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So uh. I had an idea for a while because I'm a madman: "What if I beat Emerald over and over, doing a monotype run for every type? AND make videos about each playthrough?" But then I found out by watching Maririland's stream highlights that this forum exist. So here we are. Still making the vids tho.

So uh. The rules:
1. You must only use normal type pokemon. And if they lose their normal typing *looks at Azurill*, welp. They aren't allowed.

This is a monotype, and my first one (well. my second attempt). Did you expect me to add rules?

Tho I will be nicknaming every 'mon because yes.

I'm gonna hope that I'll actually complete this run since I did this out of nowhere at random even tho I had this idea for a long time so wish me luck.
Part 1: Goon Gang
Let's get down to basics, I named my trainer Seijo (which I used Google Translate and chose a word I hope means normal). He's male. Anyway, I got Torchic so hopefully, any rival fights would be easy (even though i don't think it would change much).

This is when things got interesting: I asked my friends on Pikmin Amino for names.

My friend, Lizal, (probably as a joke), suggested his own name. So now we have Lizal the torchic. Though, another friend, Pikman (yes. There's PIKMANZ (me) and Pikman), thought Litzal would be better. Even though I named my torchic already, we will be referring to it as Litzal if I need to bring him up again.

Then I decided to go catch a bunch of zigzagoon. I don't even know why because it won't be useful for the long run. So I caught a ton of them to see if I would get an adamant natured one (+Attack -Sp. Attack) Here's everyone:

Rocket, Male, Naughty Natured, named after Rocket Racoon from Guardians Of The Galaxy because I watched it last night)
Ship, Female, Naughty Natured, named because I thought it would be funny to have Rocket and Ship.
Thanos, Male, Docile Natured, named after the meme more than Thanos himself. (idk. I've been exposed to Infinity Wars memes for a while)
Fridgette, Female, Pikman suggested Fridge for some reason and Lizal made it a pun on Bridgette.
Susie, Female, Hasty Natured, named after Susie from Deltarune.
Kris, Male, Naughty Natured, named after Kris from Deltarune.
Zig, Female, Mild Natured, Lizal suggested naming three goons "Zig", "Zag", and "Goon".
Zag, Female, Sassy Natured.
Goon, Female, Brave Natured.
Chips, Female, Lax Natured, I randomly decided to name a couple "Chips" and "Dip".
Dip, Female, Quiet Natured.

Then, I finally found one as my friend Hot Topic ******* (yes, he goes by that. We call him HTB for short) came around and I gave him a chance to name a goon since I only had two balls left and Liz got to name everyone that wasn't named by me, this one is a female. He suggested naming the next goon after his oc, Torra. I caught her, and named her and checked the party...
"ADAMANT nature,
met at lev2,
Route 101."
It felt like I found a shiny to me which is kinda pathetic. So I threw Torra on the team and headed on my way with a party full of goons,

I battled the trainers for more money to get more balls and headed to see my """"dad"""" just to see him give the kid living next to the gym a goon to catch a ralts and then met a guy who I always forget the name of (who I'll just call Larry because I don't care about him too much) and went to Route 104. I found a taillow and named him Charlie because no one really gave me a name and the background for a chat I asked in had Charlie from the Pikmin series (because this is Pikmin Amino after all).

I went through Petalburg Woods and caught a slakoth and named her Beast since I'll use a kinda op strategy later. Then I fought the Team Aqua dude and went on my way.

I decided that perhaps maybe Charlie could take care of the gym, but then after fighting a geodude, I remembered that Flying is weak against Rock. Rip.

So I decided to go train in Route 116 after getting the Quick Claw and Cut from Rustboro City. There, I caught a female whismur who I named Lyric and a skitty who I named Belle.

Now all I need to do is grind my team which I'll do later.
-Created the Save (Trainer Seijo, male).
-Got Li(t)zal the male Torchic.
-Caught 12 or so Zigagoon until I caught Torra, a female, adamant Zigzagoon.
-Boxed Li(t)zal.
-Watched my dad give a kid a zigzagoon to catch a ralts.
-Caught Charlie the male Taillow.
-Got Beast the female Slakoth.
-Realized my statagy wouldn't work so I start griding.
-Swears I keep hearing muffled screams in the pc.
-Got Lyric the female Whismur and Belle the female Skitty.

Female Zigagoon
Adamant Nature
Level 11
Headbutt, Growl, Tail Whip, Tackle.

Male Taillow
Jolly Nature
Level 16
Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Growl.

Female Slakoth
Hasty Nature
Level 10
Scratch, Yawn, Encore, -.

Female Whismur
Serious Nature
Level 8
Pound, Uproar, -, -.

Female Skitty
Hardy Nature
Cute Charm
Level 8
Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Attract.

Male Zigagoon
Docile Nature
Level 2
Tackle, Growl, -, -.
Li(t)zal - Male Torchic
Rocket - Male Zigazoon
Ship - Female Zigzagoon
Fridgette - Female Zigzagoon
Susie - Female Zizagoon
Kris - Male Zigzagoon
Zig - Female Zizgagoon
Zag - Female Zigzagoon
Goon - Female Zigzagoon
Chips - Female Zizagoon
Dip - Female Zizagoon
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