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Well I feel like a complete ******. Traded the worst lvl 1 Galarian Slowbro for a lvl 100 hyper trained Zacian on the Pokemon Home GTS. If you're going to ask for any old rubbish, expect to get rubbish lol.
It sounds like that other person was a just being an amazingly lovely person.
It's great to see, considering most GTS trades are
Trading: Cradilly level 60
Asking for Hydreigon Level 1-10.
I dont have home, but I hope they changed that. Restrict certain levels for every Pokemon.
But that takes effort, and we know Gamefreak hates that more than they hate Male Combee.
Yeah, there's still a lot of that. You can filter out mythical Pokemon, but there's tons of people looking for Kubfu and Urshifu, which no one in their right mind would trade away for a Suicune you can't get in Sword and Shield yet.

It's just stupid and time wasting - I'd love to see who the heck is putting those kinds of trades up and for what purpose.
man literally whenever a vocaloid song comes on and I'm like "damn this slaps!!" i check who it's by and every time without fail it's a song by police piccadilly
That new Pokemon game looks fun. I feel like the only person who doesn’t think it’s an unplayable chinese psy-op 😔
I think it looks decent, but the problem I think most people have is with the free to start formula. Nintendo is starting to make a few of these, and that trend is worrying.
I like the interplay between Switch and phone, but I feel a better direction would have been to put it on Switch for maybe $10 as an eShop game.
The "free to start" mobile aspect is really worrying.
Heck, even if it were a base $5 game with no microtransactions, i think it would have been better received.
But it being "free to start" means we as consumers have no clue how much they things will cost. It gives Nintendo a chance to be money grubbing, and I REALLY hope they won't be, but there's that chance, and that's why people are pissed about it.
Update on Coalossal - Caught a 10 Attack IV Timid Gigantamax one, EV trained, pp uped it all and everything, only for Game Freak to add Max Soup to the game ONE DAY LATER, so you can Gigantamax anything that has a G-Max form.

I could have bred a better one - another 500,000 Pokedollars gone.... :(.
Of course the one day I have to be outside all day is the one time my youtube subscriptions are filled with good stuff 😔
Just sank 500,000 in-game credits into EV training a Gigantamax Coalossal, only to find that the Ability Capsules don't change Hidden Abilities.

Pour one out for Anthrix's sanity.
I never would’ve thought a global pandemic was what would get me back into Nuzlockes. But alas, here I am.