Your First Pokemon Game?


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My first was LeafGreen, and I did the classic little kid thing of using only my starter (Squirtle line) and a Pikachu before realizing that I was screwed for the third gym. I lost interest at that point because I didn’t feel like training anything else. I finally finished a Pokémon game with Pearl a few years later. Then I went back to LeafGreen on a new save and got bored as I was training up for the Elite Four. Never challenged them. Kanto really wasn’t for me, I guess.
Omg are we the same person? The first game I played was LeafGreen (my brother played FireRed at the same time), and 8 y/o me had no idea you could switch Pokemon in your party. So I kept on leading with my Bulbasaur, somehow made it to the Elite Four with a lvl 70-something Venusaur and lvl 2 Rattatas and Pidgeys lol. Of course, I lost, and I even remember crying. But I went back to it, and ended up playing all the next Gens. The one that'll always have a special place in heart is hands down Platinum, though. Man, good times.