Sword/Shield Which Pokémon do you cut?


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Indicated that some Pokemon will be absent in Sword/Shield. Tasks you with the hypothetical job. Which ones would you cut? (Apologizes for looking like a clutter. Tends to happen with a list this large and specific.)
  • Unown :unown:. Eliminates 28 forms of a useless Pokemon.
  • Litleo :litleo:, Pyroar :pyroar:, Deerling :deerling:, Sawsbuck :sawsbuck:, Espurr :espurr:, Meowstic :meowstic:, Pidove :pidove:, and Tranquill :tranquill:, Unfezant :unfezant:, Burmy :burmy:, Wormadam :wormadam:, Castform :castform:, and Rotom :rotom:. Eliminates Pokemon with very different forms. Totals 34 "forms" across 13 Pokemon.
  • The legendary dogs :raikou::entei::suicune:, Regis :regirock::regice::registeel::regigigas:, planes :latias::latios:, lake spirits :uxie::mesprit::azelf:, Heatran :heatran:, Cresselia :cresselia:, Swords of Justice :cobalion::terrakion::virizion:, storm trio :tornadus::thundurus::landorus:, Gladion's pet :typenull::silvally:, and tapus :tapukoko::tapulele::tapubulu::tapufini:. Leave them in their respective regions.
  • Ultra beasts :nihilego::buzzwole::pheromosa::xurkitree::celesteela::kartana::guzzlord::poipole::naganadel::stakataka::blacephalon:. Stay in Alola.
  • Box art Pokemon :lugia::hooh::kyogre::groudon::rayquaza::dialga::palkia::giratina::reshiram::zekrom::kyurem::xerneas::yveltal::zygarde::cosmog::cosmoem::solgaleo::lunala::necrozma:. Again, stay in your region.
  • Mythicals :celebi::jirachi::deoxys::manaphy::phione::darkrai::shaymin::arceus::victini::keldeo::meloetta::genesect::diancie::hoopa::volcanion::magearna::marshadow::zeraora:. Will likely not happen in actuality. How else will they entice people into Gamestop?
  • Swirlix :swirlix:, Slurpuff :slurpuff:, Murkrow :murkrow:, Honchkrow :honchkrow:, Mareep :mareep:, Flaaffy :flaaffy:, Ampharos :ampharos:, and the ice cream cones :vanillite::vanillish::vanilluxe:. Resembles Pokemon in Galar too much.
  • Sunkern :sunkern:, Sunflora :sunflora:, Skitty :skitty:, Delcatty :delcatty:, Kricketot :kricketot:, Kricketune :kricketune:, Cherubi :cherubi:, Cherrim :cherrim:, Chingling :chingling:, Chimecho :chimecho:, Luvdisc :luvdisc:, Clamperl :clamperl:, Huntail :huntail:, Gorebyss :gorebyss:, Finneon :finneon:, Lumineon :lumineon:, Bergmite :bergmite:, Avalugg :avalugg:, and Delibird :delibird:. Consists of severely outclassed Pokemon.
  • Combee :combee:, Vespiquen :vespiquen:, Salandit :salandit:, and Salazzle :salazzle:. Hates how useless male versions are.
  • Shelmet :shelmet:, Karrablast :karrablast:, Escavalier :escavalier:, and Accelgor :accelgor:. Removes an irritating trade evolution.
  • Some early three stage bugs :wurmple::silcoon::beautifly::cascoon::dustox::scatterbug::spewpa::vivillon:. Plays too similarly.
  • Early mammals :sentret::furret::poochyena::mightyena::zigzagoon::linoone::bidoof::bibarel::lillipup::herdier::stoutland::purrloin::liepard::bunnelby::diggersby:. Cleans out the bloated Normal type a bit.
  • Wailmer :wailmer:, Wailord :wailord:, Basculin :basculin:, and Qwilfish :qwilfish:. Lowers Water representation a little.
  • Minun :minun: and Plusle :plusle:. No room for boring Pikachu clones.
  • Pyukumuku :pyukumuku:. Functions like Wobbuffet. Why have both?
  • The elemental monkeys :pansage::pansear::panpour::simisage::simisear::simipour:. Considers all of them boring in their type.
  • Wingull :wingull: and Pelipper :pelipper:. Let Duckett and Swanna shine.
  • Rufflet :rufflet:, Braviary :braviary:, Vullaby :vullaby:, and Mandibuzz :mandibuzz:. Ought to simply lower their evolution level by 25. Wound up being cut because of it.
  • Solrock :solrock: and Lunatone :lunatone:. Not very exciting.
  • Foongus :foongus: and Amoonguss :amoonguss:. Competes with Morelull and Shiinotic in appearance. Opts to ditch the Grass/Poisons.
  • Bonsly :bonsly:, Sudowoodo :sudowoodo:, and all fossils :lileep::cradily::anorith::armaldo::cranidos::rampardos::shieldon::bastiodon::tirtouga::carracosta::archen::archeops::tyrunt::tyrantrum::amaura::aurorus:. Paves the way for better Rock types.
  • Gulpin :gulpin:, Swalot :swalot:, Trubbish :trubbish:, and Garbodor :garbodor:. Fills the same role as Muk, roughly. Replace them with something to take out fairies.
  • Spheal :spheal:, Sealeo :sealeo:, and Walrein :walrein:. A few less Water/Ice types.
  • More bugs :nincada::ninjask::shedinja::illumise::volbeat::spinarak::ariados::ledyba::ledian:. Cannot imagine wanting to balance around Shedinja.

Counts 206 Pokémon above. Slimmed down the Pokedex by 25% just like that. Adds up to far more with alternate forms.

Notable Keeps:
  • All Kanto Pokemon. Created the assets for them in Let's Go. Why not include them?
  • Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist. Simply resized them.
  • All starters. Assumes a lot of player attachment to them.
Do you disagree with some of the above choices? Welcomes everyone to post their own list. (Does not need to total 200 or be so specific.)

Edit: Missed Delibird. 206 now.
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I'd have to think about the rest, but the Unown are easy cuts. Outside of archaeology settings I don't think them or their gimmick is very interesting to begin with, and given their specs I don't think a lot of people are dying to use them on an in-game team outside of some kind of really weird challenge run.

There's also a gut feeling that you could get rid of most of the generic fish and probably a few middle-generation bug types and most people wouldn't even notice.