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Vocaloid, and so on


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Nov 1, 2018
fangurlz rise up
posting this on miku's birthday because she's our queen :whistleazurill:

We've had clubs and threads about it on the old forums, so here's a new one to talk about everything related to vocal synthesizers. This can include anything from Vocaloid and UTAU to Chipspeech and SynthesizerV.

Which characters/voices are your favourites? What songs do you love to listen to and who are your favourite producers? Have you every used vocaloid or other software to make something?

My favourite vocaloid is still Yuzuki Yukari, and my favourite UTAU most of the time is Namine Ritsu. I like a lot of niki's songs (though generally I'm not a fan of Lily so I prefer pretty much any covers that use Ritsu instead oops) and Police Piccadilly has done some very cool stuff (this one is my favourite). I could go through and list off a bunch of other songs but I'd love to hear what other people like and hopefully discover some cool new stuff!

also SynthesizerV is free and entirely in english and I used it to make this :3c
Alter/Ego is also free and in english but I haven't tried it out yet. From Plogue, the company that made the chiptune/speech software
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Oh rip I really didn't post in this yet whoops.

GUMI has always been my favorite Vocaloid because she usually sounds the most real. Hatsune Miku (especially her Dark append) grew on me over the years to the point where she's probably second. I don't listen to UTAUs at all, but I guess my favorite is Namine Ritsu because of the good covers that use him.

For songs, here are a few bops that come to mind that I've listened to recently:
Idola no Circus - Neru
Shinzou Connect - Suzumu
Sand Planet - Hachi
PaIII.Sensation - Yunosuke
Tengaku - yuuyu (still salty that the original video's gone from YouTube, but I'll live with Hanatan's cover)
Seaholly - Tiara
Fairytale - cillia (cover using VY1)

When it comes to producers, I'll probably enjoy anything from Giga, Circus, KIRA, Neru, Last Note., takamatt, cillia, and Tiara. Favorite utaites (people who cover Vocaloid songs) include Hanatan, yuikonnu, and Reol.

I'm nowhere near the level of fangurling that I was a few years ago, but I think I'll be satisfied with remaining a casual listener every now and then.

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Nov 9, 2018
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I apparently totally missed this thread!

Vocaloid has been my main special interest since late 2013, so a little over 6 years now! My favorites are Galaco, Lily, and Miku.

I have a lot of favorite songs and producers just based on how long I’ve been in the fandom. I would have to say that my absolute favorite Vocaloid song is Maki/GizenshaP’s “P^2”. I also really, really love *Luna’s song “Gimmick”!
I think I mentioned this in my AMA thread way back when, but my favorite Vocaloid producers are as follows:

I also really like keisei and Sedo Sounder!

My favorite Vocaloid song series are *Luna’s Junky Chips series and Maki/GizenshaP’s Nostalgia for Nothingness series, although Jin’s Kagerou Project and mothy’s Evillious Chronicles have a special place in my heart, especially since I consider mothy’s “Daughter of Evil” and “Judgement of Corruption” to be my first Vocaloid songs, and Jin’s “Headphone Actor” was either my first IA song or one of my first IA songs.

I also know some of the small, less well known producers out there on the western side of things, so if you want some recommendations that aren’t the seven most well known western Voca-P’s, let me know!

I actually own a lot of Vocaloids (I think I own 26, not counting individual voicebanks), and I want to be a voice synthesizer musician/producer who uses Vocaloid and CeVio, another voice synthesizer. I’ll have to post my songs here when I finish some of my songs. If you want to see what CeVio is, you can go to this website!

I’m going to just link my Favorite Vocaloid and Other Voice Synthesizer Songs Playlist as well as my Somewhat Obscure Vocal Synthesizer Songs Playlist here for your viewing enjoyment.


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Dec 21, 2019
I’m not so much into vocaloid anymore, but I still love some of it. My favorite vocaloid is Kagamine Rin, she’s a really cute character and I like how she sounds a lot, I also like Megurine Luka. Yowane Haku is a good character too. These are very generic picks, but what can I say, they’ve stuck with me. I haven’t listened to much UTAU, but Suzune Arika has a nice voice.

My favorite producers are Jesus-P, Neru, HikkieP, Kiichi, Utsu-P, and Wowaka. I like some of the really strange vocaloid songs, and see the producers use the voices in weird and different ways. After hearing the Police Piccadilly song that was linked though, I’m definitely gonna check them out.
Here’s some of my favorite songs:
I’ve never tried messing with one, but one of my online friends has. I probably won’t try though, I’m not very musically inclined haha
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