms with Contests being emasculate is no easy task.

But after a couple years of binging on MooMoo Milk and daytime reality television, our twenty something protagonist finally managed to find what little worth he could in the shattered fragments of his broken dreams.

He got a job.
Now that’s where our story begins. This is your typical run of the mill Pokemon adventure, packed with an all inclusive beginning, middle, and end.

If you’d like to join. Just post a character bio, and I’ll review it. Communication will be vital as well. Be prepared to regularly converse on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Character: Andy Hodges. Male. Early to mid 20’s.

Bio: Andy is somewhat of a comic relief character, but usually at his own expense, and yet somehow manages to contend for the role of a protagonist.

He’s from Azalea Town, Johto. Which leads him to have some weird backstory relationship with Celebi, but we’re not too big on foreshadowing.

He makes for a good friend, and doesn’t think too much of himself. As of right now, his Pokemon party consists of his trusty Politoed who loves to jump and play, and a crybaby Bonsly who Self-Destructs when upset. The pair are affectionately nicknamed Paul and Woodrow.

Andy didn’t always nickname his Pokemon, but a life of loneliness will cause you to do things you would have never normally done otherwise.

As for appearance. Brown wavy hair, blue eyes, and a blue scarf. Pretty much like my avatar. Simple. Yet functional.

And that’s about it. Happy posting.
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Character: Mikey (real identity is Michael Jonathan Baggins II. Unknown to everyone including himself)
He is 19 years old.

Bio: Mikey mysteriously appeared in the Galar region at the age of five. No memory of his parents or background. He only remembers that he was called Mikey. Alone and afraid, he was befriended, protected and raised by a Charmander named Jerry and a Zeraora named Tom.
Mikey didn't give them those names to them but as he grew he learned to understand and communicate with them. So when he became pretty efficient in the languages the pokemon told him their names. Remember that the next time you nicknamed a Pokemon. A pikachu named Sparky real name could be Frank, Bob or even Leonard. Most don't really care because they know most humans don't speak Pokemon and love their trainers so much that they don't care.
Mikey is a lot like Tarzan: agile, heightened senses, fast and able to not seen. He is little weary of technology so if he needs to get fast he prefers traveling by pokemon.