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Two years after the Dark Matter Catastrophe, a new rescue team guild was created by the Ace Ranked Team Oracle, made up of Irene the Mienshao, Bast the Salamence, and Jet the Pangoro. After a year of wavering morale and slow growth, they decided to put out ads for other guilds to assist in helping them grow, requesting experienced guild members to shadow the few teams and critique their work. The idea was for the shadows to get paid for their work and for the guild to grow more due to the involvement of other, more popular guilds.

Advertisement fliers were created and distributed through Pelipper Mail Services, reaching the many different guilds, police precincts, and freelance groups around the world. Every day since the fliers were sent out, Deborah the Furret – the guild's treasurer and resource archiver – waits outside to see if anyone has come to answer the ad's call before heading inside to work.

Campfire Thread

Global History

Fifteen years ago, unnatural disasters began plaguing the planet, culminating into a meteor hurtling towards the world two years later. By the time anyone outside the Air Continent learned about it, the meteor was destroyed by Rayquaza; only the Air Continent knew about a human’s involvement in this.

Nine years ago, various patches of the Grass Continent started freezing in time due to the Time Gears being stolen. This event caused the other continents to better hide legendary artifacts, to the point of them all becoming myths in such a short time. Though the crisis was averted, and the Time Gears were safeguarded, many of the other continents feared that the number of rescue teams was dangerously low. As such, more rescue teams popped up across the planet.

Five years ago, the Mist Continent was besieged by negative emotions. No one knows how the continent was reverted to normal, but this powerful negativity reemerged two years later, becoming a truly global catastrophe. An entity known as Dark Matter threatened to return the world to the void; it successfully turned all legendary Pokémon to stone, sent a huge portion of the Water Continent population to the void, and nearly fully corrupted the Tree of Life. This event caused Arceus to develop an aura for all legendary Pokémon, making them stronger and more capable of dealing with such threats. More rescue team guilds popped up as well, allowing for a stronger blanket of protection throughout the world.

Eventually, the existence of actual humans-turned-Pokémon became common knowledge, as did their involvement in saving the world in multiple occasions. Though no more humans were confirmed to have arrived since the Dark Matter Catastrophe, many Pokémon decided that they wanted to be more like the heroic humans. As an attempt to do so, more and more Pokémon decided to create names separate from their species names, further individualizing them from each other and paying respect to the world’s saviors. Though many older Pokémon refused to change, the trend caught on quickly.

Vaura Island

Vaura Island was named after how prosperous the island seemed, with its vast expanses of beautiful forests, crystal-clear rivers, and the seas of flowers that sprawled all across the land. It is located along the archipelago dotting the northern Sand Continent, passing the border between it, the Mist continent, and the Mystery Continent. Most of the island is uncharted and quite dangerous, which is exactly why an independent rescue team from Mist Continent set up shop there. The bountiful beauties of the island combined with unexplored adventurous territory brought the new guildmaster and her team great joy.

The region isn’t a total paradise, however. Despite its beauty, the forests are said to be cursed; Pokémon can become lost for days, yet believe they’ve only been wandering for a few hours. An underground cave system was created to circumvent this problem, but the simple cave passageways were inexplicably transformed into a complex maze not a day later, creating a similar problem underground.

There is a huge section of swamplands; though the ground is difficult to walk through without falling into pits of mud, it’s the most difficult place in the region to get lost — at least when the area isn’t being shrouded in torrents of rain or blankets of ghostly fog. Despite that, a rescue team guild was formed, and the headquarters was built near the outskirts of this marsh — prime position for such a powerful establishment, set to be used as both a base of operations for the rescue teams and as an emergency refuge for those unprepared to handle the treacherously beautiful region.

Vaura Island Guild

Unlike most of the island, the Guild Headquarters was meticulously built for practicality and comfort, which makes it stand out from the beautiful yet unkempt surroundings. The four-story-tall building reaches into the marsh, back towards the shoreline, and faces the caves and the forests. Though it’s not surrounded by any natural barrier, the headquarters was built to withstand natural disasters and direct attack, just in case. It’s one of the few established places of residency for the region; some other Pokémon decided to build cottages and houses around the headquarters to create a small town.

The main floor is where all of the rescue missions are posted on a bulletin board. Weekly guild-wide meetings are held here, mostly to increase the morale for guild members and for the town residents who may be watching. Essentially, this is the spectacle side of the guild, set up like how most guilds are set up, almost constantly buzzing with activity. The medical center, appraisal corner, and emergency temporary residence halls are all on the first floor. The Guildmaster also has an office on this floor to work in during the day, at least to be close to the people during the busy times.

The second floor houses the R&D department, the library, and the public guild registry. The second floor is open to the public, but the R&D department is sectioned off by shatterproof glass to keep visitors safe. With enough advanced notice, the R&D department is willing to host tours for visitors and newcomers, though the Researchers will likely be working on more superficial, flashier projects during said tours.

The third and fourth floors are restricted to the public. The third floor is the guild residence hall, where the rescue teams live. The fourth floor is the administrative floor, where the leaders live and where the more important, boring meetings take place. There are some rumors of a basement floor, but there are no stairs leading downward, and the guild members refuse to humor the allegations.

Name: Irene the Mienshao

Role: Guildmaster

Bio: After simultaneously being inspired by the feats of the world’s most famous Wigglytuff and appalled by said Wigglytuff’s demeanor, Irene set out to create her own Rescue Team guild. She puts up with the bureaucratics to keep her guild afloat, but she’d rather be out on the field with the rest of the rescue team members.

Status: Left leg injury (healing)

Name: Quagmire the Swampert

Role: Premier Recruiter; Personal Relations; Guildmaster’s Assistant

Bio: Quagmire joined the guild hoping to get a low-level desk job, but his diligence and friendliness caused him to be quickly promoted during the guild’s early days. He’s no pacifist, but he does try to solve problems through negotiations before resorting to fists. He secretly hopes that no one notices when he flubs his words.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Deborah the Furret

Role: Treasurer; Resource Archiver

Bio: Though she has no combat experience whatsoever, she wanted to give the guild as much as she could when she was saved from a vicious bandit. Though she expected a constrictive secretary-type job, she was surprised when she was given so much freedom to do her job well. However, that freedom led her to find some discrepancies in the files that she diligently takes and organizes, leading her to believe that there are some things going on that she probably shouldn’t know about.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Bast the Salamence

Role: Lead Explorer

Bio: Bast is a bombastic, excitable explorer who wants nothing more than to find new things in familiar places. Her forcefulness can be a bit daunting to those who aren’t used to her, but her drive makes her invaluable in an expedition. Bonus points if she can meet new people along the way. That said, her excitability can work negatively as well, as she can lash out at a moment’s notice; her grudges may not last long (especially during a mission), but her sense of retribution is powerful, potentially devastating if she’s ever ticked off. Thankfully, it can be a bit difficult to truly anger her.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Lamia the Floatzel

Role: Lead Researcher

Bio: Though she devoted her life to the guild, Lamia was born with a blood disorder that often prevents her from going into the field. However, she refuses to let that stop her, as she managed to innovate the guild’s resources exponentially since she joined, including making rescue team badges from scratch and utilizing Warp Orbs for transportation between the Guild Headquarters and the Guildhouses dotted along the region. But sometimes, she has no choice but to take a nap.

Status: Disabled (blood disorder); Active

Name: Theron the Sableye

Role: Lead Hunter

Bio: Theron may be the most recently promoted Lead, but he owns the role as if he’s had it his entire life. His tactics, devotion, and attention to detail is impeccable. However, he sometimes goes a bit overboard with his enthusiasm, even giving Bast a scare every now and then. He tends to whisper when he tries to be funny, but that just makes his jokes sound creepy.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Pearl the Salazzle

Role: Assistant Lead Researcher

Bio: Due to Lamia’s condition, Pearl decided to step in and assist Lamia around the lab, picking up the slack when the Floatzel happens to doze off uncontrollably. Despite the difficulty of the job, especially at first, she always held an excitement for it that nearly rivals Bast’s ferver for exploration. Once she was promoted, she was allowed to lead research-based expeditions and to gain administrative rights. She can be a bit apprehensive when dealing with things outside of her expertise, but she shines when research is involved.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Senja the Gardevoir

Role: Guild Medic

Bio: He was never one for fighting, always freezing at the idea of getting hurt or hurting others. Once he learned about healing, he was hooked.Now he makes sure to keep the guild members healthy so they can do the work that Senja can’t bring himself to do. Mate to Altan of Team Sentinel.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Asaph the Mimikyu

Role: Merchant; Appraiser

Bio: Asaph became a merchant because he could. In fact, he does a lot of things just because he can, which can work for or against the guild at any given time. At the moment, however, he’s more than content with working the guild’s store and telling rescue teams how much metals and trinkets are worth.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Jet the Pangoro

Role: Strength Trainer

Bio: He used to be the Lead Hunter, but he decided to stay back and help the newer recruits train to become the best rescuers that they can be. He actively loathes the “drill sergeant” method of teaching, but he’s willing to use it if he ever needs to; otherwise, he’d rather nudge his students towards discovery.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Felicity the Ninjask

Role: Speed Trainer; Housekeeping

Bio: A thrill-seeker and a speed junky, Felicity spends most of her time rushing around town and doing small errands for the guild. Whenever she’s able to train someone with speed, she often forces her trainees to follow her on said errands, at the very least to have someone to talk to afterwards (since most are too slow to keep a conversation during those runs). Anyone who can keep up immediately earns her respect.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Valora the Mismagius

Role: Housekeeping

Bio: She is a devoted worker and a bit of a perfectionist. She keeps the guild clean and running behind the scenes; she constantly asks others to rate her work in an attempt to improve. Though she doesn’t go out into the field, she often practices with the trainees during her limited free time. She doesn’t need to eat or sleep, but she’s willing to at least pretend to eat if any of her bosses tell her to.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Ollie the Sneasel

Role: Chef

Bio: This reformed bandit became a chef not too long ago, and they enjoy their new position quite a bit. When they get into the zone, they’re quick to snap at someone who tries to talk to them for unimportant reasons. They have a few antisocial tendencies, but it’s mostly to make keeping their head down easier. For some reason, they don’t talk about themselves much — not even their gender, as they respond to both “he” or “she”.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Locust the Lurantis

Role: Alternate Guild Medic; Psychotherapist

Bio: Though he has the tendency to make a few unapologetic snide remarks when working, he puts his all into helping others feel better as long as his patient wants the help. He doesn’t handhold, but he does lead as best as he can. He’s also adamant about confidentiality in all forms, figuring that something that is behind closed doors was put there for a reason.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Aku the Eelektross

Role: Field Medic; Physiotherapist

Bio: Though he started as an explorer, his skill as a medic caused him to be the go-to teammate for long, dangerous missions. This caused him to eventually be promoted to an actual medic role in the guild; though he still wants to travel mostly with explorer groups, he’s able to work with most teams. He has a heavy lisp that even he finds gross, to the point of avoiding the “s” sound when talking as much as he possibly can.

Status: Healthy; Active

Guild Role: Hunters

Name: Cain the Serperior

Bio: Though a bit impetuous, his powerful desire to do well is an infectious motivator to those around him. His desire occasionally strays into perfectionism, though he's keenly aware of this hold-up and actively works to avoid it.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: V the Scolipede

Bio: Being the 22nd of 25 children, V was among the first to strike out on his own. He joined the guild as a way to make a name for himself. Unfortunately, he sometimes struggles to distance himself from his fear of a hive-mind society, causing him to be a little irrational at times.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Tabitha the Donphan

Bio: She is always eager to go on a hunt, viewing most other tasks as a waste of time when there are bad guys to take down. A quiet day is the bane of her existence, and she would rather give her days off to other teams in order to remain on the field.

Status: Healthy; Active

Guild Role: Researchers

Name: Savante the Kecleon

Bio: He used to work the market, but he always found that tinkering with the trinkets that were sold to him was so much more exciting to him than selling those trinkets to other people. Once the guild found a possible replacement, he jumped ship and went to fulfil his dream as a master tinkerer. He sometimes gets a little too invested in his projects.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Martin the Lucario

Bio: Though he was always one of the most well-rounded members of the guild, his work with Lamia landed him on the research team. He goes all-in on every project, even the most unimportant ones; however, he’s also the last one to fully understand any technical speak that the other researchers might throw out during conversation.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Dionysus the Toxicroak

Bio: He tends to work with medicines, antidotes, and potions, often working with the medical staff to create in order to match the demand. He doesn’t talk much, but his actions are nowhere near stoic. He can often be seen drinking something out of a vial, generally just to freak people out.

Status: Healthy; Active

Guild Role: Explorers

Name: Altan the Gallade

Bio: He joined a rescue guild because he thought it was all about rescuing others; he wants to be a hero, and he felt that this job would be the most effective way to do so. He even occasionally takes missions with the intent of doing them solo, though the rest of his team rarely allows him to. Mate to Senja, the guild medic.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Caleb the Midday Lycanroc

Bio: Caleb doesn’t have much in the form of aspirations — he takes life day by day, making sure that his team is alright. When he’s not in a mission, he’s not doing much of anything; as such, he often goes along with Altan’s marathon runs for missions without complaint.

Status: Healthy; Active

Name: Zita the Crobat

Bio: She loves her job, but she views it as exactly that: a job. She’s not obsessed with saving others, nor is she particularly enthralled with the “joy of discovery”. If she can get a paycheck and a pat on the back, she’s perfectly okay. She views her partners’ overzealous drive to marathon missions as a chore, though she’s willing to go along if they let her be a vampire every now and then.

Status: Healthy; Active
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