Trading Rules

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Trading Rules
#1: Blacklisting is Not Allowed
Blacklisting means publically calling out another user because you believe they scammed you. Scamming is not tolerated, but neither is blacklisting. Misunderstandings are quite common. Blacklisting includes, but is not limited to, posting something like "Do not trade with this person!" in the person's trading thread, warning others of that user in your signature, or adding the person to your blacklist for the purpose of scamming. We only allow one public blacklist, which is updated by the staff whenever we have gathered sufficient evidence that someone is indeed scamming others.

If you believe you were scammed, please use the report button to alert the staff. If a Private Message conversation was involved, please report the Private Messages instead.

#2: Trading Restrictions
You may trade Pokémon for Pokémon/items, and codes for Pokémon/items. You may not, however, trade Pokémon/items or codes for currency or anything else.

Concerning codes, please keep in mind that trading for them always carries a degree of risk! Always proceed with caution. Make sure you are trading with a reputable individual, you are away of which country the code originates from, and that you always make a fair trade. Also make sure that code is not expired.

If you choose to trade codes, and do get scammed, unfortunately, there is nothing the staff can do to retrieve your stolen Pokémon or items.

#3: Please Do Not Revive Old Threads
If a thread in any of the subforums has not been posted in for more than 2 weeks (14 days), it is safe to assume that the thread creator is no longer interested in the thread, or is taking a break. So the thread should no longer be posted in by anyone other than the thread creator. Reviving old threads that do not belong to you will result in a warning, so always check dates before posting.

#4: Always Make Sure Your Posts are On Topic
Usually, posts made in other users' trading threads should only be made if you are interested in trading with the thread creator, or responding in to what they are offering for trade. Posting in the thread to simply get attention, or posting trade with someone other than the thread creator is known as Thread Hijacking, and is not allowed. If you see someone else breaking these rules, please report them using the Report button, instead of scolding them.

#5: Please Do Not Multi-Post, Bump, or Otherwise Unless 24 Hours Have Passed
Multi-Posting is when a user posts two (or more) times in a row, usually with in a short amount of time. It is stated in the Official Marriland Rules, and it also applies here. If you wish to post again (or bump your own thread), and no one else has posted, you must wait at least 24 hours. If you have something else to say, and 24 hours have not passed, please use the Edit button instead of making a new reply.

#6: Post in the Right Places!
Please make sure you are posting in the correct subforum before making any Posts or Topics. Any topics/posts made in the incorrect subform can be moved to the correct place, but repeatedly making this mistake can result in a warning.

#7: Always Follow the Rules
Remember that all Official Marriland Rules must also be followed in this subforum.

Remember, if you have questions or feedback about our trading rules, either Private Message a Staff Member, or make a post in the in Trading FAQ
That's everything that you need to know for now! Good luck with the trading, and thank you for reading!
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