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Wedlocke Turtle's Pokemon Black Wedlocke!


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Aug 3, 2019
Hello everyone! I'm Turtle and I'm currently in the process of my first challenge run, a wedlocke of Pokemon Black.
Following standard wedlocke rules. Healing limit is 3 items per battle. Not using pinwheel clause. Level limit is gym leaders' best Pokemon.

If I do beat this challenge I will upload it as a full lets play to my YouTube, but for now I'll be posting my story here!
Meet Brian. He is a passionate botanist and most importantly, the hero of our story. Naturally (pun intended), he names all his Pokemon after different types of trees.
So Brian had a randomized first starter and pleasant surprise, a Tepig! He will be further referred to as 'Maple'. Maple was an absolute beast, destroying the competition continously. We head down to route one for our first encounter and it's a Patrat! She will be further known as 'Mahogany'. Brian also checked out route 2 and got a new female lillipup, 'Elm'.

Maple and Mahogany were our first duo but at this point I was still working on Maple before switch training so Mahogany was only level 3. I was speeding through some filler text as per usual when I accidentally agreed to battle Cheren...
Thankfully Maple was leading but we had a problem. Mahogany is too weak to battle and Maple is weak to water gun! Very scary. Regardless, I left him to fight. We got a strong tackle out but water gun was imposing a huge threat, Maple now at 3HP! enough to easily be knocked out in just 1 more hit. Begrudgingly, I switch to Mahogany PRAYING she can take 1 water gun. Thankfully I was correct, however she also only had 3HP now. A sacrafice had to be made. There was no stopping it. Brian swallowed his pride and healed Maple, leaving Mahogany to die. It was a tough moment. Thankfully, Maple was able to finish the job alive and now teams up with Elm.
Mahogany the Patrat

Brian heads over to the dreamyard to pick up his new pansage, 'Cedar' who also happens to have a jolly nature! How lovely. Brian heads over to claim his basic badge, planning to use Maple and Elm. Elm makes quick work of the other Lillipup, and through a couple tough hits manages the Panpour all by herself too. Fantastic! Trio Badge achieved.
Route 1- Patrat
Route 2 - Lillipup
Dreamyard - Pansage
Mahogany the Patrat

At this point we follow Brian as he heads forth for Nacrene City. Along the way we meet 'Birch' the Pidove, who tags along with Cedar. Welcome to the crew! We then head down to the Wellspring Cave and pick up 'Ash' the Woobat. Finally, we head over to pinwheel forest and get 'Beech' the Tympole who partners up with Ash.

Now that the crew is established, Brian trains. A lot. Never realised how epic Audino was until now though.

After lots of training, the whole team is level 20 and ready for a battle. Elm is now a Herdier, Maple is now a Pignite and Ash is now a Swoobat. The team is stronger than ever!
Maple, Elm and Cedar are all equipped with rock smash to help against Lenora. Maple is holding a Charcoal and Elm has a King's Rock. Into the gym battle we go!

Elm steps forth first and despite a harsh intimidate to start, she quickly takes down the opposing Herdier. Here comes the titan, the run killer, the Watchog. It's Maple's time to shine. This is his moment. Watchog begins with retaliate which is almost enough to OHKO my poor Maple... scary. We get the Watchog about halfway down but a heal is gonna be necessary to have a chance here. Healing item #1 is used. Watchog goes for hypnosis and... lands it! Oh noes. Item #2 comes in the form of an awakening for Maple but he's extremely wounded at 13HP and I only have 1 healing item left. I decide to switch into Elm in hopes she can be the hero. She absorbs retaliate for about 1/3 of max HP, so I figure we should be good, right? Wrong. Hypnosis again. I know I can't afford to use another awakening. I wait and wait, but the luck never comes. Elm is killed. Maple is sent out and I am PRAYING she can just miss a hypnosis and that will be all. For whatever stupid reason she DOES opt for hypnosis, but it lands again. Could it really get any worse? Yup, because Maple dies.

This battle also marks my first "wow did I really mess up that badly?" moment because I never used a third healing item. I was so stressed that I totally forgot I still had one. SO, SO sorry to all the poor Pokemon who suffered from my ignorance. I send out Ash, figuring I just need to move fast and secure the kill quickly. I go for confusion and, so close but so far. SO LOW. Low enough for a super potion! Back to square one. Ash tried his hardest but the heart stamp flinches just never came and he suffered an unfortunate death. Beech is sent out, the Watchog on red HP. SURELY SHE CAN DO IT. SHE WILL END IT ALL. Except she wouldn't, because hypnosis #4 pokes its head out. You didn't deserve it Beech. You really didn't. I sent out Cedar as my last line of hope. I believed in him. In its streak of bloodlust, the Watchog attempts hypnosis one last time and FINALLY MISSES! WE'RE SAVED. Cedar secures the badge. I am so frustrated about my silly mistakes but I'm still alive thankfully. The Basic Badge is ours and will stay a reminder of our terrible mistakes.

Mahogany the Patrat
Maple the Pignite
Elm the Herdier
Ash the Swoobat
Beech the Tympole
Route 1 - Patrat
Route 2 - Lillipup
Dreamyard - Pansage
Route 3 - Pidove
Wellspring Cave - Woobat
Pinwheel Forest - Tympole

Our strong hearted heroes march onward for their fallen friends. Birch is more reserved but Cedar is determined to avenge his friends. They head forth for pinwheel forest.
After destroying team plasma, we exit pinwheel forest with some exciting news: Cedar learned Seed Bomb! Equally exciting, Birch evolves into a Tranquill!

And that's where we're at! Castellia City. I'll keep everyone posted on Brian's adventure as it progresses. Thank you all for reading!