Your thoughts on Gen 7 as a whole?


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Nov 8, 2018
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The Good:
-ball inheritance mechanics with breeding.
-Poke pelago's swiftness in Ev training & level traning. As someone who has been ev training since gen 3, this is an absolute blessing. I really hope to see this feature return in future installments.
-The brilliant IV checker in the pc. This is genius.
-black sandcastle pokemon, who is also a ghost? Yes please. (entirely subjective)
-adventure the first time was pretty good. Story was compelling.
-Ultra Space is pretty neat. Cheers on all the legendaries they included as well. Dusk Lycanroc ftw as well.
-Best Elite Four music track.

The Bad:
-they stole our bikes!
-Too much dialogue.
-game felt like a large DLC expansion of another game. Not exactly its "own" game.
-the lack of ribbons to collect.
-the tapus.
-no gyms.
-Still a lack of WiFi compatible battle facilities...

The Ugly:
-Hau. Worst. Rival. Ever. Makes Tierno look like a boss.
-lack of solid post game (our friends X&Y also shared this).
-competitive was really bland. Standard singles play saturated with mega, tapus (terrains are centralizing), and ultra beasts (they're just... ugly?)

I would rank gen 7 the worst amongst the other games. That being said, I don't believe it was bad. It merely didn't scratch the right itches for myself. Ultra games did add a few things that improved it, but I don't see why they were not included within the original releases (aside from the typical they need a larger cash flow to produce the anticipated switch games for gen VIII)


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I loved sun and moon. Didn't care for ultra sun and moon becauze it just felt like i spent 40 bucks for pretty much the same game until the very end and the parts they did change just make the story a lot worse. Just felt like a waste of money.


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I actually enjoyed it a lot, there were a lot of fun and memorable new Pokémon released, and a few of my favorites are from gen 7, like mimikyu and golisopod. The characters were cool too, mixing up the gym challenge with the island trials, and I really liked all the captains. This generation also helped the Pokémon anime become so much better, i will always love them for finally getting it out of bad anime purgatory. I also really liked the Hawaiian island theme, definitely felt different from other Pokémon games. There was also fun things to do in the post game with the battle tree (it’s so cool seeing older red and blue), rainbow rocket, and catching the ultra beasts (my personal favorite.) My only gripe is that hau was a pretty forgettable rival, and that the festival plaza was a joke. Also USUM felt like basically the same game with slight changes, compared to BW2 which was a full sequel that made a lot of differences. Overall not a bad generation in my opinion.


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I didn't really mind Gen VII, as long as we mean the Alola games and leave LGPE out of the discussion.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Alola is simply a beautiful region. For all its other flaws I could spend a long time there just enjoying the locations and the soundtrack. As for the new Pokemon, SMUSUM have their fair share of big misses, but also a satisfactory number of hits; it's the same story for any new Generation.

The same idea more or less goes for handholdiness/difficulty. It's fine to not be a fan of that on a personal level, but at the end of the day these are still games marketed for 10-year-olds. You can talk about Game Freak being stuck in the past or out of touch or whatever, but for Gen VII at least, you knew what you were getting into.

I've never been interested in Pokemon for the story above all else, so I don't have much to say in that regard, but I'll admit I would have liked a bit more differentiation in Ultra. It really was just about like buying the same game twice, or more like it was simply correcting what SM missed in terms of a slightly more invested story and a little more post-game content.

They reuse the 3-D models from Gen VI, which I'm not a fan of, but that's been a problem since the transition from the DS era so it's not entirely Gen VII's fault.

Regardless of how cool any individual designs are, the concept of Alolan forms is something I see as pretty dumb. They were yet another display of the Kanto-pandering, low-effort unoriginality that's now rampant in Gen VIII. So that's disappointing.

Overall, when viewed by themselves as individual games I think SM and USUM are just fine, but in the context of the whole series they do appear less than promising.