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It's that time again! Time for another week of your favorite online summer camp. It's Smash Camp 2019, and we’re super excited to bring it back!

If you've attended Smash Camp during previous years, then you probably know what to expect. For the newcomers out there though, we're happy to have you here! This post is going to explain what will happen during the next week of your life.

Smash Camp Discord

To stay up to date with news and chat more freely with your cabin, we strongly recommend joining our Discord server. If you aren't already in the server, you can join by using this link.

Forum Theme

This year, seaturtle has created a forum theme that matches with the color scheme of this year’s Smash Camp. Be sure to try it out!

June 22 - 23

The weekend before Smash Camp is considered the pre-camp period. This is where the leaders will sort you into your cabins. It is also the time where you will get to meet new people and get to know your cabin mates. Each cabin is run by an individual counselor. Get to know your cabin counselor, as they are there to help you out! Here are this year’s counselors:

Cabin 1 - Nuuk
Cabin 2 - theDINOsaurus
Cabin 3 - Wheegalure
Cabin 4 - SarasaKat

Smash Camp 2019
June 24 - 28

On Monday morning, the festivities will begin. Keep an eye on this board to make sure that you don’t miss the events that are happening each day. Smash Camp consists of five days of activities that include competitive flash games, scavenger hunts, artistic challenges, writing challenges, tournaments and much more. There's something for everyone.

Taking part in these activities will earn you points for your cabin, and those of you who do particularly well will win bonus points for your cabin. Any questions or concerns you may have can be sent to Bossvelt and Thundawave.

On the sixth day, the scores will be added up, and one of the four cabins will be crowned as this year’s victor. Don't fret if you're not part of the winning cabin though, as you will have a chance to win your own trophy in this year’s annual Campie awards! The Campies are awarded to a selection of the most impressive campers voted by the campers as a whole.

Camp Leaders

Now it's time to meet the team that keeps Smash Camp running. These guys are always around to take your questions and help out if you get confused.


Camp Crew


One last thing:

We run Smash Camp during our own personal time, for our own enjoyment and the enjoyment of all of you guys. Please remember that we're just humans and that we do have lives. We absolutely love hosting Smash Camp every year, and it's grown into such a huge, dedicated community, but some people take it too far and get annoyed and/or abusive over some events that take place. Remember that it's all for a bit of fun and a good opportunity for you to make some new friends online.

And that's all you need to know to get the most out of this year’s Smash Camp! We hope that you enjoy!
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