Nuzlocke Warriors of SwordClan: Warrior Cats-Themed Pokémon Sword Nuzlocke


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Hi everyone! This is my absolute first time doing a challenge run so I hope I'm doing this right! It's just gonna be a simple Nuzlocke but I'd like to post it here to keep an account as well as keep myself accountable to play regularly lol

Here's the rules:
  1. Only Pokémon encountered first on each route/in each area may be caught. If the Pokémon fails to be caught or faints, no other Pokémon in the same area may be caught.
  2. Extra Pokémon may be kept in the PC for future use but only in case replacements are needed (i.e. if one of the Party Pokémon "die").
  3. When a Pokémon faints, it must be released.
  4. Must nickname all Pokémon.
  5. Battle style is "set" (no option to switch out my Pokémon when opponent sends out another Pokémon).
  6. May not use healing items within battle.
  7. May not buy healing items in Pokémon Centers.
  8. May not use the Pokémon Box Link outside of Pokémon Centers.

But also, since it's my first challenge, I've kind of given myself a few allowances so I don't fail immediately lol. I've kept them in accordance with the official Nuzlocke rules though, I don't want them to nullify the Nuzlocke challenge! They are:
  1. No level cap for gyms (as this is my first time doing a Nuzlocke), although I will not be overlevelling my Pokémon on purpose.
  2. Wild Pokémon battles may be Run away from/fled.
  3. Party Pokémon may be healed at the nearest Pokémon Center any number of times, as required.
  4. Held items may be given to Pokémon.
  5. Pokémon that evolve via being traded may be sent to my main account, traded and evolved, and put back in the Nuzlocke account immediately, provided I have the item (eg. Whipped Dream, Protector, etc) that is required for the evolution in the Nuzlocke account.
  6. If a Shiny Pokémon is encountered, it may be caught and sent to my main account. If it's the first I encounter in a route/area, another Pokémon in the same area may be caught for Nuzlocke purposes.

Lastly, since I'm trying to give it a Warrior Cats theme (cue the cringe, yeah get over it, I'm still 10 years old, sorry), I'll be naming my mons in the Warriors fashion! Eg. if it has three evolutions, the first evolution will be [Something]kit, the next will be [Something]paw, and the last will be its actual Warrior name, [Something][something] (lol).


I start the new save file, and pick the option to play in Español (because I'm learning the language and also maybe because I can get me some Masuda Dittos after the 'locke is over, yeah you caught me), and pick the picture of the male character (I'm so curious to see male character clothing and hairstyles; who else is mad that female characters don't get three-piece suits?) who is brown-skinned, like me, and will have short curly black hair, like me, later.

I wake up. Hop has arrived to recruit me as a warrior into his Clan (I don't blame you, I'm cringing, too) and I don my hat and bag and follow him out. After loads of painful dialogue (story-cutscenes have been disabled) and some new Spanish words learnt, plus a journey to Wedgehurst (a Twoleg town) and back, I pick my Apprentice: except it's not even a cat, he's a monkey! I wonder how this will turn out. Considering his green colored body, he has been given the noble name of "Leafykit". He proceeds to destroy Hop's Wooloo and Sobble as StarClan intended.

We go and rescue our friend a Wooloo from a cat's sworn enemy, a (legendary) Doggo! We get knocked out but Leon rescues us apparently, more dialogue, yadda yadda.

So, for now, my team is:
• Leafykit the Grookey (lvl 7)
• Yeah that's all