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One last status post- I just wanna reiterate how great this site has been these past 8 years. Even if I wasn’t always, uh, socially competent- I always loved this place and the atmosphere it had compared to alotta other internet forums and communities. So one last time, I say Sayonara Marriland Forums
I should go to sleep but I want to hang on for the last little bit of time I have left here.... thank you marriland. Thank you to everyone who made me laugh and smile all these years. I’m truly glad I stumbled into this corner of the internet eight years ago. ❤
I'm heading to bed now, so this will be the last thing I ever post. It feels weird knowing that tomorrow morning when I wake up, I won't be able to post here anymore. I had always thought the forums would always be online, that this amazing community would always have a gathering place. This last night has been amazing, with the constant activity, it reminds me of the good old days.

I joined Marriland on May 28, 2013, exactly 2,820 days ago (7.7 years). Throughout that time I have made so many wonderful memories roleplaying and just chatting with people in the clubs I was in. If I ever talked to you, thank you for making my anxious self feel better by knowing that I had a group that I could be open about my interests.

The Wayback Machine seems to have trouble saving the about section, so my Discord is Tabby#7196 incase you want to talk with me and you can't see my profile. I'll also be active in the Marriland Discord as well, and my nickname there is ShadowedEevee, so it should be easy to find me.

Today's been a hard day knowing that my childhood forums will be shut down, and while writing this I burst into tears. It just goes to show that this place was super special to me, and I still don't want to see it go.

I hope to see some of you in the Discord, and I love you all. I really mean it, everyone here is like family to me. Thank you all for being here and supporting me and my weird interests, it meant the world to me.

So goodbye for now, Marriland Forums. I'll miss you more than you could ever imagine, but it's time to move on.

I know I'm repeating myself, but thank you to everyone here, past and present. ❤