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Funny how the scene in Yu-Gi-Oh! where Giant Soldier of Stone attacks the moon is so iconic that it ended up getting made into an actual card in the TCG.
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Nah, that was less because it's iconic and more trying to make sense of what the hell Yami was doing in that first series. :P (See effect of Makiu the Magical Mist)
Imagine starting an anime that is known to be a bad adaptation for the sole purpose of making the original material look that much better when you get to it.
I'm referring to Umineko, by the way.
Sometimes I think about how my younger self would react if shown my current art. I think I’d go wild and ask “really?? I’ll be able to do that??” And it feels. Nice. To know that I’m doing things I thought I couldnt do ‘cause there were these little secret techniques. But it’s technique and practice and there’s more I can learn and improve upon. As a little kid I used to believe the starving artist myth. But I’m here. And I’m gonna succeed.