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Charlise: This island has so many foods I've never tried.
I only have peaches and apples and the Vending machine outside of the Cranny.
And you've been here for over a month...please tell me you dont sustain on the snacks in the vending machine. That's extremely unhealthy.
two days in a row of **** productivity. can we go for three!?!???

watch me get fired bc my brain can't focus on stuff it doesn't care about. like i literally couldn't work unless i had a show/musical in the background and even then it was slow and just felt like ****. wish they hadn't told me it was busywork while we're waiting for new stuff to come in. at least with this its not like it's on a tight deadline but god I've just felt mentally awful this whole time. really really love that my productivity n mental health are a fun roller coaster either power focusing through for a week straight or trudging along for two and only wanting to sleep. maybe I'm just over-tired. i should go to bed.
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ur so sweet gargee tysm T___T <3
the rest of the week went a lil better so hopefully that upward trend continues..! though i do have to use zbrush this weekend so uh. we'll see if that derails me as badly as i think it will >____>

road rage? idk her. zbrush rage? as soon as i try to do anything in this convoluted program i want to break something and also cry. i curse whoever programmed it to be this way. i curse them whenever i open it.
well heck i did struggle but i think. i got it done???
i havent used zbrush but from what my brother and dad tell me it's a real pain. :( glad you pushed your sisyphus boulder and overcame it tho!! proud of you!! ^.^