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Wish there was still a group of people who played ultra sun and hunted events on discord or a active events forum... :(
Rn I'm in the middle of participating a Discord-based Big Brother (wait, is it supposed to be a Discord-based Total Drama Island? :audino:). What fun...
I'm actually glad Byleth made it in. What I'm annoyed with is all of the salty haters.
I still would've preferred Lloyd or Luke, though. Tales representation would be nice. (I'm still not counting the Mii Swordfighter costume from Smash 4.)
New semester starts the day after tomorrow. I do not feel ready at all, which is strange considering that I'll have done this song and dance six times now. Syllabus week for the win, please.
Crazy how it's already the 2020's. I accomplished so much during the 2010's, for better or worse. . . I wonder what this decade will bring?