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Number of times favorite characters have shown up in my dreams, and I remembered:
Fran: 1
Cordelia Kasukami: 1
Levi Kazama: 1
Lysithea: 2
Hmm. . .
Astral chain is so goddamn kino
rEEEEEE that one took forever to figure out in your picture quiz
my terminology is rubbing off on you

it is really kino
Rainbow Rocket Grunt
Rainbow Rocket Grunt
That was the only one I got right

And thats because I looked up "Ass Trail Chain" and it corrected to that and I was like "Oh that fits actually"
The GSR finally let me summon Fran in FGO.
Obviously, I got her to max ascension in less than an hour because I was saving my materials for her.
Out of all the fictional characters to show up in one of my dreams, it was Lysithea? Seriously? I only started playing FE3H yesterday, and she's already shown up. I'm scared of my brain.
I got my own room! Finally... it only took 'till I was nearly 18

Now to solve a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle because I'm getting bored of the internet