Themed Clubs Rules & Guidelines

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Themed Clubs Rules & Guidelines
Welcome to Themed Clubs! This is the place to join or create clubs with a specific focus of discussion, such as Pokémon, other video games, TV shows, music, and more! If you're looking to join a club with a more casual setting geared towards chatting, check out the Casual Clubs forum.
There are a few important things to keep in mind before joining and creating clubs.

Rules for Everyone
Respect your Leaders
Club leaders are free to establish their own specific rules within their clubs, and they must be respected. They also reserve the right to kick, ban, or decline entry to any member for any reason. If your rules are not being followed, or you have any issues with a leader's actions, please contact a staff member.

Be Active
If you go inactive from posting in your club for too long, your leader reserves the right to remove you from their member list. Alternatively, if a leader goes inactive from their club, the members of the club are free to elect a new leader in their place after at least a month has passed.

Stay on Topic
Try not to deviate too much from your club's purpose during discussion. If you want to chat, go to a Casual Club or the Chatterbox.

Rules for Creators
Have An Active Account
You must have at least 100 posts, and your account must be at least 2 weeks old, to create a club. You are welcome to create a new account for all leaders to access the club, but all club founders must meet these standards on their main Marriland forums account. If you are a returning member from Azurilland who's old account meets these credentials, this rule does not apply to you.

Keep Your Theme Appropriate
Your club cannot be hateful, inappropriate, or conflict with the Official Marriland Forum Rules. You also cannot imitate or copy any other club currently active. Check the Club Directory to make sure your club is original.

Gather Members
After creation, your club has 15 days to gather at least 5 members. This includes any leaders. Once you've reached 5 members, please make a post in the Club Directory to make your club official. If your club is unable to meet these requirements, the thread will be locked. If this happens, please do not try to recreate the club for at least one month.

Keep Your Club Alive
If your club goes one month or more without any discussion posts, it will be locked for inactivity and removed from the directory. Requests to join or comments about club inactivity does not count. If your club is locked for inactivity and you would like to try and become active again, you may contact a staff member to unlock it for you, but keep in mind you must still gather at least 5 members within 15 days and post in the Club Directory.

Guidelines and Tips
No Limit!
There is no limit to the amount of Themed Clubs you may join or create. Just make sure you're able to dedicate enough time to each club you choose to participate in.

Pokémon Clubs
If your club is centered around Pokémon, make sure you use the Pokémon tag to distinguish it from other clubs in the forum. A Pokémon club can be centered around anything in the Pokémon franchise such as battling, breeding, certain types of Pokémon, and more. Just make sure your topic isn't too vague or specific.

Be Creative
Having dedication and creativity is the key to creating a successful cub. Create clubs that you know other Marriland forum members will be interested in. Put effort into your thread, making it pleasing to the eye and enticing for others to be a part of. Have events and discussion topics for your members to participate in on a regular basis. With a little hard work and a good idea, your club will be around for years to come!

If you have any other questions, please contact a staff member! Happy clubbing!

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